How to Farm Legendary Shards in Destiny 2

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Every newbie in Destiny 2 has one annoying problem that we would like to resolve once and for all. How do I get legendary shards very fast? Furthermore, the answer is sadly straightforward and trivial – just play the game. There are no specific places like in the original Destiny. The recent glitch allowed us to gain desired shards with certain rare items, but it was quickly fixed.

On top of that, if you asked yourself, “Where can I buy legendary shards in Destiny 2,” the answer would be disappointing – nowhere. The vendor spider with his planet was removed from the game and sent to the content vault to rest. He was replaced with Rahool but without the possibility to buy shards. Therefore, there is only one way to obtain them: to play the game like an ordinary player and spend much time on everyone’s favorite activity — farming. Sorry for saying that.

This article will tell you about the best ways to farm legendary shards. Thankfully, there are plenty of them. Bungie came up with many activities and ways to obtain them, so with this guide we will never be without them. Before we start, do not forget to share this article with your friends, and remember that you can always use our Destiny 2 services, because even while you are doing some activities we can help you with legendary shards farming. Let us get right into it!

Get rid of the needless junk from your inventory

The first and the most logical step for obtaining shards. Most players in Destiny 2 have their inventory and vault in the Tower always filled, thanks to the enormous amount of dropped loot. For modes and shaders, you can get one shard per each. Dismantling legendary armor/weapons will give you three shards. However, if you have Masterwork legendary armor/weapons, or exotic armor/weapons, it will even give you five shards each. Be sure to check your inventory for unwanted engrams!

Therefore, cleaning up your inventory will give you dozens or even hundreds of shards without too much effort. Moreover, we did not even mentioned that if you have a season pass and reach level 20, you can get a seasonal bonus, and it gives you one legendary shard for dismantling armor or weapons. In addition, you can check you Mail with the Post Master in the Tower for the available legendary Engrams, weapons and armours after your travels. Tasty and beneficial!

Season Pass: It’s rewards and bonuses

The Season Pass is one of the best ways to get legendaries in Destiny 2. Every respectable Guardian must have it. It can make farming easier and overall has many season-exclusive rewards. In addition, the pass itself has separate awards in the form of 25 shards here, and we have shaders, weapons, and other items which we can dismantle and get desirable shards. Technically, this is the only way to buy legendary shards in Destiny 2. Even if you don’t have the possibility to get a season pass, the free rewards will still help you. Don’t forget that the Season Pass provides valuable rewards and seasonal content that can help diversify your farming in various activities, such as PsiOps Battlegrounds from Season of the Risen or Sever from Season of the Haunted.

Forgotten Legendary Transmat Effects

Few people remember that they have Transmat Effects in their inventory, and some of them can be legendary, which means we can get a couple of dozen shards. You can always bring them back to your collection, so do not be afraid to dismantle them. Never forget to clean up your inventory. It’s a beneficial thing!

Interesting fact for every player! You can exchange three rare Transmat Effects from Amanda and get a legendary Transmat Effect that you can later transform into a shard. You could say this is the only place where to buy legendary shards in Destiny 2. Furthermore, yes, this is not the most excellent deal. There are much easier methods in this article. However, if you need to get new effects, you can use this interesting fact.

Various activities and tips how to get shards there

That’s it! Stop being lazy inside your ship. We looked at every way to get legendary shards upon entering the game. Therefore it’s time to stretch and go to various activities. This is the fastest way to get legendary shards in Destiny 2!

Choose what you like the most from these activities: Crucible, Strikes, Gambit, Nightmare Containment, or Dares of Eternity, and then accomplish them! Do not forget to visit the Tower to get quests from vendors, because as you gain experience from them, you raise the level of your Season Pass and increase your Light. Now we will look at the game modes available to absolutely all players.

Crucible, Strikes and Gambit

In Crucible, pick any playlist you like or surely will raise your rank. Compared to other activities, PVP will provide a more exciting experience than others. Don’t forget to equip a Prosperity (Crucible) Ghost Shell mod to get more shards than usual. The same can be said about Strikes, BUT If you have good friends who like Hero-tier Nightfalls, use the opportunity to accomplish them to get more experience. In strikes, in addition to legendary items, you will also receive exotics and valuable resources required to masterwork your armor. No matter what playlist you are farming, equip the mode Prosperity (Vanguard) Ghost Shell to get more legendaries and shards. Almost the same goes for Gambit. Don’t forget to grab new bounties and equip Prosperity (Gambit) Ghost Shell. Also, if you are a solo player, you should try Gambit: freelance, where you will play against similar solo players.

Don’t forget that you also get unique guns that can only be obtained from these activities, some of which you might like!

Nightmare Containment and Dares of Eternity

The fun part comes with Nightmare Containment and Dares of Eternity, whereas in Destiny 2, you can find more legendary shards.

The first one is a new public event introduced in Season of the Haunted, and it can be found in Leviathan’s central chamber, known as the Castellum, and it is permanently active. Long story short, after defeating the final boss, the chests will appear where we can find legendary items. The first one opens for simple participation in the event, the second for the in-game currency, and the third is hidden somewhere in the arena and will always spawn after the run. Also, only at this place can we find the Opulent Key, which opens the last fourth chest with the Menagerie weapon inside. In addition, engrams can be dropped from enemies, and this is an easy way in D2 to farm legendary shards if you didn’t know.

So, in Dares of Eternity, you just keep farming, but now with Xur, his reward track, and Play Streak, which you can make by yourself. Before the beginning, you must take bounties from Xur to get more experience and legendary items. Sometimes this activity can take more time than the others, but everything will pay off with good guns drop. Sometimes in the second round, there is a chance that the boss called Kashh’n Pryzus will spawn, and he will drop additional rewards. Also, in the end, “Lightning Round ” can randomly begin with three rounds. Another chest will appear after every round. As a result, for successfully completing the “Lightning Round,” the player will receive not one but four chests! If you are lucky, with the help of Treasure Keys, you can open Xur’s Treasure Hoard, where you can find even more rewards and equipment!

Let us go back to the Tower and get our rewards!

After all these missions and activities, you completed huge amounts of quests and raised the ranks of your vendors. Go back to the Tower to get all juicy legendaries and dismantle them to get, you guessed it, legendary shards. If something is left, go back and do bounties again or leave it for the next week in case double reputation boost may be active. You can find more details about the weekly rotation system in our other article. Double-check every vendor on Tower before leaving it, so you don’t forget to pick up any free rewards. Legendary shards Destiny 2 farming is really, really not easy at all. Anyway, it all comes down to one thing…

Just play the game!

As banal as it is, most shards can be obtained by simply playing Destiny 2. The solution was always in front of you. Go on various activities with your friends, visit planets, complete your quests, go on raids or destroy armies of enemies — all of this will help you to get legendary items and shards. Follow our advice, ask your friends to have company and go on the journey to look for legendaries. That’s the only way to get infinite legendary shards in Destiny 2!

That’s all for today. We tried to collect all the most famous ways to get the legendary fragments, and we seem to have worked very well. We hope we answered your question, “how do I get legendary shards.” Do you have even more questions about Destiny 2? Feel free to check other Destiny 2 guides. We are sure you will find something useful!

Thanks for reading! Owl is flying away.

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