Weekly Destiny 2 Raid and Dungeon Rotation

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As stated in one of April’s TWABs, Bungie’s been planning to give a much-needed refresh to the game’s legacy content. With Season of the Haunted in full swing, the promised changes are finally rolled out, shaped as season-based and weekly Destiny 2 activities. Here’s everything you need to know about the game’s new PvE endgame rotation system.

Raid & Dungeon Rotation This Week (January 3 – 10)

Weekly raid: Vow of Disciple

Weekly dungeon: Duality

Ever since the still much-talked-about Beyond Light vaulting cut off a massive chunk of the game’s content, the playerbase has been explicitly vocal about their desire to return to the old Destiny 2 raids and dungeons. And it looks like their voices have been heard after all. Bungie has finally addressed the brewing problem, revitalizing legacy content and giving us a chance to come back to our well-loved instances once again. In case you’ve been wondering how to do old Destiny 2 raids and dungeons, here’s your answer.

Source: Bungie

The most hardcore PvE activities are now put on rotation, with current Destiny 2 raids and dungeons, as well as older ones, coming as weekly and seasonal activities for Guardians to complete. Here in this article, we’ll break down each category in detail to give you a better look at how the system works.

Seasonal Content

Season-based rotating content features new Destiny 2 raids and dungeons that reward Pinnacles for all encounters. As for now, we have the VoD raid and the brand-new Duality dungeon to run and farm, but as soon as the next season drops, the seasonal roster will be updated with the most recent content. Although not much is known about when the next Destiny 2 raid is coming, with this new rotator, we’re most likely to expect an addition to the raid family shortly after Season 17 waves us goodbye. At least, that would make sense.

Weekly Content

Instances that are not rotating on a seasonal basis will pop up as part of a weekly challenge, reset with every Destiny 2 weekly update. It means that each week there’ll be one raid and one dungeon for you to beat, and if you succeed, a shiny little Pinnacle will be waiting for you at the end of that final boss fight. As instances will replace one another upon reset, in time you’ll be able to revisit all raids in Destiny 2, as well as every single dungeon, both old and new.

What raids are available in Destiny 2 right now? Here they are:

And here’s a list of all dungeons in Destiny 2 that’ll rotate weekly (without Duality, as it’s seasonal for now):


A weekly Destiny 2 raid rotation is a great source of Pinnacles, but as the rules go, you’re eligible for only one drop per week. The same applies to dungeons. On the bright side, though, Legendary loot lockouts are disabled. You can now get your goodies every single time you complete an encounter, so Bungie’s basically giving us rewards that can be infinitely farmed. For your third, tenth, and hundredth completions, you’ll still get Legendary drops, which makes god roll farming a lot easier. All you need is just a little bit of luck and some spare time to get comfy and do your farm. Or you might as well get one of our Destiny 2 services and let our pro players farm out everything you want.

Source: Bungie

For those ready to test their PvE skills to the fullest, a Master mode can be activated on all content that comes with an extra difficulty setting. However, rotating Master Destiny 2 raids and dungeons won’t double the loot, so no matter what difficulty you do, you’ll get only one Pinnacle upon completion. Still, reward-wise, it all looks like a massive loot fest. Whatever raid you have as a Destiny 2 raid challenge this week gives you a Pinnacle, exclusive rewards, and potentially infinite Legendary pieces, plus you get Pinnacles from season-bound content that also has farmable Legendaries. And those are raids alone! Imagine what you could get from those dungeons as well. That’s what we call a real looter shooter, right, guys?

Source: Bungie

All in all, the new Destiny 2 rotation system is doing a fantastic job invigorating the game’s PvE endgame: it makes older raids and dungeons not just playable but actually pretty viable with their endless farming options and guaranteed Pinnacles as rewards. And even if you’re not a dedicated loot chaser, coming back to legacy instances is still a great way to spend time with your friends and fellow gamers. Bungie’s intention was to make Destiny 2’s high-tier PvE content more tempting to do, and by the looks of it, it all worked out just fine. So let’s go farm some raids, Guardians, shall we?

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