Destiny 2 Opulent Keys: Callback to Destiny Key of Spawn

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The new 17th Season has reintroduced Leviathan (now a Derelict one). Among the many valuable drops, Opulent Keys are the most curious. Like the old Destiny Key of Spawn, it drops randomly during different activities. To use it, you need to find a chest (also found on a ship) it corresponds to on the map.

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These boxes drop outstanding rewards, including four rare guns from the 7th Season 3 years prior. To find a chest, you need to get on a goosechase of sorts, because these can spawn in different locations after the key is dropped. They give you a clue each time, making said search a bit more fascinating.

Search for Keys

The Opulent Keys in Destiny 2 are dropped in different activities on this massive ship, including several raids, quests and events. These aren’t guaranteed drops, you can only hope for a key in many cases. But if you poke around the vessel long enough, you’ll find plenty of these.

Source: Bungie

There are three main ways of how to get these keys in D2. All of them involve doing something on the ship, although only one can give you a guaranteed drop. With the rest, you take a chance.

The keys are applicable only in the main part of the ship. They are completely unrelated to the other areas, like the Sever missions. For them, you can buy a separate Sever weekly mission boost.

Completing the First Quest

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The first quest in the Season of the Haunted questline is your first taste of the new area. The objective is simple. It rewards you with a free Opulent Key upon successful completion. It’s the single direct way of getting the required Key.

Opening the Basic Chests

The basic Destination Chests, scattered all over the ship, can include this drop, among other rewards. The Keys are a relatively rare drop – you’ll typically find some Glimmer, Crown Influence and other loot here. Farming keys in D2 is easy if you equip Tracker mods and look for such boxes.

Rewards for Nightmare Hunting

Nightmares spawn in different parts of Leviathan, and if you manage to kill one, a Haunted Alcove Chest nearby will be activated. These drop higher-level loot, currencies, as well as an occasional Opulent Key. It’s also not a guaranteed drop, but you have quite a few shots at these boxes.

Rewards for Nightmare Confinement

Nightmare Confinement activities are a special type of event, accessible after Operation Midas. A box awarded for finishing a Tier 3 run of the event can give you an Opulent Key, among other rewards. If you gather enough Opulent Umbral Energy, you can even get Opulent weapons directly at this stage.

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The event makes you fight Nightmares, which may be challenging foes for a single player. If you feel like you need help, you can find teammates on Discord or Reddit or buy a boost for a given Nightmare Confinement activity. You can also ask boosters to farm enough Vestiges of Dread for you.

Search for Chests

To locate Opulent Chests, you need to take a look at the collected key in your backpack. It might be hidden in six points throughout the ship. A clue to where it spawned for the current key is provided in its description. It literally says where, out of two Leviathan sections, it spawned and, in a cryptic way, where it sits exactly.

There are just a handful of such places. The chests around the Derelict Leviathan pick the spot randomly. You need to compare the clue they gave you with the possible locations in the list below. Upon reaching the location, you’ll probably notice the thing from far away (some of them are less immediately visible, though).

Royal Pools

There are 3 locations in the Royal Pools of Destiny 2 Leviathan.

Where water used to flow. Enter the location from the South. Upon entering the area, head to its left side and look for cracked, sloped walls that stand out from the rest. It was likely a sight of a decorative waterfall long ago. Right at the feet of those walls, you’ll see what you’re looking for.

At the feet of greatness. This one is located in the very center of the area. It’s sitting right next to the big golden statue that depicts the Cabal Emperor, but a big gaping hole in the wall is likely a better indicator.

Among stately columns. The last box can be found past the two large columns along the right wall. You can find it by heading towards the entrance to Pleasure Gardens and straying slightly to the left.

Pleasure Gardens

3 more are found in the Gardens.

Guarded by a loyal companion. After exiting the Pools tunnels, turn left and find a gilded monument of an animal (somewhat similar to a dog). The chest would be near the pedestal.

Among the ruins. Head to the Southern exit and turn to the right from it. Stick to the wall until you find a pair of ruined columns next to a rocky vantage point. Your reward is supposed to be between the two.

By the fallen greatness. Upon entering the location from Castellum, head towards the rightmost edge of the area until you come across a big golden statue of the Emperor without its head. The head is lying next to it, accompanied by the box you need.

Loot from Chests

The 17th Season has reintroduced 6 Opulent weapons that may be obtained through various means. 4 of them are found inside an Opulent Chest. So, if you want to receive loot to the fullest, you’ll have to locate 4 Keys. There are other ways to create such weapons, but if you don’t want to bother, you can always buy Opulent weapons service.

Source: Bungie

All guns in question could be obtained in the Season of Opulence 3 years prior. The current season simply reintroduces some of the unique guns from the past. The coolest one is the Beloved Sniper Rifle (similar to the Destiny 2 Tone Patrol), which they reworked and updated.

They are generally worth the hassle, although if you play activities on the ship long enough, you’ll harvest plenty of Opulent Keys to get all the available loot. Not to mention that you’ll receive other rewards from said activities. These weapons drop with a variety of special traits, like Deepsight Resonance.

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