Firing Range Podcast and Upcoming Destiny 2 Weapon Changes

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Secret details about weapon changes in Destiny 2 have been disclosed!

Firing Range Podcast and Upcoming Destiny 2 Weapon Changes

In a recent Firing Range podcast, popular content creators participated such as Cammycakes, Coolguy, Fallout, and Mercules himself, who has been working at Bungie for the last couple of years. The stream touched on many different and exciting things, including changes to PvP. Although much has been said about the Crucible and its related aspects, other game elements were still discussed. To save time, we’ve prepared a summary of the most interesting points raised during the 2.5-hour stream, including their answers to some key questions:

This covers the most important topics discussed in the podcast. You can, of course, listen to the podcast itself through this link. Otherwise, we recommend checking out the details about the Guardian Games 2024, which this year will delight us not only with new weapons but also with an entirely new type of vehicle besides the Sparrow!

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