Destiny 2 Prophecy Weapons Are Getting Rework in March

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It is time to get back to Destiny 2 and farm reworked Prophecy weapons!

Destiny 2 Prophecy Weapons Are Getting Rework in March

Nobody expected that in the Mid-Season Patch, they would decide to update the Loot Pool in some Dungeon, yet it happened! Bungie, for the second time, decided to change the Prophecy weapons, updating their perks and adding new ones. But let’s go over everything in order.

The first major change in the Prophecy dungeon is the change of the loot pool, which will no longer include The Last Breath, The Long Walk, and A Swift Verdict. They’ll be replaced with these Primary guns:

The three other guns will receive updates, such as fresh perks, and will also get new types of damage, which we’ll specify below:

The second significant change is the brand-new origin trait of Prophecy weapons: Crossing Over. With this perk, weapons gain improved range and handling for the first half of the magazine, while the second half of the magazine provides boosted damage. It is expected to be practical in all modes and is likely to be highly sought-after among players!

Of course, because of these updates, Bungie revised the loot table in the Prophecy dungeon, which will now look like this:

New Prophecy Loot Pool

These adjustments will take effect on March 5, when a major update for Destiny 2 is released. We’ll definitely take a closer look at the Prophecy guns closer to the release of Update 7.3.5, but for now, you can check out other news from today’s TWID. In addition to changes in the Prophecy dungeon, players can expect the biggest changes in Crucible, as well as numerous valuable updates for Trials of Osiris.

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