Bungie Revealed Plans for Destiny 2 Content in March

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The latest TWiD has unveiled a plethora of details about Destiny 2 Content in March 2024!

New Nightfall Weapons

Key Takeaways:

  • Bungie has unveiled new weapons for Nightfall, Iron Banner, and Trials of Osiris, which will begin appearing in the game on March 5.
  • With the release of new weapons, players will be able to receive 700 Bright Dust until the release of The Final Shape.
  • Refreshed Armor Synthesis Threader bounties will also become available in March.

Destiny 2 players have been anxious about the game in recent months due to the postponement of The Final Shape to June, making the Season of the Wish the longest season in the game’s history. Bungie promised to bring new content during this period, and besides the recent Riven’s Wishes, there’s even more to come.

New Ritual Weapons

Bungie Revealed Plans for Destiny 2 Content in March

The first and foremost news is the loot pool update in Nightfall, Trials of Osiris, and Iron Banner. We’ll briefly discuss which weapons will appear and their scheduled dates:

This season, there won’t be any removal of weapons from the loot pool. However, the rotation of weapons will change with the release of the first episode. Furthermore, the Nightfall loot pool will now have eight weapons, but Trials of Osiris will remain the same for the time being. It is important to note that some weapons will be taken out of the rotation when the season ends:

More Free Bright Dust

If you thought the free Bright Dust was too little this week, then you can collect 700 Bright Dust at Eververse every week from March 5 to June 4. Thus, you can accumulate 9100 Bright Dust, which you can later spend on any cosmetics!

Earn Armor Synthesis Again

In addition to Bright Dust and weapons, Armor Synthesis Threader bounties will once again be available for completion starting March 5. If you’ve already completed all this season’s quests, great news — you can return to the game and farm everything again. Remember that these bounties do not stack, so you should urgently start completing them.

Final Words

That’s all the essential information from the latest Bungie article. The developers also shared dates for Iron Banner, but you can read them in our separate article dedicated to the event. Otherwise, the content for March is quite pleasing, especially considering that the updated Guardian Games will take place during this time!

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