Everything You Should Know About Riven’s Wishes in D2

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Today is January 26, which means it’s time for a new TWiD! Apart from talking about the upcoming Moments of Triumph 2023, the developers have disclosed new weekly quests called Riven’s Wishes awaiting players from January 30 to March 5.

Riven's Wishes Destiny 2

Riven’s Wishes in Destiny 2 is a series of quests from Mara Sov in which you must complete simple tasks such as completing a Dungeon or any other activity. Finishing the given task will reward you with a token, which can be spent on various rewards in three categories:

And if you’re worried about missing the quest, don’t worry. Bungie will keep these quests in the game until the release of The Final Shape, so everyone interested can play it whenever they like. Just don’t delay too long, as you might miss your chance!

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Sadly, only one weapon per week. If you want to get more, you have to complete Last Wish raid each week to get Red Border from Hawthorne.

Hope this helps and good luck!