Destiny 2’s Story Structure Will Become Unpredictable

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Bungie wants to make Destiny 2 story structure more unpredictable after the release of The Final Shape.

Destiny 2 Story Structure Will Become Unpredictable

Longtime Destiny 2 players know how Seasons suffer from predictable stories. Many fans were tired of this type of story presentation and constantly complained about it, but Bungie always listened to them. The developers have been working on this and, in an interview with Gamespot, shared their thoughts on it:

“Speaking for the narrative team, we hear our audience loud and clear that the structure of our story may have become predictable, even if the story quality is still high. We’re working on a number of things right now that we can’t explicitly share, but that involves changing up the structure so that we can pleasantly surprise you guys more frequently in the future.”

— Jonathan To, Bungie’s Lead Narrative Designer

In the interview, senior narrative designer Nikko Stevens explains that this problem is mainly due to how live-service development works. Developers need to produce content efficiently and, therefore, need a framework with a particular pattern. The developers are constantly working on it and perfecting it. Unfortunately, the audience gets tired of the same patterns, so it’s unsurprising that Episodes now replace Seasons.

We remind you that The Final Shape is set to release in June 4, and around this month, the first Episode will come out, changing the way seasons are structured in Destiny 2. It is already known that a new Pulse Rifle will appear in the second Episode, but otherwise, we are entirely in the dark about how all this will work.

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