All Destiny 2 The Final Shape Info in One Place

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Here, you’ll find everything you should know about Destiny 2 The Final Shape!

Everything You Should Know About The Final Shape

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn everything you need about The Final Shape in one artice!
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The release of one of the biggest expansions for Destiny, which will turn the community upside down, is coming very soon. A lot of information about it is scattered in various interviews, videos, news posts, and other places. We decided to gather all Destiny 2 The Final Shape info in one place! So, let’s get ready to learn what to expect from this DLC! 

Destiny 2 The Final Shape Release Date

The Final Shape will be released on June 4, 2024, with no further delays expected.  That’s why the developers are releasing more and more information.

The Final Shape Story

The upcoming expansion’s main feature is its story, which will conclude the 10-year saga of Light and Darkness. Before you ask — no, The Final Shape is not the last expansion for Destiny 2 and the story will continue after.

Guardians will finally face the Witness, the main antagonist, who has finally approached The Final Shape, whatever it actually is. Throughout the story campaign, you will meet Ikora Ray, Zavala, and the fan-favorite Cayde-6, who will fight with you to the end.

The Final Shape Story
(Source: Bungie)

Note that the story of The Final Shape will not end immediately, as its story will continue in the new Destiny 2 raid and in the mission after it. 

The Final Shape Raid

Without going into spoilers, The Final Shape raid will feature a battle with The Witness. It will be available three days after the expansion’s release, specifically on June 7. Also, the contest mode will again be 48 hours long, and its requirement for participation is 1965 Power Level.

We will update this segment if any further information regarding The Final Shape raid becomes available.

Prismatic Subclass and Exotic Class Items 

The presence of a new Subclass in The Final Shape was a real shock for many players. Although it only allows the combination of abilities from different Subclasses, it is still an exciting addition to the game. Despite this, Prismatic is the most anticipated feature in the upcoming DLC, as it allows for many fun and effective Builds. You can learn more about the new Subclass, as we have a Prismatic Guide that contains all the info from TFS presentation and Bungie articles. Soon, we’ll get more info on The Final Shape new Subclass, so stay tuned!

The Final Shape New Subclass
(Source: Bungie)

Exotic Class Items in The Final Shape are an integral part of Prismatic, allowing the combination of two Perks from other Exotic Armor (even not of your class). Unfortunately, they can only be used on this Subclass, but it doesn’t make them any less useful. Although the developers have not yet announced the full list of available Exotic Perks on Exotic Class Items in Destiny 2, some of them were noticeable at the past TFS Showcase: 

It’s worth noting that not all Exotic Perks will be as powerful as their original versions. For instance, Assassin’s Cowl will only provide invisibility on Finishers and Powered Melee Final Blows. On the other hand, some Perks have improved, like Caliban’s Hand, which now allows Ignite enemies on any Powered Melee Final Blows. We’re still unsure which Perks will be available to all classes as some, like Osmiomancy or Liar’s Handshake, are tied to a specific Ability that isn’t accessible to everyone.

New Light Supers and Aspects

In addition to Prismatic in The Final Shape, such Subclasses as Dawnblade, Arcstrider, and Sentinel will receive a new Super and Aspect in their arsenal.

Solar Warlocks have received the Song of Flame, a new Super that enhances their abilities, and a new Aspect that creates a Solar Soul when using a class ability. 

The Final Shape Warlock Super
(Source: Bungie)

Arc Hunters will have Storm’s Edge, a New Super allowing them to throw an electrified dagger three times, causing a large amount of damage to the area and teleporting them to the landing spot. Additionally, they have a new Aspect that consumes Class Abilities to shock enemies and amplify themselves and nearby allies.

The Final Shape Hunter Super
(Source: Bungie)

Void Titans will receive a new one-off Twilight Arsenal Super, where they can throw three axes at their enemies. These axes are relics, and they can be picked up to finish off their opponents. The Aspect allows them to spend Grenade Energy to create a moving shield, protecting you and your allies and inflicting massive damage depending on the absorbed damage.

The Final Shape Titan Super
(Source: Bungie)

All these new Destiny 2 Supers and Aspects will be available on both Prismatic and regular Subclasses. 

New Enemy Faction in The Final Shape

The Final Shape Enemy Faction
(Source: Bungie)

The Witness has not been idle all this time. Instead, it has prepared a powerful army capable of defeating Guardians. In Lightfall, we meet the Tormentors, who are part of a new faction in Destiny 2 called Dread. You can read and take a closer look at The Final Shape enemies with their abilities in the descriptions and gameplay videos below:

Pale Heart Destination

The Pale Heart in Destiny 2 is a new location within the Traveler. In this realm, the memories of your character over the past ten years shapes the environment. That’s why you’ll find places like the Old Tower, Dreaming City, Cosmodrome, and more. At one of the presentations, developers mentioned that the Pale Heart is the first linear location, which will only fully open for exploration after completing the main story. As you get closer to your goal, the environment becomes more twisted and broken, and the locations become closely connected to The Witness.

The Final Shape Episodes Format

After the release of The Final Shape, the usual Seasons will stop coming out because TFS Episodes will replace them. Unlike Seasons, Episodes in The Final Shape will last four months, each divided into three acts with its own Story missions, weapons, Season Pass ranks, Artifact mods, and activities. Of course, the main content will be awaited at the release. The first Destiny 2 Episode, “Echoes,” will be released on June 11, a week after the release of The Final Shape.

Destiny 2 Episodes
(Source: Bungie)

The Final Shape Quality of Life Changes

Now let’s go through the QoL Changes in The Final Shape, which are not large enough for separate segments, but important to mention: 

Final Words on All The Final Shape Info

And that’s all what we know about The Final Shape so far. We will update this article every time we receive new information, and if you notice that we have missed something, please leave a comment below, and we will be grateful for your input. Additionally, we have an article in which we recommend how to prepare for Destiny 2 The Final Shape with a list of activities and things to do before the release of the new DLC.

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