Bosses Nerfed: Players Can Solo BfA Raids in Patch 10.2.7

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Following the recent Dragonflight Patch 10.2.7 update, many Battle for Azeroth’s bosses have been nerfed. Now, players can solo BfA raids, or at least have the chance to do so!

Bosses Nerfed: Players Can Solo BfA Raids in Patch 10.2.7

Solo raiders have reason to celebrate as several BfA raids have seemingly become more manageable with the release of Patch 10.2.7. Players have been reporting that BfA bosses such as Jaina, Conclave of the Chosen, King Rastakhan, and G’huun have received notable nerfs, easing the challenges for solo adventurers and making their journey considerably easier to breathe.

Battle of Dazar’alor


Opulence no longer gains Hoarded Power at the end of Hoard Power casting.

Mythic Jaina

Redditor RheaRaisin was among the first players to notice the absence of the freezing mechanic in the Mythic Jaina encounter. They recounted that neither their character nor their partner’s one were encased in ice and killed like how the mechanic was supposed to be. Throughout the remainder of the battle against Mythic Jaina, they managed to avoid death and freezing entirely. Even when attempting the battle with under-geared characters, the freezing mechanics continued to be absent.

Jaina’s Freezing Blood has long been a formidable obstacle for solo adventurers. With it now removed, the lone wolves of Azeroth will find it significantly easier to defeat her and reap the rewards of her defeat.

Conclave of the Chosen

Another encounter within the Battle of Dazar’alor was nerfed as well, and it’s the Conclave of the Chosen. As reported by Redditor Gaggl, apparently, these council-type enemies no longer inflict permanent silence on players. Additionally, Loa’s Pact no longer activates, and the duration of Crawling Hex has been shortened to 5 seconds, down from its previous duration of 30 seconds.

King Rastakhan

King Rastakhan can still one-shot players. However, players are no longer mind controlled by his Zombie Dust Totems.

Eternal Palace

Queen’s Court

No more Separation of Power.



Mythic G’huun continues to pose a significant obstacle to solo attempts. It’s advisable to enter the battle as a duo.

G’huun’s Power Matrix no longer rooting players does not fully mitigate the challenge, but it does make navigation easier during the fight. In Phase 2, players only need to dunk one orb on each side of the arena without having to worry about timing.


Mythrax remains a challenging encounter for solo players. However, there are also adjustments that include the removal of Oblivion Sphere. As for Critical Mass, it’s still there and still poses a threat, but Phase 2 now concludes automatically.


Various adjustments have been made to encounters such as Vexiona, Carapace, and N’zoth.


While she casts Heart of Darkness, she no longer fears players with her Terrifying Presence.

N’zoth & Carapace

The adjustment implemented in Ny’alotha removes the instant Mind Control effect previously experienced by players lacking the Ashjra’kamas, Shroud of Resolve item.


Players now have the freedom to enter any Mindgate to confront Psychus without facing any debuffs, and reaching 0 energy will no longer result in being mind-controlled. Although the Gift of N’Zoth still applies to players, their sanity will revert to 30 once it expires. Players can also use their Heart of Azeroth to restore sanity indefinitely, albeit with a 15-second cooldown.

Feel free to share any other change you’ve noticed in the BfA bosses in Patch 10.2.7 in the comments!

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can classes without pets solo opulence? the fight just resets if you aren’t killing the adds in both hallways at once


you don’t have to fight the hallways, you can immediately go into the chamber with the main boss and ignore both sides