Destiny 2 Fans Disappointed by Season of Defiance Final Mission

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Destiny 2 Fans Disappointed by Season of Defiance Final Mission

Destiny 2’s Season of Defiance has come to an end. But unfortunately, the final mission has left many players feeling disappointed.

Lightfall wasn’t off to a really great start. But over time, the FPS title’s fan base slowly warmed up to it thanks to the developments in Season of Defiance. Surely, it has its ups and downs. But it remains promising to many. However, because of the final mission, the community has been plunged into quite a grand letdown. There will be spoilers ahead, so read on with precaution.

According to Redditor VectorTheSpecter:

And many agree with their opinion. Gamers have expressed their discontentment with the Season of Defiance by calling it Season of the Disappointed.

They feel it falls short of their expectation and is more like filler content. One major issue players have is the lack of clarity surrounding the Shadow Legion’s motives for kidnapping people. While some speculate that the abducted humans were intended to be sacrificed for Xivu Arath’s portal, the game itself offers no confirmation on this matter.

Furthermore, the death of a beloved Vanguard member failed to resonate as deeply with players as Bungie may have hoped. And as if that’s not enough, the developers also decided to let Devrim takes down the current Cabal Shadow Legion commander off-screen. Thus, depriving players of a critical moment in the story. Ultimately, the first chapter of Lightfall fails to deliver the emotional impact many players hoped for.

However, fans need not despair, for there is still a chance Lightfall will be able to convey what it was created to do just right. Bungie has hinted at the possibility of unfolding events that could shed light on the storyline in the future. While it may take some time, the payoff could be worth the wait. So, keep your hopes up and be ready for what lies ahead in Destiny 2.

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