Complete Destiny 2 Into the Light Overview: All New Content

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Let us discover everything you should know about Destiny 2 Into the Light!

Destiny 2 Into the Light Guide

Key Takeaways:

Destiny 2 Into the Light is a free content update available for everyone.

This update is diveded into two parts: main (April 9) and additional (May 7) part.

The main content will include Onslaught, The Whisper Exotic Mission, and Brave Arsenal Weapons. The additional content will include three PvP maps, Zero Hour Exotic Mission, and Patheon.

We have been in the Season of the Wish for almost half a year, and many Destiny 2 players are craving new content. Many decided to wait for The Final Shape and temporarily quit the game, but in vain because the Into the Light update will be a lifeboat for many. However, not everyone knows what Into the Light in Destiny 2 is, so today, we will tell you everything that is revealed about this content update.

What is Destiny 2: Into the Light

Destiny 2: Into the Light (ItL) is a series of major and free updates that will be released from April 9 to May 7. ItL will contain similar content as the free part of Bungie 30th Anniversary Package. Although, don’t expect to see a new dungeon in this update. However, there will be a new activity, social space, weapons, armor, two refreshed Exotic Missions, PvP maps, a New Light update, and a raid boss-rush mode. Into the Light update can definitely compete with the Anniversary DLC in terms of the amount of content it offers.

First Half Into the Light Update

The Into the Light new content is divided into two parts, and the first half will be available to all players starting April 9. It will include all the main content that the developers have emphasized.

What’s New in Destiny 2 Into the Light?

First and foremost, let’s discuss the new Into the Light content available today, so let’s dive into exploring this segment as soon as possible

Onslaught Overview

Destiny 2 Onslaught is a new Horde Mode-like activity, which players have been waiting for since the first part of the game. In this activity, you’ll have to defend the Advanced Defense Unit (ADU) from the onslaught of Fallen or Hive Enemies, who are going to try to break through during all 50 waves. Every ten waves, you should go on the offensive directly into the Pyramid ship to fight a boss and loot some chests. Fortunately, you won’t be alone, as Lord Shaxx is ready to help, providing defenses such as trip mines, decoys, and turrets, which are available for Scraps (you can get it after defeating combatants).

Into the Light Onslaught

What else will you need to do in this activity? As we have already said before, defending the ADU with all your might is vitally important. If the enemy manages to destroy it, you will fail the mission and be sent to orbit immediately. However, don’t be afraid, as ADU batteries can heal its HP. They sometimes drop from Saboteurs and other special units. 

Also, during the process, you may notice various bonus objectives, requiring you to pass a wave fast or break multiple objects. Completing them will give your team some Heavy Ammo, which will be quite important at higher difficulties.

Into the Light Onslaught will be available in several difficulties to choose from: Ritual, Standard, and Legend. 

Earn All Into The Light Rewards

You can get all Onslaught rewards without wasting time on farming thanks to the best Destiny 2 players!

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Hall of Champions, New Social Space

As with Dares of Eternity, Onslaught has its own Social Space, where you can find secrets (Shaxx stash, destroyed Dead Orbit room, cat with dead ghosts, Cards)  and prepare for battle.

The new Destiny 2 Into the Light Social Space is called Hall of Champions and is fully dedicated to the history of Destiny. At the Hall of Champions, you’ll find many references to various Destiny events, chests for unlocking armor as in Xur’s Treasure Hoard, and crucial vendors for all Guardians: Shaxx and Arcite 99-40. 

Shaxx Rep

Shaxx will be the most common vendor with a ranking system, but Arcite will act as a quest giver, offering weekly quests that grant you specific limited-edition weapon. Be sure to level up both characters, as completing their quests and earning “Hype” for Shaxx will allow you to collect parts of the key to unlocking the Superblack shader from Destiny 1!

The features do not end there, as you may notice a bunch of Shaxx holograms. These are Attunements that increase the chance of a specific weapon dropping from Onslaught to 50%, so always enable the right Attunement before farming the desired weapon.

Into the Light Rewards

We have already mentioned one of the main rewards in Into the Light: Superblack shader. Obviously, this is not the only thing players can get.

All Black Shader Into the Light

Players can farm reprised weapons from old times. The Brave Arsenal consists of 12 weapons, and we have discussed them in more detail in the Into the Light Weapons guide, so we recommend getting familiarized with it.

Destiny 2 Into the Light Weapons

In addition to weapons, each class will receive a new set of armor inspired by the armor from the first year of D2. The armor has been updated to modern standards and looks more stunning than ever. Below, you can take a closer look at it.

Into the Light Armor

Finally, players can compete to unlock a new Title: Brave. It will be available to complete until The Final Shape DLC is released, which is why you have to hurry. So, here is the list of all triumphs:

The Whisper Exotic Mission

Four years after the removal of Whisper and Zero Hour, they will finally return to the game along with their returned Craftable Exotic. The first mission is released with Destiny 2: Into the Light on April 9, while you must wait a month for the second one. In each of these missions, some secrets, Exotic ships, the number of enemies, and boss fights are changed, making them feel quite fresh. Developers also updated the timer to 40 minutes on Standard difficulty. By the way, Catalysts will be obtained from Legendary difficulty, but if you previously received it, the Catalyst will be immediately available to you.


In order to access Into the Light Whisper Exotic Mission, travel to the Moon to Eris Morn. She has a quest for you, in which she wants to get into your head to obtain the updated Whisper of the Worm. You also have a chance to receive Karve of the Worm ship by completing the “Oracle Seeker” triumph. After you complete Whisper for the first time, you will receive weekly quests to earn upgrades. There will be three of them in total, and each quest will unlock access to new perks for Whisper of the Worm. We definitely recommend you to complete these quests in the Destiny 2 Into the Light update.

Whisper of the Worm has some changes. In addition to changing Barrels, Magazines, and Stocks, now you can choose one of four perks. You have the choice of:

The best choice is undoubtedly Field Prep, as, in addition to increased reserves, you’ll have 100 Reload Speed when you’re crouching if you manage to miss. Other perks are not worth your attention, as their bonus is exceptionally insignificant.

QoL Changes

The last major section in the first half of Into the Light is Quality of Life changes, which turned out to be quite important to mention.

New Light Upgrade

The experience of newcomers in Destiny 2 will finally be improved! Now players can completely skip New Light and go straight into the adventure. Moreover, a surprise in the form of a starter package for newcomers with abilities of one desired Light subclass will be waiting for them at the Tower.

The New Light Kit includes:

Destiny 2 New Light Update

If you are not a newcomer and still want to receive this reward, there is good news: the New Light Kit is available to all who want it!

Into the Light Customization and Name Change

Finally, after 9.5 years since the release of Destiny 1, players will be able to customize their character after its creation. You will be able to change your character’s body type and face, but unfortunately, not the race. Additionally, there will be a chance to change your in-game name if you are uncomfortable with it.

Into the Light Customization

Second Half Into the Light Update

And here we come to the second half of the Into the Light update, about which we know much less than we would like (but we will add new information). It will be released on April 30 and May 7, and there are reasons for that.


At the moment, we know a lot about Pantheon, as Bungie and leakers revealed a lot of info. This activity will be a kind of Raid Boss Gauntlet/Rush with weekly challenges and escalating difficulties. Of course, Into the Light Pantheon will have its own rewards, namely Adept Weapons, Exotics, and Emblems from Raids. This activity will be released on April 30 and will be an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your skills. You can find more info on Pantheon in another article.

Into the Light PvP Maps

Exactly a week after the release of Pantheon, new content will appear in the game for PvP Players, namely fresh maps. There will be three new maps: 

All of them are quite unique in terms of visuals and architecture, providing ample space for tactics. Along with their release, a new 3v3 Mode will appear, which will only have new maps in the pool so that you can test them immediately upon release.

Zero Hour Exotic Mission

As with PvP maps, Zero Hour will return to Destiny 2 on May 14. As we mentioned earlier, the mission will receive changed secrets and boss fights to refresh the old experience, as well as a new Exotic ship called Vimana Junker. Into the Light Zero Hour will also have its quests, which will be available for obtaining from Ada-1 over three weeks. Over three weeks, you will unlock upgrades, gradually improving Outbreak Perfected, which has also become Craftable.

Into the Light Zero Hour

Since we’re talking about Outbreak, it will have additional perks to choose from:

The most priority perks for use will be Rapid Hit and Rewind Rounds due to the possibility of using them during DPS Phases for more damage, but Rewind Rounds are likely to be the go-to option more often. Headseeker has the potential to be used in PvP, as it’s always nice to have additional aim assist and precision damage after bodyshots.

Destiny 2 Into the Light Overview Final Words

So, that’s the end of our Destiny 2 Into the Light guide. We hope this article has helped you understand all the upcoming changes from Into the Light. Be sure to dive into Into the Light before the release of The Final Shape so as not to miss the limited-edition weapons, which will only be available during this period. If you have any more questions, be sure to ask them in the comments, where we always give a detailed answer!

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