Destiny 2 Lightfall Spoiler Alert: Farewell, Old Friend

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Destiny 2’s Season of Defiance has been unfolding over the past few weeks. The Guardians and their allies have been working side by side to rescue the captives from the Shadow Legion’s ominous pyramid ships. However, in the latest story mission of Lightfall’s first season, an unexpected turn of events, concerning one of the franchise’s most favorite characters, has caught many fans off guard. If you’re a spoiler-lovers, read on. But if you’re not, proceed at your own risk.


Although Bungie has constructed a monument in honor of Amanda Holliday, there are strong indications that her tale may not have reached its conclusion. These rumors have been fueled by credible sources within the Destiny 2 community, strengthening the base of such speculations. Liz, a reputable leaker whose track record of providing accurate information is well-established, has spoken up regarding the matter.

They aren’t done with Amanda Holiday. Pretty obvious, but stay tuned.

— Liz

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What Happened?

As stated above, players team up with their allies to free the captives from the grasp of Calus’s army. More specifically, the Guardians are traveling alongside Mithrax and Amanda Holliday. As the mission proceeds, the Guardians have their hands tied, fighting off the enemies. Mithrax manages to free the prisoners, but his action causes the base to go into a state of lockdown. An alarm starts blaring, and a fatal countdown starts ticking. Amanda understands the gravity of the situation. Yet, she still chooses to task herself with hotwiring the base’s doors to open, allowing her allies to escape. What Mithrax doesn’t know is, when they are safe outside, it’s time for Amanda to embrace her fate.

“That’s all that matters.”

Are her final words. An abrupt explosion claims her life, but at least she is at peace knowing her friends make it out alive.

The Community’s Reception

While Amanda’s death was somewhat expected due to the numerous of dangerous occasions she had thrown herself in. Some even knew that the whole endeavor was a trap. Yet, it still came as a shock to many. Speculation starts circulating on the Internet about how the beloved shipwright will later return as a Guardian.

As of now, it’s unlikely that Amanda will be brought back. The game has already explored this storyline with other characters. It’s doubtful that the developers would want to retread old ground. Besides, Amanda’s death also serves a purpose in the current narrative, with new dialogue lines focusing on grief and revenge.

But if somehow her body survives the explosion, then who knows?

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