Destiny 2 Prismatic Guide: Abilities, Aspects, Class Items

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Become the most powerful Guardian by learning the Destiny 2 Prismatic guide! 

Destiny 2 Prismatic Guide

Key Takeaways:

  • In this article, you will find all the information about what Prismatic in Destiny 2 is
  • You can find explanations of how Prismatic abilities, aspects, and fragments work 
  • Additionally, we wrote about Exotic Class Items for Prismatic, which only works with it

Destiny 2 is finally approaching the finale of its saga about the battle of Light and Darkness. In The Final Shape, we expect a swarm of surprises, including a new evolution for Guardians. They will gain powers to combine other subclasses, creating even greater chaos on the battlefield. What is this power called, and what is it capable of? Well, it is called Prismatic, and we have dedicated an entire article to it with a full explanation of Prismatic Aspects, Abilities, and more! 

Let’s delve into all the features of the Prismatic subclass in Destiny 2!

What Is Prismatic in Destiny 2

Prismatic is a unique subclass that combines abilities from different Subclasses. You can merge elements of various Subclasses into one to create the ultimate Guardian. For instance, for your Warlock, you could take the Strand Super, then choose the Solar Snap as your Melee ability, and then use a freezing Grenade enhanced with the ability to summon a Void soul after creating a Rift. It sounds wonderful, and it really is! 

In short, Prismatic is the Final Shape for our Guardian, unlocking the full potential of what they are capable of.

How to Get Prismatiс in Destiny 2

The first and most obvious thing is to purchase The Final Shape DLC, as you will not have access to Prismatic without it. After that, you will be able to unlock the Prismatic Subclass in the first mission of the expansion, but not all abilities will be available immediately.

How to Get Prismatic in Destiny 2

What Is Prismatic Transcendence and How It Works

The main feature of the Prismatic Subclass is Transcendence, a mini-super that replaces your Grenade with a unique Prismatic grenade that combines two elements at once. Additionally, dealing damage with your Grenade restores Melee energy and vice versa. As a bonus, your weapons deal increased damage, and you have improved damage resistance while Transcendence is active.

Transcendence Prismatic
Transcendence line is under the Super line (Source: Bungie)

To activate Transcendence, you must fill the Light and Darkness Bars. They are replenished by dealing with the type of damage tied to the scale. For example, Void damage will fill the Light bar, while Stasis will help with Darkness. Kinetic damage will fill both bars at the same time but slower. However, progress will accelerate if one of the two bars is filled.

Finally, let’s move on to the aforementioned Transcendence Grenades. There are three of them, and each Class has its own Grenade:

As you can see, all these Prismatic Grenades are extremely powerful and will be an excellent tool for clearing adds, as well as against Mini-bosses and Champions.

All Prismatic Abilities and Aspects

Each Class will have a particular arsenal of Abilities and Aspects, one from each Subclass. In addition, Prismatic has unique Abilities from other Subclasses, such as the Arc Thruster for Titans and Blink for Hunters and Warlocks. Furthermore, all Aspects have been redesigned: Diamond Lance and Feed the Void are activated from Ability defeats of any damage type, and Stylish Executioner works with any elemental debuff. So, lets take a loot at all available Abilities and Prismatic Aspects in Destiny 2!

How to get Prismatic Abilities and Aspects

You will receive some Prismatic Abilities immediately upon receiving the Subclass (marked as starting). You won’t have to farm a separate currency to unlock other abilities. Instead, you’ll have to find Prismatic chests in the world or participate in a particularly tough battle.

Prismatic Hunter

Let’s start with a Prismatic Hunter, which has Stasis and Solar as starter Abilities. Also, the Void Aspect is available from the beginning instead of Stasis Aspect.

Attention: We have prepared tables and pictures for PC and mobile users for more convenient use.

Hunter Prismatic Abillities
Hunter Prismatic SupersHunter Prismatic Class Abilities Hunter Prismatic Movement ModesHunter Prismatic Melee Abilities Hunter Prismatic Grenade AbilitiesHunter Prismatic Aspects
Stasis: Silence and Squall (Starting)Marksman’s Dodge (Starting)Triple Jump (Starting)Stasis: Withering Blade (Starting)Stasis: Duskfield Grenade (Starting)Stasis: Winter’s Shroud(Starting)
Solar: Golden Gun Marksman (Starting)Solar: Acrobat’s Dodge (Starting)High Jump (Starting)Solar: Knife Trick (Starting)Solar: Swarm Grenade (Starting)Solar: Gunpowder Gamble
Arc: Storm’s EdgeGambler’s Dodge (Starting)Arc: Blink (Starting)Arc: Combination Blow Arc: Arcbolt GrenadeArc: Ascension
Strand: SilkstrikeStrafe Jump (Starting)Strand: Threaded SpikeStrand: GrappleStrand:  Threaded Specter
Void: Shadowshot: DeadfallVoid: Snare BombVoid: Magnetic GrenadeVoid: Stylish Executioner (Starting)

Prismatic Warlock

Next up is a Prismatic Warlock, which has Stasis and Void as starter Abilities and Aspects.

Warlock Prismatic Abilities
Warlock Prismatic SupersWarlock Prismatic Class Abilities Warlock Prismatic Movement ModesWarlock Prismatic Melee Abilities Warlock Prismatic Grenade AbilitiesWarlock Prismatic Aspects
Void: Nova Bomb Cataclysm (Starting)Healing Rift (Starting)Void: Blink (Starting)Void: Pocket Singularity (Starting)Void: Vortex Grenade (Starting)Void: Feed the Void (Starting)
Stasis: Winter’s Wrath (Starting)Empowering Rift (Starting)Burst Glide (Starting)Stasis: Penumbral Blast (Starting)Stasis: Coldsnap Grenade (Starting)Stasis: Bleak Watcher (Starting)
Solar: Song of FlameSolar: Phoenix Dive (Starting)Controlled Glide (Starting)Solar: Incinerator SnapSolar: Healing GrenadeSolar:  Hellion
Strand: NeedlestormStrafe Glide (Starting)Strand: Arcane NeedleStrand: Threadling GrenadeStrand: Weaver’s Call
Arc: StormtranceArc: Chain LightningArc: Storm GrenadeArc: Lightning Surge

Prismatic Titan

Finally, we’re ending this segment with a Prismatic Titan, which has Arc and Strand as starter Abilities. Also, like the Hunter, Titan has an Aspect from the Stasis subclass instead of Strand one.

Titan Prismatic Abilities
Titan Prismatic SupersTitan Prismatic Class Abilities Titan Prismatic Movement ModesTitan Prismatic Melee Abilities Titan Prismatic Grenade AbilitiesTitan Prismatic Aspects
Arc: Thundercrash (Starting)Thruster (Starting)Strafe Lift (Starting)Arc: Thunderclap (Starting)Arc: Pulse Grenade (Starting)Arc: Knockout (Starting)
Strand: BladefuryRally Barricade (Starting)High Lift (Starting)Strand: Frenzied Blade (Starting)Strand: Shackle Grenade (Starting)Strand: Drengr’s Lash
Stasis: Glacial QuakeTowering Barricade (Starting)Catapult Lift (Starting)Stasis: Shiver StrikeStasis: Glacier GrenadeStasis: Diamond Lance (Starting)
Solar: Hammer of SolSolar: Hammer StrikeSolar: Thermite GrenadeSolar: Consecration
Void: Twilight ArsenalVoid: Shield ThrowVoid: Suppressor GrenadeVoid: Unbreakable

What are Exotic Class Items in Prismatic

Exotic Class Items are an essential element in the Prismatic Subclass. They contain 16 Perks inspired by existing Exotics. Some of them are weakened for balance, while others may be strengthened. Like weapons with Random Rolls, the perks of Exotic Class Items are scattered across two columns and drop randomly.

How to get Exotic Class Items

Exotic Class Items can be obtained in a [REDACTED] Activity, which will appear in the game on June 11. In it, you will be able to farm them, getting a guaranteed random roll every completion.

Exotic Class Item Perks for All Classes

From the 16 perks, only six will be available for all classes. You will find some of the strongest Exotics in all of Destiny 2 here, for example, Star-eater Scales or Heart of Inmost Light. All Perks and their descriptions are presented in the tables (for PC) and pictures (for mobile) below.

Exotic Class Item Perks
First ColumnSecond Column
Spirit of the Assassin: Finishers and Powered Melee Final Blows get you InivisibilitySpirit of the Star-Eater: Overcharges your Super, if you have full Super energy and pick up Orbs of Power
Spirit of the Inmost Light: After using any ability improves ability energy regeneration for two other onesSpirit of Synthoceps: Makes Melee damage even greater when you are surrounded by enemies
Spirit of the Ophidian: Get your weapon ready really fastSpirit of Verity: Weapon takedowns grant Grenade damage bonus stacks if their damage type matches

Hunter Class Item Perks

Hunter Exotic Class Item
First ColumnSecond Column
Spirit of the Dragon: Reloads all three weapons and improves their handling speeds for a brief time after activating Class Ability. Spirit of the Cyrtarachne: Activating Grenade grants you Woven Mail
Spirit of Galanor: After damaging foes with your active Super, you earn Super energy when it endsSpirit of the Gyrfalcon: After appearing from Invisibility, you obtain Volatile Rounds on Void weapons
Spirit of the Foetracer: Temporary damage bonus for weapons matching that ability’s element after you damage a Powerful opponent (Combatant or Guardian with an ability). Spirit of the Liar: Get Counterpunch after damaging someone with a Powered Melee ability or if someone hits you with a Melee attack. 
Spirit of Caliban: Ignition can be caused by Powered Melee takedown.Spirit of the Wormhusk: A little Health and Shield bonus by using the dodge ability
Spirit of Renewal: By staying inside the Duskfield, your allies take reduced damage, while foes deal lowered damage. Spirit of the Coyote: Obtain a bonus Class Ability charge

TItan Class Item Perks

Titan Exotic Class Item
First ColumnSecond Column
Spirit of Severance: Creates an Explosion by destroying a foe with a Powered Melee or FinisherSpirit of Contact: Creates a Lightning strike on nearby combatants and jolts them after using Powered Melee and damaging an enemy
Spirit of Hoarfrost: Creates a Stasis crystal wall after activating your Class Ability. Also, their creation slows down all nearby enemies.Spirit of Scars: Heals you and gives your nearby teammates restoration, if you make Weapon Final Blow with a weapon that matches your Super’s element
Spirit of the Eternal Warrior: Bonus damage for guns/swords if the Super matches their Element and it ends.Spirit of the Horn: Barricade generates a Solar energy blast, while scorching combatants
Spirit of the Abeyant: Upgrades Drengr’s Lash, so that its projectiles track opponents more aggressively and travel further. Spirit of Alpha Lupi: Creates a healing pulse after using Barricade
Spirit of the Bear: Move faster while protecting with the Unbreakable Shield. Also, Super energy is granted by blocking damage with the Unbreakable Shield.Spirit of the Armamentarium: Get a bonus Grenade charge

Warlock Class Item Perks

Warlock Exotic Class Item
First ColumnSecond Column
Spirit of the Stag: Teammates in your Rift receive less damage than usual.Spirit of Vesper: Arc shockwaves sometimes appear from your Rift.
Spirit of the Filaments: Devour can be obtained through empowered rift.Spirit of Harmony: Earn Super energy with Weapon Takedowns if your Super matches weapon’s element/
Spirit of the Necrotic: Your melee attacks can poison enemies and spread to other ones when they’re unalive.Spirit of Starfire: Empowered Weapon can grant you various bonuses. You get Grenade recharge from damaging opponents and even more energy from taking them down.
Spirit of Osmiomancy: Get Grenades faster by dealing damage to enemies. Also, the Seeker from Coldsnap can travel a greater distance.Spirit of the Swarm: Threadling can be created from a Tangle.
Spirit of Apotheosis: Bonus regen to Melee and Grenade abilities when your Super ability endsSpirit of the Claw: Earn a bonus Melee charge. 

Prismatic Fragments

Prismatic will have unique Fragments, which is a great thing! However, Fragments from other Subclasses still inspire some of them due to the Prismatic nature. In total, you can expect 21 Prismatic Fragments in Destiny 2, but as of right now, Bungie has revealed only 12 of them. Below, you can see every single one of them in our table (for PC users) or on a picture (for mobile users).

Prismatic Fragments List
Prismatic FragmentDetails
Facet of Ruin (Starting)This increases the size and damage of the burst when you break a Stasis Crystal or frozen target. It also improves the coverage area of Solar Ignition.
Facet of Purpose (Starting)Orbs of Power will grant you either Amplified, Restoration, Frost Armor, Woven Mail, or an Overshield, depending on the type of damage your Super deals.
Facet of Dawn (Starting)Powered Melee attacks against enemies grant you Radiant buff. However, both you and your nearby allies become Radiant after destroying an enemy with a Powered Melee attack.
Facet of Hope (Starting)Class ability charges faster with an Elemental buff.
Facet of Protection (Starting)Damage resistance when foes surround you..
Facet of DominanceGet Weaken or Jolt debuff on your opponents by using Void or Arc Grenades.
Facet of GenerosityGenerate Orbs of Power for your teammates when you takedown combatants with Transcendent active.
Facet of GraceYou receive Transcendence energy from Kinetic weapon damage. Super takedowns provide Transcendence energy to everyone in the Fireteam (including yourself).
Facet of DefianceBased on your Super elemental, your Finisher makes a detonation that either Jolts, Scorches, Slows, Severs, or makes targets Volatile.
Facet of JusticeEnemies defeated with your ability will explode the targets if you’re Transcendent.
Facet of BraveryGrenade Final Blows = Volatile Rounds for Void weapon(s). Powered Melee takedowns = Unraveling Rounds for Strand weapon(s).
Facet of Balance Rapidly destroying targets with either Light or Dark damage gives you Melee or Grenade energy.

Prismatic Guide Final Points

And now you know everything about Prismatic in Destiny 2. As of right now, that’s all the info we have on it, though we will update this article in the future. Prismatic will change how D2 plays, so we hope with all this info you can get the most out of it.

Also, do you want to prepare for The Final Shape to obtain a fully upgraded Prismatic as fast as possible? Then we recommend checking out The Final Shape preparation guide with 10 useful tips!

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