Rumor: Destiny 2 Lightfall Is a Filler for The Final Shape

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Lightfall has been out only more than two days. However, the commotion surrounding Destiny 2’s latest DLC is growing. Asides from taking off with a sour note from the community, there are doubts concerning whether “the beginning of the end” was a planned addition or simply a filler for the Final Shape.

Recently, the renowned leaker Twitter Destiny Leaks has posted this on their official account:

Some see this as reading too much between the lines. Others agree that it actually makes sense now that they think about it. A player pointed out:

As of now, Bungie has yet to say anything regarding the mounting issues around their fifth expansion. Despite the controversy, there are still individuals who find enjoyment in the title as it stands. The game offers many perks, and Strand remains an enjoyable subclass to play with.

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