Among Us x Destiny 2 Crossover Collaboration

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Update 2

Destiny 2 Twitter teased fans with this a few minutes ago, hinting that the collaboration with Among Us will result in upcoming new ships.


Bungie has confirmed!

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Among Us has teased a new collaboration on Twitter. Fans are revving with speculations as the subject of attention this time may as well be the famous Destiny 2.

The teaser photo released by Among Us features silhouettes of bean-like characters iconic to the title. And there, on the backdrop, stands the text “Eyes up, Crewmate.” This serves as a huge reference to a popular line from Destiny 2, “Eyes up, Guardian.” Over on the silhouettes’ side, fans have also spotted one that resembles Saint-14. His distinctive helm is something devoted gamers can recognize from miles away.

Released in 2018, Among Us blossomed during the Covid-19 lockdown and quickly became one of the most popular games on many platforms. The game divides players into two groups: the Impostors and the Crewmates. The Impostors’ job is to take down every Crewmate until they are the last one standing. While that, Crewmates have to complete tasks and figure out who has infiltrated their ranks. Players are able to customize their characters’ appearance. They can change the color, headpieces, and clothing. If that is not enough, mods for more options are always available.

In the past, Among Us has had successful collaborations with games like Fortnite and Fall Guys. Fans eagerly await more information about the potential crossover, which could include new armor, cosmetics, and even a Destiny 2-inspired map. Meanwhile, the FPS title’s lovers are preparing for the upcoming Lightfall DLC, featuring the exiled Cabal king Calus and many other exciting updates.

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