Destiny 2: You Can Skip the Lightfall’s Campaign

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Destiny 2 Season 20 will skip the tedious process of having to replay the main campaign on alts by introducing new character boosts. After all, Bungie is taking steps to make the game more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Much of the game’s content was locked behind the main storyline in previous expansions. Players had to replay the story repeatedly on their alts to access all the game’s features. However, the long-standing issue will soon be resolved with the fifth expansion’s arrival.

Bungie has introduced new character boosts, available once you meet certain requirements. You can choose from two types:

There has yet to be any information about the price. But if it’s reasonable, many players will likely turn to this resolution.

The downside is you’ll miss out on the campaign rewards and Triumphs. The system won’t count that you have completed Legendary mode or any post-campaign missions. Thus, if you want to earn the associated Triumphs, you’ll still need to replay everything from scratch.

It should be noted that these boosts will only apply to Lightfall. In other expansions, you still need to proceed as usual. While the incoming solution may not be ideal for those who want to collect every reward possible, the option to do so remains appealing to many others.

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