Apex Legends Beast Of Prey Event: Loba Heirloom

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There are a couple more days into the newest Apex Legends Collection Event. That means you still have time to grind event badges, get Beast of Prey Skins or other cosmetics and challenge yourself in the Gun Run limited-time mode.

Apex Collection Event — Beast of Prey

Quick side note: this type of event in Apex Legends usually comes once a season and introduces some LTMs (both new and returning), lots of skins, and, of course, a new Apex heirloom. Now, let’s take a closer look at all the new stuff.

Source: ea.com

Apex Beast of Prey Event went live last Tuesday and brought 24 new predator-themed cosmetics. There are 7 Legendary skins and some 6 corresponding legendaries for a number of weapons.

All Event Legendary Legend Skins:

All Event Legendary Weapon Skins:

The Epic rewards, however, are full of different things. There are two Epic skins for Gibraltar and Revenant, and four weapon skins: dark Toxic Waste for C.A.R. SMG, acid Noxious Spray for Hemlock Burst AR, Bloody Gold for Longbow DMR, and beautiful Arctic Fox for Wingman. Two banner Frames presented in the collection event are equipable for Lifeline and Horison, two really great epic Emotes, Ones, and Threes for Mirage, and Joyful Gigawatts for Wattson. There is a Skydive Emote called Flaunt It for Loba that might be considered a competitive advantage — and for a reason — while flying, Loba will toss her bracelet around, making herself extremely hard to hit while in-air. And last but not least, Epic Holospray Third Partied is here to commemorate the first Season 14 competitive Split on Kings Canyon.

As usual, cosmetics could be obtained by purchasing event-exclusive loot packs. Another option is to buy it directly from the event tab using Apex coins or to unlock it using crafting metals.

Along with all that, some slight meta changes make their way into the patch notes.

Unlocking legendaries will cost you 2,400 crafting metals or 1,800 Apex coins, while epics are a bit cheaper: 800 crafting metals or 1,000 Apex coins. Apex Beast of Prey event packs cost 700 Apex Coins per each, but remember, if you decide to buy all the cosmetics, the best decision would be to buy both of the Event skin + packs bundles first and then the missing Event packs. Or maybe even spending some crafting metals on Epics beforehand.

Apex Beast of Prey LTM — Gun Run

Firstly let us talk about the newest exciting limited-time mode — Gun Run introduced into the game. As the name suggests, it’s a classic experience in the unique Apex style.

Source: ea.com

There are 4 squads, each consisting of 3 players as usual. All of them fight for the championship by cycling through 25 weapons (that change on each kill). When any player reaches that 25 kill points, they get a throwing knife instead of any other weapon. Now it’s up to them — the first squad that gets the knife kill wins. You can practice a bit with the throwing knife on the practice range, so you can get used to its trajectory and hitbox.

Gun Run will also return as a part of the Halloween event later this season.

Apex Beast of Prey Free Rewards

Respawn made some rewards available for everyone, that said, if you are actively playing the game. The prize tracker is featured below, and to complete it, players will have to accumulate Challenge Points, the reward for completing Event Challenges. Challenges refresh each day, and each of them has a second tier, allowing players to earn even more points.

Source: ea.com

There are also 4 event badges available for all players, but to get them you’ll have to complete the corresponding objective:

With such a short time left, some of the badges became a real challenge.

Apex Legends Loba Heirloom — Garra de Alanza

After unlocking all 24 Beast of Prey cosmetics players will earn Loba’s Heirloom weapon, the Garra de Alanza (Claw of Alanza). As she stated in the comics, posted by Apex Legends Official account on Twitter, she modeled a copy of a fan once owned by her late mother Alanza. Her fan is much more a weapon, not an accessory, with its sharp, claw-like red blades and rare inspect animation that features Loba slicing one of Revenant’s skulls using her fan’s blades.

Source: ea.com

The whole heirloom pack consists of the weapon itself, Trazer de Volta (translation: “return” or “bring back”) Loba banner pose, and “I’m in a class of my own” Loba intro quip.

Prior to the event, the Apex Community saw the Loba’s heirloom leak, which gives players an idea of what it’s going to be, yet it still seems that Respawn surpasses the playerbase expectations.

Loba’s Heirloom will also be available for purchase in the Mythic Store, along with other heirlooms and Mythic Prestige Skins in exchange for Heirloom Shards once the event ends. As a reminder, Heirloom Shards can be earned by opening Apex Packs, and there is a guaranteed drop of the shards for every 500 Apex Packs opened.

As we are covering a Mythic Prestige Skin topic, it might be a pleasant surprise for some players that right now Respawn is working on enchanting this type of cosmetic. Unfortunately, it’s still a secret how Mythic skins will be changed, but all we know suggests that they will become even more unique and satisfying to own. They may get different select animations or some other features, but in any case, all upgrades will be available for players that already own the Mythic Skins. If you’d like to boost your Mythic Prestige Skin for the next tier, check out our service, so you can skip all the boring grind and get yourself Tier 3 skin as soon as possible.

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