Apex Legends Season 21 Character Tier List

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In addition to the Class system, Respawn introduced the Legend Upgrade system in Season 20. With this Apex Legends Season 21 character tier list, we’ll help you figure out which Legend is the best now!

If you’ve recently wondered who the best Apex Legend is, we present you with the most complete and fresh Tier List of Apex meta characters for Season 21. It fits both Public and Ranked games. Comment below if you agree with our best Legends in Apex!

Tier List Criteria

The top of Apex Legends is compiled taking into account their overall abilities (including their Legend Upgrades) and their benefits for the team:

Apex Legends Season 21 Character Tier List



Alter is a Skirmisher Legend. Like all new Legends at release, Alter is very overpowered. Her abilities make her and her team mobile, allowing them to ignore all the Controller Legends abilities except Caustic, and she can also retreat the entire team if they need to reset. Besides, Alter performs well solo; you can see it yourself in Solo Mode now.

To sum it up, Alter is both a good entry fragger and an anchor Legend in Ranked matches. That’s why we consider Alter the best Apex Legend for now (until Respawn nerfs her).


(Source: Apex Legends)

Bloodhound is a Recon Legend. After the nerf of Seer, they regained first place as the best scout. Bloodhound is a fast-paced Legend who is excellent at pushing enemies. Their Passive ability can be used to find where enemies have gone, and Tactical will reveal hidden enemies and traps. Lastly, Ultimate causes Bloodhound to gain speed and highlight their enemies.

So, they have a great combination of finding, tracking, and marking the enemies for their squad. In addition, their mobility allows them to relocate in and out of battles quickly, and tracks of their Passive can help not only to find but also to avoid enemies.


(Source: Apex Legends)

Here, we are at the top three. Horizon is a Skirmisher Legend. She’s a favorite of tournament players and one of the most powerful Legends since her release. Her Passive and Tactical allow her to be quite mobile, take high ground faster than anyone else, and also quickly leave combats. Her Ultimate can help “smoke” enemies out of cover and deal massive damage in the area, especially if she has Fuse or Caustic in her squad.


(Source: Apex Legends)

Newcastle is the best Support Legend nowadays. His abilities allow him to quickly create cover, even if his squad is caught in an open area. Newcastle’s Ultimate allows him to move to his teammate instantly, take the high ground, and even damage and stun the enemies. His Passive allows him to quickly and safely revive a teammate, even in the middle of the battlefield, thanks to his shield (which was taken from Lifeline).

In Season 21, Respawn buffed Newcastle’s Ultimate even more, giving it the abilities of Wattson’s Ultimate for one minute after deployment and three minutes with his Legend Upgrade.


(Source: Apex Legends)

She is a Support Legend. Conduit’s abilities are ideal for any playstyle, and her Passive helps her to relocate quickly. At the same time, her Tactical is an excellent support for her squad and herself during the fight. Her Ultimate deals massive area damage and is difficult to counter.


(Source: Apex Legends)

Bangalore is an Assault Legend. She’s one of the best instigators of fights (entry fragger in Ranked), as her abilities allow her to quickly retreat to safety. Like Gibraltar’s Ult, her Ultimate ability is just as big and deadly. In Season 21, 1x Digital Threat Optic was completely removed from the loot pool, which can be considered an indirect Bangalore nerf. Despite this, Bangalore remains one of the most powerful Legends.


(Source: Apex Legends)

He’s an Assault Legend. Perhaps someone will ask: “But why did you put Fuse so high?” Well, let’s try to figure it out. Fuse is an excellent fight starter and the strongest of the Legends right after the drop. No other Legend can inflict such a tremendous amount of damage (and even in an area) without any weapon. In truth, Fuse can defeat two or three enemies in a Hot Drop using only his Tactical.

Moreover, his Passive and Ultimate perfectly complement his Tactical and enhance his lethality even more. If someone is unlucky enough to be caught in the fire ring of his Ultimate, Fuse can shower the poor fellow with grenades and knuckle clusters in just a few seconds. He can also easily destroy the Controller Legend’s defenses without wasting any ammo. Moreover, his abilities are pretty simple and beginner-friendly.

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In Season 21, Respawn even buffed Fuse a little, reducing his damage from his Ultimate and giving him access to Ring Consoles through Legend Upgrades. It makes him even more helpful to the team and allows him to determine the rotation route in advance.



(Source: Apex Legends)

He’s another great Support Legend. Gibraltar is good in frontal combat, as well as in damaging large open areas with his Ult. His level 2 Upgrade options are Fresh Start: Allies are revived with 50 HP, or Shots Shots Shots: Auto-Reload shotguns on knocks.


(Source: Apex Legends)

He is a Controller Legend. Caustic is one of the deadliest Legends in capable hands. His abilities help to find, slow down, and damage enemies. Caustic’s Ult and Tacticals can play a crucial role in the endgame. He also received some nice buffs and Legend Upgrades in Season 20.

Level 2 Upgrade options are Parabolic Force: Increase Tactical throw range by 75%, or Particle Diffuser: Increase Ultimate area of effect by 50%.

Level 3 Upgrade options are Breathe It In: Regenerate HP while enveloped in Nox Gas, or Residual Toxins: Nox Vision persists for longer.

In Season 21, Caustic is indispensable in any squad, as he’s the only Controller Legend that can counter Alter and can really defend the area.

Mad Maggie

(Source: Apex Legends)

Mad Maggie is an Assault Legend. Fast, furious, and deadly. Her abilities are beginners-friendly. Depending on the playstyle, Maggie can be either offensive or defensive. And her Ultimate can not only damage enemies and slow them down, but also help her squad to relocate quickly.

Her Legend Upgrades don’t disappoint either. Level 2 is Fire Ball: Wrecking Ball catches fire and explodes in thermite (author’s personal favorite), or Shots Shots Shots: Auto-Reload shotguns on knock. Level 3 is Big Drill: Increase depth and width of Tactical by 50%, or Drillslinger: Gain a Riot Drill charge; reduce active duration by 25%.


(Source: Apex Legends)

Wattson is a good anchor Legend, capable of defending areas, holding high grounds, and supporting her squad. In Season 20, she also received powerful and engaging Legend Upgrades.

Level 2 Upgrade options are Falling Stars: Pylon interceptions spawn Arc Stars at its base.

Fresh Start: Allies are revived with 50 HP.

Level 3 Upgrade options are Power Pylon: Double Ultimate’s HP and Shield Regen capacity, or Split Circuit: Place up to 2 Pylons with half the shield regen capacity and use Ultimate Accelerants twice as fast.

However, Alter can ignore Wattson’s fences immediately after exiting her portal without taking any stun or damage from them (hopefully, this is a bug).


(Source: Apex Legends)

Revenant is a Skirmisher Legend. A couple of seasons ago, he received a complete rework of his Kit. Revenant is great for playing very aggressively and rushing enemies. However, his abilities don’t bring any benefit to the team. But, as he says, he works alone better, right?


(Source: Apex Legends)

Pathfinder is a Skirmisher Legend. His Ult is very useful for his team (and sometimes for the enemies). And his Grapple allows him to be one of the most mobile Legends if you manage to master this mechanic, of course.

In Season 20, Pathfinder also received some nice Legend Upgrades. Level 2 Upgrade options are Field Research: Gain access to Survey Beacons, which add to his Kit Recon class abilities. Ringmaster: Gain access to Ring Consoles, which add to his Kit Controller class abilities.


(Source: Apex Legends)

Season 21 unexpected breakthrough. Crypto is a Recon Legend. He was always a strong Legend in the right hands and with a good team, however he’s not very beginner-friendly. In Season 21, Crypto received some nice buffs, allowing him to be less dependent on his Drone. These changes allow Crypto to be more mobile and stay in touch with his squad.



(Source: Apex Legends)

Valkyrie is a Skirmisher Legend. Since her release, she has been the best of the Legends, with the most overpowered abilities. However, numerous nerfs didn’t spare the favorite of tournament players. In addition, with the appearance of Evac Tower in the game, her Ultimate became not so strong.

However, Valkyrie remains one of the most mobile Legends, capable of quickly taking the high ground, relocating her squad, and even marking enemies along the way. Her Tactical is easy to use, does good damage, and stuns the enemies.


(Source: Apex Legends)

She is a Controller Legend. In Season 21, Respawn restored some of the Catalyst’s abilities, rolling back unfair nerfs. In addition, now Catalyst can fully rebuild and reinforce broken doors with her Passive (Level 3 Legend Upgrade). Her abilities are good for occupying and holding buildings and are useful in frontal combat.


(Source: Apex Legends)

She’s a good old Support Legend. Her Passive ability allows her to revive her teammates automatically using her Drone. Her Ultimate ability calls down a care package containing useful support gear and “smart loot” for her squad.

In addition, she receives great Legend Upgrades at Level 3. Options are Last Stand: Gain a Self-Revive, and Gold Plated: Next Care Package contains Gold equipment and healables.


(Source: Apex Legends)

Loba is a Support class Legend. Her Passive and Ultimate abilities allow her always to equip her and her squad with the best loot. And her Tactical gives her good mobility. However, she may still be useless in battle. In addition to this, Alter’s Passive is a mini version of Loba’s Ultimate, which is unfair.


(Source: Apex Legends)

The best Recon Legend of previous seasons fell after a drastic nerfs. His abilities are still helpful for finding enemies and in combat, but not as much as before. Seer’s Legend Upgrades almost return his pre-nerf performance.

Level 2 Upgrade options are Long View: Increase Passive and Tactical range to 25m, or Racing Hearts: Faster movement using Passive.

Level 3 Upgrade options are Artist’s Reach: Increase the throw range of Ultimate by 20m, or Focus Scan: Increase Tactical scan duration by 1.5 seconds.


(Source: Apex Legends)

Wraith is another beginner-friendly Legend with easy abilities. One of the all-time “meta” characters in Apex. Her Ultimate can be helpful for the team if Wraith learns how to use it right. Otherwise, it’s more likely to cause harm or will help her enemies. Her Tactical is purely selfish, though. In Season 21, she received a slight buff to match Alter: all players traveling through the Void will have nearby enemies highlighted.


(Source: Apex Legends)

Octane is a Skirmisher Legend. He’s mobile, fun, and easy to play from the very beginning. However, his simple abilities may not always be useful to the team. In Season 21, he received a nice change to his Legends Upgrades, which allows him to take less damage from his Tactical and save an additional 10 HP in total.



(Source: Apex Legends)

Vantage is a Recon Legend. Her tactical ability is not only a cute little bat, but it also allows her to take a high ground or relocate quickly. Perhaps this is where the advantages end? Neither her Passive ability nor her Ultimate is strong, and neither doesn’t bring much benefit to the team. Vantage’s Legend Upgrades don’t really help to improve her abilities either.


(Source: Apex Legends)

He’s an Assault Legend. Ballistic has interesting abilities, but they all seem “not enough.” His Ultimate is good for his squad, and his Tactical also has potential, but frequent bugs prevent it from showing off.

However, in Season 21, Ballistic got some love: now his Tactical does more damage, and the sling weapon level increases according to Ballistic’s EVO levels.


(Source: Apex Legends)

Rampart is a Controller Legend. Even though her Kit has been buffed a few times recently, she’s still a very niche character.

The complete lack of mobility, which is even worse during her Ultimate, makes Rampart clumsy and kinda ballast. Her Tactical ability can often work against her and her teammates. In addition, Devotion LMG went into the Care Package in Season 21, which made Rampart’s Passive even more useless.

However, her Level 3 Upgrades can help to compensate for it. Amped Reloads: Reload faster with Sheila or when behind Amped Cover, and Ramped Up: Improved Mobile Sheila handling and spin-up time by 20%.



(Source: Apex Legends)

Our old enemy and the famous antagonist of Titanfall 2. Unfortunately, the legendary Pilot turned out to be not such a good Legend.

Ash is an Assault Legend. Her Passive ability is nearly useless; her Ult is often beneficial only to her alone and not to her whole squad because it lasts too short. In Season 21, her Ultimate ability is de facto given to Alter’s Tactical.

However, her Tactical ability, especially when combined with her Level 3 Legend Upgrades, can play a key role in a fight. It also received a nice buff in Season 21: now Ash can throw her Tactical without interrupting her actions.

Her Level 3 Upgrade options are Greedy Snare: Arc Snare remains in play for 24 seconds and can catch multiple enemies, and Twin Snares: Gain an Arc Snare charge.


(Source: Apex Legends)

Even though Mirage is people’s favorite, we have to admit that he’s the weakest Apex Legend.

Mirage is a Support Legend, so his ability to become invisible is very useful when reviving and respawning his squadmates. Especially in combination with his Level 2 Legend Upgrade Miracle Worker: Allies are revived with health regen up to 75 HP.

However, he’s of little use in fights, and his decoys can confuse not only enemies but his teammates, too. In addition, he’s not mobile, his abilities don’t cause any damage, and he’s also not a very beginner-friendly Legend.


Well, Alter, Bloodhound, and Horizon are at the top of our tier list of the best Apex Legends characters in Season 21. Actually, all three together are already a great squad (Horizon can be swapped with Newcastle). They, indeed, are the best Legends in Apex.

And who do you think is the best character in Apex? Share your opinions in the comments!

See you later, Legends.

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I’m little surprised that wraith was so far below crypto but I haven’t played in a while so mabye I missed somthing.

Alex Rainbow
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Thank you for your comment!
We appreciate your perspective. In our view, while Wraith is more suitable for solo play, Crypto offers more strategic value to the team. Additionally, we think Alter has recently become a stronger option for solo.

Alex Rainbow
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This tier list is based on the opinions of pro players and ranked players. What exactly do you disagree with?