Apex Legends Mirage Guide for Beginners: Season 21

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If you’ve been wondering how to play Mirage, we present you with the ultimate Apex Legends Mirage Guide for Season 21.

Even though Mirage is one of the weakest Legends in Apex, the Holographic Trickster continues to be popular among players. So, today, we will take a look at both his holograms and tricks. Make yourself comfortable and don’t get bamboozled!

Who is Mirage?

Mirage’s real name is Elliott Witt. He’s from planet Solace, where he owns and bartends at the Paradise Lounge in Solace City. Aside from managing his bar, Elliott is known for his ownership of a party boat called the Mirage Voyage, including its three successors, the Mirage à Trois boats. These boats are unique gameplay elements known as Town Takeovers, and they’re the only “mobile” points of interest, currently featured only on the World’s End map.

(Source: Respawn Entertainment)

Born in 2703, Elliott is the youngest of four brothers in a family dedicated to holographic technology. His mother, Evelyn Witt, is a distinguished holographic engineer. The Outlands Civil War marked a turning point in his life, as his brothers went missing in action, deeply influencing his work with holograms. Elliott’s passion led him to replicate his brothers using holography, a skill he refined with his mother’s help before joining the Apex Games in 2732, armed with a custom set of hologram devices that she encouraged him to use.

Why Play Mirage in Apex Legends?

According to the latest data, Mirage, as always, is approximately in the middle of the pick rate among all Legends. So, despite being among the “useless” Legends, players still love to play as Mirage. He has fun abilities and charisma that can captivate anyone.

(Source: Apex Legends Status)

Beginners like to play Mirage, as well as those who prioritize enjoyment over climbing ranks and victories. However, winning is always nice, so from this guide, you can learn how to play Mirage correctly.

Apex Legends Mirage’s Strengths

Mirage’s strengths are that he is a Support Legend, he is a good reviver and is also useful in close combat, capable of creating chaos and confusing enemies.

Apex Legends Mirage’s Weaknesses

Mirage’s weaknesses include his lack of damaging abilities, low mobility, possible low team benefit, and not being very useful in long-distance battles. In addition, experienced players are unlikely to be Bamboozled by Mirage’s abilities.

Mirage Abilities

In general, Mirage has only two abilities: become invisible and create decoys. However, these two simple abilities have many uses. From scouting the area and scaring off enemies, to emergency assistance to teammates. Many players underestimate his abilities, as well as Mirage players themselves don’t understand how to utilize them fully.


Mirage is a Support Legend. This means that if Mirage is on the team (or any other Support Legend), he and his teammates can craft unrecovered or expired ally banner(s) in the Replicator. In addition, Mirage has access to a secret compartment of blue Extended Supply Bins, which always contains healing and survival items.

Passive Ability: Now You See Me…

Automatically cloak while using Respawn Beacon and reviving teammates. Spawn a decoy and cloak for five seconds when downed.

Useful information:

Tactical Ability: Psyche Out

Send out a holographic decoy (Q) to confuse the enemy. Press (H) to control the decoy. The cooldown is 15 seconds.

Useful information:

Ultimate Ability: Life of the Party

Mirage deploys (Z) a team of five controllable decoys to distract enemies. Charge time is 60 seconds.

Useful information:

Mirage Legend Upgrades

Starting with Season 20, each Legend received four upgrades available for the duration of the Battle Royale match. That is two additional skills per match.

Level 2 Upgrades

When playing in a team, it’s better to choose the first Upgrade, and if you’re playing Solo, the second one.

Level 3 Upgrades

In this case, you can choose to your taste.

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Tips and Tricks to Play Mirage in Apex Legends

Always Use Decoys to Confuse Enemies

You should have the habit of always sending a decoy to scout the location of suspected enemies and also have a decoy by you if you’re running in open areas. Sending a decoy (Q) doesn’t interrupt any of your actions, so it can be done in emergencies or right during fighting.

Pretend to be a decoy, it can help even in the most hopeless situations if you find yourself among enemies. While Ultimate is active, try to move in a circle, act unnaturally, or skirt along walls pretending to be one of the decoys to run behind an enemy and shoot them point-blank, or to escape an area when you need to. 

Since Mirage’s Tactical and Ultimate cooldowns are very short, feel free to use them in every fight or escape. While distracting enemies with your decoys, you can also use the Ultimate to revive your teammate.

If you use Emotes during Tactical and Ultimate, the decoys will also repeat them. If the Emotes themselves contain decoys, then there will be even more of them (up to 24 Mirages at the same time!). It can also be used to confuse enemies.

Two of Mirage’s three Finishers also contain a decoy, so you can confuse enemies even during the Finisher.

Utilize Invisibility

Because Mirage’s Holo Emitters can be visible to enemies within five meters, it could give away the real Mirage. Therefore, try not to use Ultimate too close to enemies. It’s always better to do it behind cover.

When you’re downed, don’t use your knockdown shield unless you’re being shot at, as it will give you right away. Without using a knockdown shield, try to get out of sight of enemies during these five seconds of invisibility, find cover, or jump down to make it easier to revive you.

When you revive a teammate, feel free to do it in the middle of combat or without cover if there are too many enemies around and they’re not focused on you.

After reviving, you and your teammate gain three seconds of invisibility, or until you draw your weapons. You and your teammate can use these three seconds of invisibility to hide, quickly leave the area, or find cover.

Mirage is the best reviver besides Lifeline and Newcastle, so don’t hesitate to take or ask for a Gold knockdown shield.

If you respawn a teammate at the Beacon, also feel free to do it if there are many squads around and you are not being focused at the moment.

Loadout Recommendations for Mirage in Apex Legends

Since Mirage is especially good at close-range combat and can even easily get behind an enemy’s back during a fight, it’s better to use the appropriate weapons. Mirage is best suited for short-range rapid-fire weapons, like SMGs and shotguns.

For example, you can take R-99 in the first slot to one-clip the enemy behind their back while they’re distracted by your decoys. In the second slot, you can take any shotgun, for example, EVA-8 Auto, to finish off the enemy if you fail to one-clip them. Besides the shotguns, Wingman (Mirage’s signature weapon) or assault rifles are also suitable for the second slot, so you aren’t helpless at medium-long distances.

Loadout examples:


This concludes the Apex Legends guide for Mirage. Of course, Mirage is one of the weakest Legends that needs a buff or even a rework, but he can still be fun to play and useful for the team. Moreover, he’s one of the most handsome and charming Apex Legends characters.

Share in the comments if you learned something new from this guide! And tell us which Legend would you like to read about next?

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