Apex Legends: What Future Holds

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Hidden riches of the game’s code exposed

With every new update drops, there is always some interesting stuff coming not only from the developers but from those, who find information covered inside the code. They manage to find a lot of new interesting things in the game’s files.

Remember, as it is not released yet, everything could change thousands of times so all the findings should be taken with a grain of salt.

The Heirloom

Firstly the heirloom discovered back in Season 10 is believed to be a Wattson Heirloom. We can only see it without textures but manages to show us some animations. There is also unique animation with a bird that is called internally “Bloodhound Cockatoo”.

Here they are:

The heirloom was removed from the game’s files with the season 11 start which usually happens with heirlooms that are ready to be released. So there are a lot of chances we get Wattson’s heirloom soon enough. It’s a good guess, that it might come alongside the collection event Raiders (codename Spacepirate) around December 7, according to GarretLeaks and hidden video in this Season playlist on Apex Legends’ Youtube channel.

A good guess of what is it comes from Rascaol, as according to her voice lines, Wattson has seen ghosts and was even attacked by one.

Maybe her heirloom connected somehow to that and the Psychokinetic Energy Meter or P.K.E. Meter (right side) from Ghostbusters is a reference for it?

Except we later uncovered that it was Wraith who met Wattson in the Singh Labs, Kings Canyon, according to Pasthifinder Quest lore book. Still, maybe young Natali made this device or somebody made it for her, so she could worry no more about any ghosts? We’ll find out soon enough, probably.

New Events New Skins

Instead of heirloom, the devs leaked a few other pieces of information in the game’s files. We were promised a pile of content this season, and it looks like the devs will keep their promise—let’s take a look at it. We got some info about upcoming skins and a glimpse of events that might await us.

By sorting all the skins by type we’ll see a clearer picture of what we most likely will get and how it’s going to be.

For now, there is no certainty, but it looks like Folklore will be a Thematic event, coming in the nearest future.

A big collection event that is internally called Spacepirate, we may see as Raiders later this season. We can see legendaries for 6 Legends (Valkyrie, Wattson, Wraith, Bloodhound, Revenant, and Pathfinder) and 6 weapons (including Alternator, care package weapon for now, recently added C.A.R., Flatline, Hemlok, beloved R-301, and Wingman), as well as two epic skins, for Ash and Seer, the last one presented here:

We also can see two skins standing out: legendary Bangalore called Gridiron and Pathfinder’s epic Magma. They might be tied to story events just like we had the Bloodhound Story Event last season. Interestingly enough, the codename of The Bangalore event—Gridiron—is the same as the planet, where, according to her story, the final battle of the Frontier War happened. It is also known to support at least one city, New Anchorage, and, more importantly, a Training Ground for IMC Pilots known as Training Ground Whitehead. As we know from (her story? fact check) Bangalore’s brother Jackson, that she trying to find (though she lost but later discovered that he might have survived) was an IMC Pilot. That leads us to believe we may see a kind of lore-centered event with her finding out more about her brother. Another interesting point is that Vinson Dynamics, famous as a weapon and Titan manufacturer, but better known as those, who rebuild Ash after the Battle of Typhon, is also known to have a facility on Gridiron. A captivating coincidence, isn’t it?

It looks like we should get a town takeover this season as well, and there are rumors that it’s might be Wattson taking over Antenna on Storm Point to turn it into kind of the repair station, but nothing more than guesses here to support the idea.

X-mas Coming

In terms of the usual Holo-day Bash it will most likely return with the collection event, and bring back the train on the Word’s Edge.

Source: Respawn

There are also some Anniversary skins. It’s might be a store event or the first drafts for the actual anniversary, which will take place at the end of the current season, or at the beginning of Season 12.

Apex Birthday

Data miners managed to find one of the skins with textures for Horizon. This epic skin has no name yet.

Recolors for Launch Skins Confirmed?

It was found that there will be two recolors for Valkrie’s Launch Bundle skin. There are no textures yet for any of them, but speculations are that the devs will choose something that is as far away as possible from the original orange and yellow. What are your guesses or desired colors?

Twitch Prime

Also, for those who have their Twitch prime active, there is a piece of nice news too: welcome the upcoming Twitch prime bundle Rose Gold for Loba, background for her, and matching R-99.

What are you most excited about or looking forward to? Would you get Wattson’s heirloom? Tell us your thoughts!

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