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Welcome to WowVendor, a reliable World of Warcraft carry service established in 2014. Our primary aim is to connect WoW players and time-tested skilled boosters. We offer a simple, but secure way to buy WoW carry raid runs and many other WoW boost for sale options.

We strive to meet each and every customer’s needs and base our work on three main principles: trust, comfort, and reasonable price. Your security is also of utmost importance to us. We accept secure Paypal online payments, use a VPN connection, and take all precautionary measures to ensure a safe carry for WoW players.

We are wow fans too, that’s why our key goal is to make your boosting experience smooth and enjoyable. The flexible options system allows you to customize your carry according to your needs and the intuitive website interface helps to place an order absolutely hassle-free.
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The answer is simple. You will be able to save tons of time and make the game more enjoyable. Let’s face it. Farming is a time-consuming and tedious activity. Since the early vanilla days, players have dreaded spending countless hours doing the same things over and over again to get pets, achievements, and mounts. Have you ever wondered how many hours you have wasted on farming over the years? Probably too much. Here at WowVendor, we don’t think it’s the best way of playing the game. That’s why we’ve started the professional WoW carry company to give you more time to play this game the way you want.

Raiding is one of the most exciting parts of WoW. Unfortunately, a mythic riad of barriers may get in your way of experiencing that activity. Good raiding guilds have strict joining requirements while raiders need to commit to a weekly schedule and have high ilvl gear. Besides, spending three nights a week playing the game and performing under pressure while raiding is another challenge for most WoW players. In their term, pug groups make petty demands, and often appear unreliable, not to speak of LFR.

In most cases, casual players miss out on raiding because of real-life commitments. We believe that everyone should have the chance to raid. Driven by that idea, we enable you to take advantage of our carry services. The raid carry in WoW is an easy way to feel like a part of a powerful guild and obtain the achievements that prove your success.

Raids in World of Warcraft are fun when you play your favorite role, class, and specialization. But what if your character has been nerfed, and now you have to keep your raid spot? Or are you playing a DPS/healer class but never get a chance to DPS because your guild is always short on healers? Be sure our WowVendor boosting team will never force you into an unwanted role. You can join our raid groups with any class and specialization you are currently playing.

You might also wonder how much is WoW boost. Never worry. As a dedicated WoW boost community, we strive to be reasonable in everything. Our prices are maximally affordable.


At WowVendor, you can find the widest range of WoW SL gameplay-boosting services, including raid boosts, powerleveling services, professional carries, covenant-specific boosts, legendary items for sale, autonomous farming, and much more. We have everything you need to start excelling at WoW Shadowlands without having to put all of your spare time into endless farming and waste one’s precious nerves during sleepless nights of farming and grinding. 


WoW can be too overwhelming for those who are starting out. There are so many ins and outs of the gameplay that newbies often get hopelessly confused. No worries here! Our WoW character boost sale will help you to level up in no time so you can start running the end-game content. Enjoy the high-level Shadowlands opportunities with our professional carries – get your character boosted to 60 level, farm Mythic dungeons to get 210+ full gear, or join the Castle Nathria loot run for getting BiS gear for your class!


Heroic and mythic raids take time and commitment. Why settle for LFR when you can complete the Castle Nathria raid in the most challenging mode and obtain the best Shadowlands gear? Or are you enthusiastic about defeating Sire Denathrius in Mythic mode and getting the prestigious Cutting Edge achievement? We are ready to assist you in completing any raid. Our WoW boost cost is flexible and depends on the options you pick.



Full Sepulcher of the First Ones,  clear on normal, heroic, and mythic difficulty, single bosses runs, achievement runs, mount runs, and loot runs. Get a full raid completion of normal, heroic, or mythic achievement, loot, and mount runs with the WoW SL boost capabilities we provide to totally conquer the new area.


Want to improve your arena rating or score more RBG wins? We know that reliable and skilled teammates aren’t easy to find. That’s why WowVendor has a special boost WoW service for PvP-related stuff. If you want to excel at PvP encounters at all times, we have seasoned players to assist you in every battle and have your back throughout your journey.


Arena coaching, 2v2 arena rating, 3v3 arena rating, RBG rating, RBG wins, and PvP mounts. You can also order powerleveling to get your character in an undefeatable shape and master PvP more than decently on your own.


Buy WoW boost at a cheap price and participate in Antorus the Burning Throne, Emerald Nightmare, Trial of Valor, Nighthold, and Tomb of Sargeras transmog runs are also held several times a week. Our WoW carry cost changes depending on the boosting method – self-played or account sharing. There are also 3 types of looting systems – Standard, Advanced, and Premium PL.


Up to 226 ilvl pieces of gear, Glory of the Shadowlands Hero achievement, Voracious Gorger mount, mythic+ boosts and dungeon runs, keystone WoW boosting for sale, and Keystone Master achievement for completing a dungeon on a Mythic +15 difficulty.


Take a look through the range of regular and exclusive products WowVendor offers to buy WoW SL legendary items of any shape and size at the touch of a button. You can buy both legendary weapons and armor, as well as perks for any class, and get them immediately applied for your character.


You can buy WoW boost for covenants to get the covenant-exclusive goodies without going far and reach the highest status as a covenant contributor cheap, without wasting months on end and tons of nerves. Beat the treacherous Torghast tower like a boss, collecting all the good stuff it has to offer. Get exclusive weapons, armor, and loads of other rewards effortlessly. Order covenant boosts to easily farm all the covenant-exclusive items, acquire unique abilities, and get prestigious achievements. 


Allied races boost, daily and world quests farm, power leveling to 60 level, 210+ ilvl full gear farm, C0venant Campaign boost, and Ready for War achievement. No need to waste your personal life away just to get that desired high-level stuff – we will help you reach level 60, handle world and daily quests farming, and get more achievements at a reasonable price.


Personalized WoW carries that are not part of our regular offers. You can also tailor WoW Shadowlands boost opportunities we offer to your particular needs and desires throughout the US server experience. We have a full-on WoW boosting community to help you get through any PvE or PvP challenge without any complications. Do you need any particular common or legendary item or perk? Just let us know what you need – we do custom enhancements for WoW Shadowlands legendary abilities for every aspect of your character. 

More than 500 experienced boosters are ready to assist players with any challenging PvE or PvP activity in the current Shadowlands patch. They know how to carry WoW boosts uneventfully and professionally.

WowVendor has managed to complete more than 225,000 successful orders at affordable WoW boost cost. Would you like to be the next one?

WowVendor offers extensive WoW carry service options with guaranteed:

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    WowVendor has over 15,000 positive reviews from some of the 105,000 satisfied customers under the belt;
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