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Greetings, adventurer! We are glad to welcome you here on WowVendor official website. Here you can find and configure a WoW boost perfectly suited for you, that will make your gaming experience on your US server much more enjoyable. Your presence here means we’re already looking forward to playing our favorite game together. But let’s start with a couple of words about us.


The WowVendor team consists of World of Warcraft players like you. We love this game with all our hearts. That’s why we decided to create WowVendor, a reliable provider of boosting WoW services. Gaming is usually full of fun and joy, but some people might find some in-game activities difficult or even boring.

Those activities are often related to desirable rewards or necessary requirements for achieving specific goals. WowVendor’s main aim is to help players get what they want most without putting much effort into it and wasting precious time. If you wish to get everything you want in your favorite game and avoid the constant grind — you’ve come to the right place. Our service offers you to buy WoW boost and forget about doing monotonous things multiple times.

We’ve been operating in the market since 2014. WowVendor has become a trusted provider of boosting services over the years in many popular games, including World of Warcraft. Thousands of loyal customers choose to play with us again and again and leave a lot of positive reviews. We’ve earned this loyalty because of the three key principles on which we base our work.


It’s fundamental for any relationship, regardless of whether it’s personal or professional. Our customers trust us when they buy WoW carries or other services because they’ll surely get the desired results in the shortest time possible. We value your trust and do everything to ensure customer satisfaction. Full commitment and aim for an actual result — that’s how the WowVendor team works.


Feeling comfortable is essential even when you dive into the contents of your favorite game with a team of professional boosters. We do our best to ensure all players who come to play with us experience only positive emotions during the process. Everyone loves playing video games — they are all about making people happy and bringing them joy.

When you buy something off our WoW boost sale, we guarantee you won’t have to go through long queues, time-consuming wipes, and energy-draining grind. Customer comfort is the top priority for WowVendor. Our goal is to make your playtime enjoyable and relaxing and help you get everything you wish for in the process.

In-game comfort is not the only side of this principle of our work. We want customers to have an easy way of initiating a collaboration with us. That’s why the website you’re currently on has an understandable, intuitive, and user-friendly interface. You won’t have any problems finding information on a topic you’re interested in or placing an order to buy WoW carry.


WowVendor provides paid services in World of Warcraft, and we are a dedicated community of people who love this game. And we like to share the joy it brings us with everyone. We would never want you to have unreasonable expenses, and you’ll find our prices completely affordable.


World of Warcraft is an extensive game. It offers various activities, and all players will likely find something they enjoy doing in Azeroth and beyond. We attempt to cover all the areas of the game, so there’s not a single thing you wouldn’t find among our WoW boosting services. Let’s look at everything the WowVendor team may help you with.


Raiding is probably the most challenging and time-consuming PvE feature of many MMORPGs, including World of Warcraft. Raiders usually need to have some good gear and dedicate much time and effort to succeed in raids. Going through these high-level instances might be repetitive and monotonous since you don’t always get the desired items with the first drop.

If you buy WoW runs off the website, raiding becomes much easier and less exhausting. WowVendor’s professional boosters have all the necessary skills and experience to run through any of the game’s raids. If you choose a self-played option for raid boosting, you can be sure your hired teammates have acquired all the required knowledge of in-raid mechanics. Expect the fastest runs without wipes or excessive waste of time.

Do you wish to order a World of Warcraft boost but cannot or don’t want to play yourself for some reason? You needn’t worry. We provide an account-sharing option for boosting services. One of our skilled boosters will team up with the others while playing on your account. Imagine chilling at home, hanging out, or doing whatever while powerful items, cool mounts, and other things are being farmed for your character.

We understand the importance of raiding in the game, so we cover everything related to this field of content in the services we provide. When you buy World of Warcraft boosting, you might choose whatever raid difficulty you need — Normal, Heroic, or Mythic. We also don’t force you to play a particular class or specialization — our team will adjust to the specificities of your character.

Every time a new raid opens, our boosters instantly go exploring it. The purpose is to learn the mechanics as fast as possible and get the necessary practice. We only provide high-quality World of Warcraft carries, so the boosters in WowVendor always keep up with the times. If there’s a raid already opened — we are ready to help you run through it.


Player-versus-Player content has always been a significant part of different MMORPG projects, and WoW is no exception. Many players like to test their skills and improve them by facing others in PvP battles. But climbing up the ranking ladder might be challenging enough. That’s why sometimes it’s easier to order WoW boost services.

The services we provide in the field of PvP cover practically all of its aspects. Need to increase your Battlegrounds rating or get some more RBG wins? That’s easily arranged. Like playing 2×2 or 3×3 Arena but want to compete in higher ranking brackets? Not a problem — our team will boost your Arena rating up to the desired number.

Player-versus-Player is not only about increasing your rating. PvP activities in World of Warcraft give you some cool things like achievements or mounts. WoW boosting might considerably help if you do not want to engage in PvP but still wish to get the rewards it offers. Once you’ve placed an order, you won’t have to worry about doing something you don’t like — leave it to our professional boosters.


Mythic+ is another form of PvE content introduced to WoW several years ago. Players challenge common instances at higher difficulties using Keystones obtained from Mythic dungeons. You can buy World of Warcraft carry off this website to run through such instances quickly.

The Mythic+ system has been a significant adjustment to the game. It provides you with gear close in quality to that of raids. It’s possible to equip your character without attending raiding content, and you’ll still be quite powerful. WoW expansions usually have many more dungeons than raids, meaning Mythic+ players have a large variety of options. Our team offers WoW gear boost for those dungeons and will be happy to help you go through them

Those instances will give you a considerable challenge. The higher level the Keystone has, the more powerful mobs you’ll face there. The enemies in Mythic+ have various affixes, strengthening them significantly and giving them unique effects. Common dungeons are not as challenging as raids, but using a high-level Keystone inside will make an instance equal in difficulty. That’s why we recommend using our WoW carry services to run through Mythic+ and get the corresponding gear and achievements.


Many in-game activities are only available once you’ve reached the level cap (level 70 in Dragonflight). Leveling your character up for the first time is a unique experience which that few players would give away. You get acquainted with the game’s features, dive into its lore, and evaluate it from the inside. But there are still reasons you’d want to buy WoW boosts for powerleveling.

Experienced players who need to get one more character leveled up may not want to spend time on that. Doing the same quests and going through the same locations might make some people bored and even lose interest in the game. What can you do in such situations when you wish to level up fast but don’t want to waste your time farming experience?

WowVendor offers the powerleveling WoW boost in Dragonflight and frees you from such problems. You do whatever while your character gets leveled up, and you don’t have to put any effort into that. We take everything into our hands via account-sharing. WowVendor’s professional boosters only use the most effective powerleveling techniques. Any character of your choosing will get the level cap in no time, so you can enjoy playing it as fast as possible.


Most players prefer to go to the current expansion raids to get good equipment, achievements, mounts, and more. But the old raids also offer much as you may farm various set pieces there to get a decent transmog for your character. That’s why we offer WoW carries in this field, as well.

Bosses in all raids in World of Warcraft, including those of the old expansions, drop pieces of unique sets of equipment. The only way to obtain any of those sets is to farm the corresponding raid until you get all the pieces. The oldest expansions’ raids can be cleared solo in most cases, but it still might seem boring and monotonous. It’s highly unlikely to get the entire set after a single run, so you’ll have to spend a few weeks.

It’s much more challenging to clear the raids of the latest expansions, so there’s even more reason to buy WoW runs through the old raids off our website. You probably won’t be able to go through the Shadowlands raids such as Sepulcher of the First Ones alone, even when you’ve reached level 70 in Dragonflight. And finding a good team for transmog runs is sometimes difficult since most people prefer the current raids. Teaming up with our professional boosters might be a perfect solution for you.


There are tons of achievements in World of Warcraft. Some of them are quite difficult to obtain. If you’re struggling with those, you can make the process easier by buying our WoW services. It warms one’s heart when they see many completed hard-to-get achievements on their account. And the WowVendor team will be more than happy to help you.

Some of the most popular and probably the most challenging achievements are those of the “Glory of the Raider” type. They’re usually bound to almost every raid in the game. Glory consists of several separate achievements which imply defeating each of the raid bosses by a certain method or complying with some unique conditions. Completing the Glory achievements is one of the WoW paid services you can find here.

Other services we provide involve those achievements leading to some special features. They unlock Allied Races or give you permission to fly in particular zones. Those are often associated with a lot of grind and take much time to complete. If you’re not willing to waste time yourself or don’t have it, you can buy WoW character boost off this website and simplify the process.


World of Warcraft can seem like quite a complex MMORPG because of many in-game nuances and challenging mechanics. It won’t be easy for anyone to defeat a raid boss after the first try or become a top-rank legend in the Arena. It’ll also take much time and effort to master your class or a particular specialization, whether you do it for PvE or PvP purposes.

Coaching services our WoW boosting community offers help you save precious hours and become more proficient in the game much faster. Whether you need to learn something about the mechanics in a specific raid or master your spec — you can count on us. A professional coach will be assigned to you, ready to answer any questions and help understand the game better.

Say you have troubles with the mechanics of some bosses in a particular raid. WowVendor offers you to buy WoW services for coaching and assigns a professional coach to you. The coach will go through the raid with you. They will explain everything related to the instance and give tips on how to defeat each boss and what to do during each encounter. It’s guaranteed you’ll learn a lot about whatever it is you’re interested in.

Don’t need to or don’t want to play with a coach but still have some questions to be answered? Not a problem. You may order a consulting session with a professional WoW booster who’ll be your coach. You’ll have an opportunity to ask any questions regarding mechanics, in-game features, class and spec specificities, and more.


WowVendor provides a large variety of services. But there might be a chance a customer may not find what they’re looking for among those offers. Worry not — we’re always ready to satisfy any of your needs. You can request custom services via the Service Request button on the website’s main page.

Imagine you need to buy a WoW carry of a kind you couldn’t find among the offered options. Find the Service Request option and enter some information. It includes the region, contacts and the preferred contact method, and the description of your request. Once it’s been sent, our team will review the request and get back to you shortly. We promise we’ll find a way to help, whatever it is you need.


WowVendor is a trusted provider of cheap WoW boost services with more than 8 years of experience. You won’t regret working with us, and here’s why.

  • High level of customer satisfaction. We always care about our customers and do everything in our power to make them happy. There are more than 20,000 5-star reviews on with an average rating of 4.9.
  • Payment security and account safety. The WowVendor team takes all the necessary measures to ensure safe money transactions. And you can rest assured nothing bad will happen to your account when you buy a WoW account boost.
  • High-quality service and guaranteed results achieved timely. Over 500 skilled and time-tested boosters present the professional team of WowVendor. We value your trust and never give up the work until it’s 100% completed and the customer is fully satisfied.
  • Reasonable prices. Our main goal is to help players worldwide reach what they desire in their favorite games and enjoy them to the fullest. Our prices will be a pleasant surprise to you, and you’ll find them quite affordable. Many of our services go with a discount from time to time, so you may get something like a WoW character boost on sale.
  • Simple interactions and round-the-clock support. The website’s interface is quite user-friendly, and it’s unlikely you can get lost here. Our support team is active all the time, ready to assist you 24/7.

We’re grateful to everyone who chooses us for boosting — we highly appreciate your trust. WowVendor is happy to welcome all new customers into the community. We hope you’ve found useful information on this page and can’t wait to work together. Now you may go get your WoW Dragonflight carry and dive into the content of one of the best MMORPGs in history! WowVendor will be right here by your side, helping you achieve everything you dream of in World of Warcraft.

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