World of Warcraft is an epic MMORPG, which is considered to be the world’s most popular game in its genre. Millions of players all over the world love WoW’s fantasy universe, and the devs never stop working on making it even more entertaining, adding brand-new or reprised content all the time. With the Burning Crusade having set the tone, Blizzard keeps recreating the game’s original expansions, and now we are blessed to finally welcome a revamped version of the beloved Lich King addon. 

To explore everything the expansion has in store, you need to take your character to the highest level. That’s why we’re here with our best WoW Classic leveling boost offers to help you level up and access all the Lich King content with no limits at all.  

Leveling Up In Lich King

Leveling is one of the most integral parts of almost any video game, and WoW is no exception. 

Some of the game’s content is locked behind rigorous level requirements, not to mention all of the high-end gear you can equip only if your character is leveled up enough. Levels also affect your stats and overall performance. Progressing as a class and developing certain professional skills is impossible without proper character leveling, so if you aspire to uncover the full potential of your character, you will need to max out as soon as possible.

With the level cap raised to 80 in the Lich King expansion, there are ten more levels for you to climb, considering you’ve already hit the Burning Crusade’s max. Reaching 80 is indeed a tough challenge, but it’s absolutely necessary if you want to access the endgame and explore all of the Lich King playable content.

So, what are the best methods to stick to when it comes to WotLK powerleveling?

  • Quests

In the finest MMO tradition, WoW is rich in all kinds of quests. Some are designed to push the story forward, while others are less plot-driven and made mostly for fun, but the thing that all questlines have in common is XP gains. Completing quests is one of the most solid methods of earning those points; a pretty optimal way, in fact, in terms of how much resources you invest and what you get in return. While questing, you’re not limited in time and are free to start or finish whenever you’re ready. What’s more, most quests do not require a team, which is perfect for solo players. Soloing even proves to be more profitable because you don’t have to share all the earned XP with your party. All in all, questing is a solid and well-tested WoW Classic powerleveling method that doesn’t demand much of you but rewards quite a lot for all your effort.

  • Dungeons

Dungeoning is by far the most rewarding way to get the XP in the game. However, it’s also the most demanding one. First off, you’re going to need a team. You can’t just quickly go in and out solo. A five-player group is a must; without it, you’re simply not allowed into any dungeon. XP gains here are massive, but you might have a tough time earning those points, as dungeons are not the easiest WoW content to beat. Dungeon item drops are better than those in quests, but getting them is significantly harder. Since you’re a part of a team, you cannot just run around doing whatever you want whenever you want. Everybody has a job to do, not to mention that dungeons are timed, so free scheduling and the relaxed approach are not going to work here.

On the bright side, all dungeons are completely re-runnable, meaning you can do them as many times as you wish, still getting XP and rewards if successful. However, this element of repetitiveness might become a problem. Doing the same thing over and over again is tiring and boring, so your dungeon runs might turn into an arduous routine really soon.

  • Mobs

Mob-grinding is the easiest leveling method out of those that require at least some involvement from a player, so the WotLK character level boost option doesn’t count. It’s not going to shower you with XP since its effectiveness is pretty low, but if you don’t feel like questing or dungeoning, grinding mobs will do just fine. No team and no preparations are needed: you just go into a zone and start running around slaying every mob that comes your way. Not only does it earn you XP but also drops items and rep points. With minimal effort, you can kill two or even three birds with one stone.

  • Boosting

This is by far the fastest and most effective way of leveling. The only thing you need to do is choose the best WoW Classic power leveling service and temporarily share your account with a pro player who will perform the boost. Depending on the leveling package you choose, you’ll have to wait from a couple of hours to a couple of days to have your character all leveled up and ready to take on Lich King challenges. 

Why Boosting Is The Best Leveling Method?

So, why do you need a WoW Classic power leveling service if there are a bunch of other ways to earn XP? 

At first, leveling up is pretty fun and relaxing. If you start off with a freshly-created character, you won’t even notice the first twenty or so levels passing. But the more you progress, the harder it gets to earn that XP. Unlocking new zones, activities, and gear will take more and more time and dedication, and you might eventually end up feeling that playing WoW has become tiresome and annoying.

Of course, all these level limitations are introduced to keep up your interest and to always give you a goal to chase. However, when you’re stuck at one level for what seems like forever and your gaming sessions turn into a boring grind-fest, the game loses its charm and becomes downright frustrating.

If you are tired of the endless grind, if you want to forget about slow leveling and simply enjoy the game, then WowVendor WotLK power leveling service is exactly what you need. Don’t waste time re-running the all-familiar activities just to gain that XP. Jump straight to the endgame and get access to every bit of content without any trouble! No more closed doors, no more locked instances and territories. If you buy WotLK power leveling from us, your character will fly up to the very top of that lvl ladder before you can even notice. And that’s not all! Apart from the leveling itself, you’ll gain a lot of materials and useful gear pieces for your further in-game progress, as every item looted throughout your leveling boost will be left on your character. You’re also free to choose the exact number of levels you want us to farm, from a quick WotLK XP boost to a full 1-80 leveling package. Here at WowVendor, we always make sure you get everything you want, fast and easy.

Boost Yourself Up To The Level Cap With WowVendor

WowVendor offers the widest range of services, including fast Lich King leveling for all players, no matter if you are a WoW veteran or just starting to explore the game.

Having a huge pro player base, we work with only the most experienced and skilled WoW experts, and that’s why we guarantee fantastic results and the highest quality of service. Any WotLK level boost we provide is completely handmade: we do not allow any cheating devices or software. Every order you make at WowVendor is perfectly safe: we take security matters very seriously, protecting all online transactions and always VPN-accessing our customers’ accounts to match their location. We also have some of the lowest prices on the market: our cheap WotLK power leveling offers start at only $13!

Of course, the whole leveling journey can be handled by playing solo or teaming up with friends, but do you really want to rack your brains looking for all those new XP sources? Do you want to spend so much time on the grind, limiting your gaming experience to the same repeated activities? It is faster and much easier to just order a WotLK Classic level boost and hire a pro player who will level you up and help you unlock limitless in-game possibilities. 

If you are in search of fast and reliable yet not overpriced boosting, then look no further! WowVendor is exactly where you need to be if you want to buy WotLK Classic powerlevel boosts. We guarantee an absolutely stress-free way to earn XP, helping you save time and forget about the unwanted routine for good. Leveling has never been so easy! Hit that level cap like a pro and discover all the endgame miracles with WowVendor. We will do our best to make your WoW dreams come true.

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Mythic Raid ilvl 482 => 499
Had trouble with Cyclone boss, but otherwise it ran very well. Got 5 pieces of gear and 1 upgrade from Parting glass vendor.
Raid rules.
The raid was handled quickly as to the rules that were laid out at the beginning of the raid. Bosses were killed quickly. Nice way to gear up an alt for a person in an inactive guild.
Super Duper A+++
Super Duper A+++
Can't beat the service
Can't beat the service. They seem to always deliver. Thats why I use them.
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We run so easy crotas end it was awsome to play with them. Just take youre time for waiting to start theyre realy hard working.
Smooth and easy run of a awakened…
Smooth and easy run of a awakened heroic Vault
Incredibly efficient
Incredibly efficient. Superb comms and delivered as promised. Never let me down would recommend.
Good service just takes a while
Good service just takes a while
They pretty much completed everything…
They pretty much completed everything within 2 weeks which for the three days orders I placed was awesome. Great service as always.
Very good job guys 👍 definitely coming…
Very good job guys 👍 definitely coming back 😁
Amazing service PANTHEON
Amazing service! Had my doubts at the beginning if it was truly legit and trustworthy and they totally are! I had the stream package so I could watch whats happening and they obliterated every encounter only took them 45 minutes with the platinum score! Will surely use again when work prevents me from playing much!
Great run
Great run! Highly recommend.
Flawless as always
Flawless as always. Great customer service! The Best services I ever dealt with.
Excellent job!
Excellent job!! I would have never gotten it done by myself I recommend for anybody who needs a little help
Great team easy and well executed
Great team easy and well executed
Great communication and was able to…
Great communication and was able to work with my varying schedule. Run was quick and efficient as always.
On time and always deliver
On time and always deliver! As always great service for great price. Communication is great for the run. Fast and efficient too
Great! Nice and easy
Another fast and efficient run. Thanks
Same as always good
Same as always good communication. Everything done quick and smooth very Happy. Thanks
Quick efficient run
Quick efficient run. Zero Drama.
Fast, efficient and flexible!
Fast, efficient and flexible on scheduling!
Services Completed Timely
I ordered a Trial of Osiris boost and it was completed very quickly!
Good times
Easy and professional.

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