WoW Player Used AI to Generate Voice-Acted Quest Text

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A WoW fan has used AI to show the community what it would be like if the quests were fully voice-acted.

Olamika posted their creation on Reddit. With the help of Elevenlabs Prime Voice AI, they managed to provide a glimpse of what WoW could look like with every quest narrated. In the video, two Blood Elf quest-givers in Eversong Woods were given AI-generated voices. Instead of white text on opaque black background, you are now actually able to listen to what they say.

There are opinions about how their tones lack the naturalness and conviction of a professional voice actor. They also noted the absence of the distinct Blood Elves accent and occasional overlap with in-game voice lines. But it’s important to remember that this is the work of a non-professional. Yet, the quality of the generated voices is surprisingly good, with no discernible robotic tone. Just imagine what it would be like if a giant like Blizzard stepped in and did the job.

The original post on Reddit was removed. But luckily, YouTube is at our rescue. Thus, we’ll leave it up to you to listen and evaluate for yourself.

Implementing voice-acting to each and every quest in the game could provide a significant boost to immersion. Players’ connection with the in-game characters will undoubtedly deepen even more. However, adding voice-acting to all pre-existing quests would require an enormous amount of work. But with what Olamika managed to achieve with Elevenlabs, who knows? One may only speculate on the possibility of what video games could become in the near future.

AI is taking the world by storm with its seemingly limitless potential and the controversy surrounding it. The concerns stem from instances where people have overused AI, resulting in jarring outcomes. From art to creative writing and even impersonating, AI did it all. Yet, despite the controversy, they have shown exceptional proficiency if used correctly as an assistant.

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