Top 8 Easiest Specs to Play in WoW Dragonflight Season 4

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Greetings, heroes of Azeroth! Welcome to our guide, dedicated to the easiest specs to play in WoW Dragonflight Season 4. 

Easiest Specs to Play in WoW Dragonflight Season 4

When you first start playing WoW, you might wonder which class is the most relaxing and easiest to play in WoW Dragonflight Season 4. In reality, these factors mainly depend on your playstyle preferences. You might be a novice who wants to delve into this world so you can handle every challenge without trouble. But you may also be a skilled player who does not want to learn a lot and wants to spend some time doing PvE content after a tough day at work. 

In either case, considering the community opinion and the WoW classes’ performance in Season 4, we have made this guide so you can choose what works best for you. High durability, survivability, simple damage rotation, and maximum potential in PvE activities have become our criteria for assessing every spec mentioned below. 

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Easiest Specs to Play in WoW Dragonflight Season 4: Healers

Restoration Shaman

Easiest Specs to Play in WoW Dragonflight Season 4: Restoration Shaman

Restoration Shaman is one of the best and easiest specs to play in WoW Dragonflight Season 4, and here is why. First and foremost, all Shamans are mobile, and Resto ones are no exception. With talents like Gust of Wind and the ability to shapeshift into a Ghost Wolf, you can swiftly navigate through dangerous situations and cover significant distances while still being able to heal on the move, thanks to the Spiritwalker’s Grace talent. 

Instead of preparing heals in advance, Resto Shamans respond to damage in real time by alternating between Chain Heal and Healing Surge. This approach allows them to adapt quickly to changing conditions in the game.

Besides, their toolkit consists of many solid cooldowns and life-saving abilities. For instance, the strategic use of the Earth Shield spell can protect your tank and amplify the healing received. Also, when tactically placed, Healing Rain provides healing to up to 6 teammates within its range. As for other strong cooldowns with a longer recharge, Spirit Link Totem allows Resto Shamans to reduce all damage their party members took by 10%. Plus, Healing Tide Totem can be a great help if your teammates take lots of damage and need your help immediately. 

Have you bitten the dust in a raid, or are your teammates about to die? No worries, the Reincarnation spell, and the Ancestral Protection Totem are at your service, but use them wisely. Or, no soul is nearby, but you are in a pretty pickle? Summon Earth Elemental to protect you.

Thanks to the Healing Rain talent, Resto Shamans can attack enemies with Acid Rain. Also, they cast Lightning Bolts or Chain Lightning depending on the number of enemies and use instant Lava Burst procs as fillers. This reactive healing approach makes contributing to damage output less disruptive, which is why Resto Shamans are popular among players.

While mastering this spec involves using Chain Heal and Healing Surge, utilizing Tidal Waves effectively, and strategically including Riptide for mana efficiency, Resto Shamans are still beginner-friendly. This spec is your choice if you seek a healer with significant damage impact, simple rotation, and intuitive and reactive healing abilities.

Holy Priest

Easiest Specs to Play in WoW Dragonflight Season 4: Holy Priest

Like Restoration Shamans, Holy Priests are one of the easiest specs to play in WoW Dragonflight Season 4, making them a perfect choice for those new to healing and eager to embrace this role. These guys have an advantage in simultaneously delivering powerful and quick healing to one or two players, thanks to the Lightweaver talent or Prayer of Healing spell.

As a Holy Priest, you may encounter challenges when your teammates scatter. The Angelic Feather talent assists in such cases, letting you quickly move around the battlefield and keep pace with others. Also, if one of the group members has gotten stuck somewhere, you can use Leap of Faith to move them directly in front of you.

Dying during a battle is not the end of your journey, although it is a disenchanting experience. When it happens, the Spirit of Redemption will briefly allow you to heal after your death. Besides there is a similar spell called Guardian Spirit. When cast on a party member, it will resurrect them with 40% health after their death. Pretty cool, right?

As noted earlier, this spec is less mobile than Restoration Shaman’s. But, with powerful cooldowns like Divine Hymn and Holy Word: Salvation, the Holy Priest counterbalances its flaws and becomes a highly sought-after addition to any PvE activity.

Even though there were no changes in Patch 10.2.7, Blizzard reworked Holy Priests in Patch 10.2.6, greatly improving their performance in healing. Most players say that Holy Priests are ‘Old School-style’ healers due to their simple and beginner-friendly rotation, and it is true. So, feel free to experiment and choose this spec as your main one in Season 4.

Easiest Specs to Play in WoW Dragonflight Season 4: Tanks

Guardian Druid

Easiest Specs to Play in WoW Dragonflight Season 4: Guardian Druid

If you read these sentences, you might be curious why so many skilled players recommend trying out the Guardian Druid if you are a novice in tanking. There are multiple reasons why this happens, and here is why. 

Guardians are among the best and easiest specs to play in WoW Dragonflight Season 4 due to their wide range of defensive abilities, cooldowns, and straightforward builder-spender rotation. They have access to Remove Corruption, which allows them to dispel poisons or curses like Trapped in Stone from the Earthen Warder in Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr. 

Plus, they possess Innervate, a massive Guardian cooldown, which allows healers to cast without spending mana, and Stampeding Roar, which is also a great help when a team-wide sprint is required. Rebirth is also in their arsenal of tremendously helpful spells, allowing Guardian Druids to resurrect healers or their fellow tank. 

It is true that all Druids, especially Guardian ones, are highly mobile and flexible. Due to the overall ability to shapeshift into animal forms and such spells as Feline Swiftness or Tiger Dash, you can evade various dangerous situations by quickly traversing vast battleground expanses.  Guardians are also innately tanky due to their high health pool and Armor from Bear Form, making it significantly easier to take damage passively. 

As a tank whose highest priority is protecting your allies, Ironfur and Improved Barkskin will help you increase your Armor and mitigate the physical damage taken in combat. Plus, such talents as Killer Instinct and Nurturing Instinct increase your magical and physical damage, making you highly durable. Self-healing spells and talents like Renewal and Frenzied Regeneration will also be a great help, allowing you to stay in the fight longer and support your healer.

In the latest Patch 10.2.7, Blizzard did not make any changes, so Guardian Druid is still a good choice if you want to try tanking without needing to learn a lot of overwhelming information.

Protection Paladin

Easiest Specs to Play in WoW Dragonflight Season 4: Protection Paladin

Protection Paladin is another decent candidate, as it is one of the easiest specs to play in WoW Dragonflight Season 4. Its playstyle offers utility and healing while using various damage-reduction abilities to ensure survival. Starting with Sentinel for damage mitigation and having access to significant damage reductions like Guardian of Ancient Kings or Eye of Tyr, these guys can effectively support themselves in combat.

Prot Paladins must consistently use Shield of the Righteous, stand in Consecration for damage reduction, and consume Word of Glory procs every three uses of the Shield. Additionally, they have Divine Shield with a built-in taunt and cheat-death mechanic with Guardian of the Ancient Kings.

Also, they have one of the easiest rotations in tanking. Prot Paladins utilize their abilities immediately when they are off cooldown while keeping Consecration active. Plus, they spend Holy Power on Shield of the Righteous between Blade of Justice and Avenger’s Shield

Protection Paladins are good at mob control, especially in dungeons like Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr, where they can effectively interrupt Geomancers using Avenger’s Shield and Divine Toll. Also, they can stun single targets with Hammer of Justice and utilize AoE crowd control with Blinding Light every 1.5 minutes. 

Besides, these guys have the most active and versatile team utility toolkit of all the tank classes, allowing them to save their team from harm. For example, Lay on Hands can fully heal their teammate, while Blessing of Sacrifice transfers damage from the target to the Paladin. Blessing of Spellwarding and Blessing of Protection provide immunity to magical and physical damage, respectively, while Blessing of Freedom removes and prevents movement-impairing effects. 

Regarding managing aggro, Prot Paladins use Sentinel or Ardent Defender to attract enemies. If Sentinel is unavailable, they rely on Avenger’s Shield, then follow up with Consecration and Divine Toll to maintain aggro. Although this process is simple, nuances include managing initial damage input without enough Holy Power for Shield of the Righteous and staying within Consecration while in combat.

Overall, the rotation is simple due to its predictability. Once mastered, you can maximize your spec and become a skilled player in PvE content. If you seek a tank with great self-healing abilities and survivability, the Protection Paladin is the ideal choice. 

Easiest Specs to Play in WoW Dragonflight Season 4: Ranged DPS

Beast Mastery Hunter

Easiest Specs to Play in WoW Dragonflight Season 4: Beast Mastery Hunter

Beast Mastery Hunter is still one of the most flexible and easiest specs to play in WoW Dragonflight Season 4. Why, you ask? The reason for this is Beast Mastery’s ability to perform its rotation while on the move. It is an enjoyable aspect of playing this spec, as it is an enticing way to deal with any PvE mechanic without ever having to stop. 

As a BM Hunter, you are reliant on your pets. Of course, you have defensive spells such as Exhilaration, which allows you to heal yourself, and Aspect of the Turtle, which reduces all damage you take for 8 seconds. Still, keeping an eye on your little friends’ health during combat is essential, as well as ensuring they are healed to avoid excessive damage and prevent enemies from targeting you. 

During your journey, the only issue you may encounter is that your pets might get stuck or accidentally attract enemies, causing them to follow you. If this happens, you can use the Feign Death ability to pretend you are dead and become safe again. 

As for other life-saving utilities, BM Hunters possess the Aspect of the Cheetah and Freezing Trap abilities. Due to them, you increase your movement speed and freeze enemies for some time to escape dangerous fights quickly.

In summary, your rotation consists of using Cobra Shot with Kill Command. Plus, you must cast Barbed Shot to keep your pet’s Frenzy buff up and use your 1,5-minute cooldown called Bestial Wrath. Everything is simple!

The WoW community adores BM Hunters for their high damage, defensive cooldowns, and beginner-friendly rotation. This is why so many players recommend them whenever someone is looking for the easiest spec to play in WoW Dragonflight Season 4. So, go ahead and give them a try, as they are really fun and relaxing to play.

Destruction Warlock

Easiest Specs to Play in WoW Dragonflight Season 4: Destruction Warlock

Destruction Warlock is one of the easiest specs to play in WoW Dragonflight Season 4, excelling at dealing devastating damage due to their strong abilities. The main idea of Destro Warlock’s rotation is that you must gain Soul Shards fragments and spend them on Chaos Bolt or Rain of Fire to attack a single target or multiple ones. 

As we said, everything is simple, and thanks to the Cataclysm talent, it is easy to apply damage over time to multiple enemies in larger pulls. So, if you are looking for a ranged caster class with simple rotation but acceptable damage, Destro Warlock is your choice.

Destruction Warlocks have less crowd control than other ranged classes,  which means they have fewer responsibilities. Despite this, they have such high utility spells as Soulstone, which allows them to resurrect fallen teammates, or Healthstone, which will enable allies to restore 25% of their health.

Anyway, an additional understanding of how and when to use Shadowfury, a crowd-control talent, becomes challenging, as it requires a cast time. So, keeping an eye on enemy cooldowns to interrupt important spells is crucial.

Currently, Destruction Warlocks perform incredibly well. Due to Havoc, their cleave damage potential makes them one of the most formidable specs in the game. Although their single target damage was once considered a weakness, Season 4 boss fights provide tons of funnel to boost Destro’s single target damage. 

With added buffs to Chaos BoltConflagrate, and IncinerateDestruction Warlock has genuinely become a challenging opponent in Dragonflight Season 4. Plus, the spec’s rotation is quite beginner-friendly, so it is time you made up your mind.

Easiest Specs to Play in WoW Dragonflight Season 4: Melee DPS

Retribution Paladin

Easiest Specs to Play in WoW Dragonflight Season 4: Retribution Paladin

Retribution Paladin has long been a popular choice for players seeking an easy-to-master melee DPS class in PvE. Its greatest strength lies in its defensive solid capabilities like Divine Protection and Shield of Vengeance, allowing it to survive damage that would typically be fatal for most other DPS specs. Also, even though it is a melee spec, all Ret Paladins have plenty of abilities they can use from afar, such as Judgment and Hammer of Justice. This is why the community calls it semi-hybrid.

Ret Paladin’s legendary Divine Shield, also known as Bubble, makes you immune to all damage, knockbacks, and harmful effects for 8 seconds, turning you into a godlike warrior. Also, you can cast the Bubble-like Blessing of Protection spell on an ally, giving them immunity to physical damage and harmful effects for 10 seconds. It has life-saving potential and a 5-minute cooldown, so use it wisely!

As a Retribution Paladin, you do not have a fixed rotation of abilities. Instead, focus on using high-priority Holy Power generators like Crusader StrikeBlade of Justice, or Judgment as frequently as possible. Be sure to utilize Holy Power spenders like the single-target spell Templar’s Verdict or the Divine Storm spell used for AoE before you have too much Holy Power. Also, cooldowns like Avenging Wrath or Crusade should be used at the right moment to maximize their effectiveness.

When it comes to invaluable utility skills for raids and Mythic+ dungeons, you have a wide array at your disposal. For instance, you can utilize Lay on Hands to heal your tank or healer when they are on the brink of death, restoring an amount of health equal to your maximum. Has your teammate been stuck somewhere? No worries, the Blessing of Freedom spell is always in your arsenal to remove slowing and rooting effects.

In Season 4, Retribution Paladins are performing well. This spec has always been a balanced mix of survivability and durability, and its popularity among players proves this fact. With strong defensive abilities, excellent group utility, decent damage output, and a beginner-friendly rotation, Ret Paladins are formidable opponents who bring tremendous value to any PvE content.

Fury Warrior

Easiest Specs to Play in WoW Dragonflight Season 4: Fury Warrior

Fury Warrior is an excellent choice for beginners thanks to global cooldown gameplay with a streamlined 2 or 3-button rotation. Dealing damage is also quite simple, as you must generate Rage and spend it on Rampage to maintain your Enrage, which increases your haste, movement speed, and damage done. 

The main goal of this rotation is to maximize Rage generation by casting abilities repeatedly, allowing for the more regular use of Rampage and, thus, increasing Enrage uptime. That’s it.

These guys also possess robust defensive capabilities. For example, the Enraged Regeneration talent reduces the damage you have taken, making Bloodthirst restore an extra 20% of your health. Usually, Fury Warriors are in Berserker Stance, which increases the damage caused by their auto-attacks. But if they need to reduce the damage they take, the Defensive Stance talent is in their arsenal, which also helps them increase the damage they deal.

High mobility is another reason why players love Fury Warriors. Thanks to Intervene and Heroic Leap, you can easily cross long distances from one point to another. Plus, Fury Warriors have access to powerful talents such as Victory Rush, allowing you to simultaneously cause damage and heal yourself for 10% of your maximum health.

As a passively tanky class, Fury Warrior players can devote more time to general PvE activities, such as using interrupts and stops. For more advanced players, knowing when and where to use Spell Reflection is essential. This talent has lots of depth, ranging from simple damage reduction to being a practical damage button.

Overall, Fury Warriors are renowned for their Rallying Cry defensive cooldown and self-healing abilities. Also, their simple rotation makes it easy for newbies and skilled players to play in Dragonflight Season 4.


We hope you have found this guide informative and helpful. It’s essential to consider your preferred playstyle when deciding on the simplest specialization to play. For example, someone might choose Resto Shaman over Holy Priest simply because they prefer smoother gameplay, and vice versa.

Plus, every class and spec comes with its challenges when partaking in raids and Mythic+ dungeons. If you are a casual player focusing on something other than high-level content, you can select one of the easiest specs to play in WoW Dragonflight Season 4 that best suits you and start your journey.

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