WoW Warden Sets: Fans Express Frustration with Time-Consuming Unlock Requirements

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The WoW community is disappointed over the requirements to unlock the much-anticipated Warden sets from the Trading Post. The recently revealed method of obtaining them involves earning the Trading Post Enthusiast achievement. It requires players to collect the free monthly currency from the Trading Post 12 times. Thus, they must spend at least a year to finish the process. After eagerly anticipating the transmog’s release for a long time, fans are more than underwhelmed.

The lengthy process has sparked frustration in the community. Many have taken to social media to express their thoughts. Some stated they preferred a challenging grind to a simple but time-consuming task. They have also pointed out that the unlock conditions are less engaging and less rewarding than other methods of obtaining cosmetic items in the game. It’s in stark contrast to the well-made Blood Elf Heritage Armor quest.

Another issue is many fans are not pleased that characters of every race can don the Warden Sets. After all, they hold special meaning with the Night Elf race. Because lorewise, only they wear this kind of armor.

Despite the backlash, Blizzard will unlikely change the requirements for earning the armor. After all, Patch 10.0.5 is already here. There has yet to be anything to suggest the developers’ work on the matter.

It’s worth noting that players are not required to collect the currency consecutively. They can still earn the achievement if they miss a month. As long as players visit the Trading Post to collect the Trader’s Tender, they will be able to gain the currency over time.

The Trading Post goes live on February 1. If you are interested in obtaining the Warden transmog sets, make sure to pay it a visit.

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