A List of All Transferable Currencies in The War Within

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Blizzard decided to make it simpler to exchange currency between Warband characters. Here, you’ll find a list of all transferable currencies in The War Within at the moment.

A List of All Transferable Currencies in The War Within

Instead of complicating matters with Warband-wide currency, Blizzard has opted for a simpler solution. Now, players can directly transfer shareable currency between their Warband characters using the game’s UI.

This eliminates the need to purchase special items or resort to mailing currency. But not everything is all sunshine and rainbow. This transferring method also comes with a slight loss in value:

“There may be some cases in which a currency is earned on a character with the intent that the character will be the primary user of the currency, but where we want to allow players to shift any excess currency to an alternate character. In those cases, there will be a slight loss in the transfer of that currency. This is akin to older currencies in which this value loss was accomplished via an item purchase, such as Cosmic Flux from Shadowlands.”

— Blizzard Entertainment

It’s also important to note that certain currencies, essential for character progression, cannot be transferred between characters. This ensures that players’ investments in their characters are preserved. Examples include Crest and Flightstone equivalents in The War Within.

All Transferable Currencies in The War Within

Below is a list of all transferable currencies in The War Within:

CurrencyConversion RateRatio
Champion’s Seal100%1:1
Timeless Coin100%1:1
Curious Coin100%1:1
Trial of Style Token100%1:1
Seafarer’s Dubloon100%1:1
Honorbound Service Medal100%1:1
7th Legion Service Medal100%1:1
Reservoir Anima100%1:1
Infused Ruby100%1:1
Grateful Offering100%1:1
Cataloged Research100%1:1
Cyphers of the First Ones100%1:1
Dragon Isles Supplies100%1:1
Elemental Overflow100%1:1
Riders of Azeroth Badge100%1:1
Paracausal Flakes100%1:1
Mysterious Fragment100%1:1
Resonance Crystals100%1:1
Soul Ash83.33%5:6
Soul Cinders83.33%5:6
Cosmic Flux83.33%5:6
War Resources76.92%10:13

What Players Think

As is often the case, the WoW community is split. Some welcome the change, seeing it as a significant improvement over the current game offerings. Others express concerns. Worries center around how the Timewalking currency, Legion Class Hall resources, and various other forms of currency will be handled. Also, the conversion rate when transferring a player’s hard-earned currency to their own characters has left many puzzled. Many are left questioning the logic behind taxing players’ own currency transfers to themselves.

Given these varied perspectives, what are your thoughts on the matter? Share your opinions in the comments below!

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