Transmogrification Guide: The Aquaman

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Hello and welcome to the new Transmogrification guide brought to you by WoVendor Team.

Today we will be turning a survival hunter into DC’s aquatic super hero – the Aquaman! More specifically – his portrayal by Jason Momoa.

Requirements: You character must be a survival hunter, preferably human, but other humanoid races could also work.

This outfit primarily uses old school armor pieces from vanilla-wrath era, most of which come from a random drops, so check your collection tab – who knows, maybe you already own the full set.

These are the parts that are required to make this set work:

Captain’s Breastplate – chest piece

Replica Beaststalker’s Belt – cosmetic belt from Darkmoon Faire

Brown Linen Shirt – a shirt to fill up empty spaces on the chest piece

Captain’s Leggings – leg piece

Brackwater Boots – classic green boots

Surger’s Hand Wraps – green gloves

And the Shadowstrike – a trident weapon

Everything else (cape, shoulders) should be set to hidden in the transmog menu.

Getting some aquatic hunter pet would also benefit the look quite a bit!

As a conclusion – this is great set for classic models enjoyers, as well as DC comics connoisseurs. And with this guide you too can become the mighty protector of the deep!

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