The Dragonflight Race to Level 70

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The Dragonflight race to level 70, hosted by Method, has announced its winner.


Adelio7 has been crowned as the player with the first max-level character in the newest expansion. The team of five Koreans includes a Demon Hunter, a Hunter, and three Druids. They conquered the race in just 2 hours and 25 minutes, becoming the first group in the world to attain such achievement.

The strategy of Adelio and his teammates was simple. With War Mode on, they completed several tasks in Stormwind in advance but didn’t turn them in. They waited until Dragonflight launched, the level cap raised to 70, and only then did they finish the quests. They then went to the Dragon Isles and did the optimal questing route with XP bonuses. Additionally, they gained EXP using professions, as items created through Crafting Professions have a First Craft Bonus. This means they could earn a bigger bonus by crafting items for the first time.


The real obstacles this time was not some long questline or having to defeat an invincible boss, but actually overcoming the disastrous launch issues that presented themselves during the run. Some couldn’t log into the game, others couldn’t get on the boat or zeppelin, some were stuck at the loading screen, and the list didn’t even end there. Even in Adelio7’s team, only three made it to the Isle quickly.


After their success, other well-known players like Chaoswithinx, Naowh, Gingi from Echo, and Meeres had also quickly triumphed at gaining the new 10 levels. Interestingly, Gingi needed just 1.5 hours to finish the run. However, it took him a lot of time to get past the turbulence of logging in and loading screens.

There were a variety of non-standard strategies in an attempt to be the first in the world to reach the maximum level. Take Naowh, for example. He decided not to go to the Dragon Isles, instead returning to the Maw and destroying mobs there. However, even the afterlife world suffered from server problems. The mobs’ long respawn time and the reduced EXP overtime were also the reason why in the end, he still had to go to the Dragon Isles to finish his run.

The hiccups brought by the launch issues couldn’t snuff out the race’s thrill and excitement. Congratulations to Adelio7 and his team, as well as every other player that has reached the highest World of Warcraft power threshold.

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