Complete Helldivers 2 Automaton Guide: How to Beat Automaton

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Get ready to learn how to beat Automatons in Helldivers 2 with effective tips for each enemy!

This article is relevant after the release of Patch 01.000.200

How to Beat Helldivers 2 Automatons

Key Takeaways:

  • Automatons are quite threatening opponents that require a unique approach to combat. They have a lot of heavy and medium armor, which is why battles with them turn into a real puzzle.
  • Each of them is dangerous in its own way. Rocket Raiders are sometimes more dangerous than Tanks, and Hulks can take down an entire squad if you don’t know their weak points. It is important to know each enemy and their weak points.
  • Automatons are easily destroyed with the SG-225 Breaker and P-19 Redeemer. The Anti-Materiel Rifle is effective against larger enemies, and the GL-21 Grenade Launcher is useful against some vehicles and structures.

Automatons are the main enemies of democracy. Any self-respecting Helldiver and Super Earth would tell you that too. Each of us wants to destroy each of these robots that threaten us and our friends. That’s why we’re here to learn all Helldivers 2 Automaton Weaknesses and how to beat each of them.

In this article, we’ll cover tactics to beat each Automaton, identify their weak spots that allow for quick disablement, and recommend effective weapons and stratagems for this task.  So, if you’re looking to become a top Helldivers player, make sure to pay close attention to these tips on defeating Automatons. Try not to despair, as your next battle could be your last if you don’t heed our advice!

Best Weapons to Destroy Automatons in Helldivers 2

Before we begin analyzing each Automaton in-depth, we should take a look at Helldivers 2 Best Weapons for Automatons. With a vast selection of weapons, we will mention them on every enemy, so you’ll know what is more effective against them. However, we will create a brief overview for your convenience:

With these best weapons against Automatons in Helldivers 2, you can effortlessly annihilate them, especially if you know their weak points.

Best Automaton Loadout Helldivers 2

Didn’t the list of weapons provide enough preparation for you? Well then, we need to hold you up a bit longer before we dive into our “Helldivers 2 How to Fight Automatons” guide. We must tell you about the best loadout for Automatons, which will save you even on the highest difficulties:

Keep in mind that this is just our recommendation. In our opinion, you can choose whatever you prefer, but this loadout will give you an advantage over those pesky robots!

Automaton Enemies: Helldivers 2 Automaton Weak Spots and Overview

The first Helldivers 2 Automatons weakness to examine are going to be standard infantry enemies. There are eight kinds of them, and there may be more in the future (according to Helldivers 2 leaks). We will surely cover them, too, once they are on the battlefield!

How to Beat Automaton Trooper in Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 Automaton Trooper

Troopers are the most common and most effortless enemies to exterminate from our Helldivers 2 Automaton Guide. Because of their low health, you can destroy them with anything you want. 

They often only have a Machine Gun, but in large groups, they can pose a threat to you. Just like we said in the Terminids guide, the lowest-ranked enemies can call for a backup, and Automatons are able to call for a backup, too. They call it Bot Drop and fire their flare, worsening your situation. You can stop them by destroying the Trooper who is trying to use the flare, but you only have a few seconds to accomplish this.

How to Beat Automaton Brawler in Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 Automaton Brawler

The Brawler is a mini-version of the Berserker. It moves very fast and attacks with two swords. Sometimes, they have jetpacks and some players call them Assault Raiders. If you see one running or flying towards you, eliminate it immediately. They hit hard and fast, but their HP is similar to that of the Trooper, so they shouldn’t be a problem.

How to Beat Automaton Rocket Raider in Helldivers 2

Rocket Raiders work very similarly to wizards from DnD. They have incredibly powerful Rocket Launchers in their hands, capable of one-shotting any Helldiver on their way. Nevertheless, they have really low HP, making them easy to destroy with a single shot. Essentially, they are a glass cannon, which is why they always stand behind their allies and shoot from afar.

Fun fact: Rocket Raiders’ accuracy is inconsistent, causing them to often miss. Again, remember DnD example, as they seem to roll for a lucky shot. So, at the first sight of an Automaton with a Rocket Launcher, try to eliminate them immediately.

How to Beat Automaton Commissar in Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 Automaton Commissar

Sometimes, a Commissar may sneak in among the Troopers. The Commissar is very similar to them but has a sword and a pistol. They appear in larger locations and patrol with their Automaton fellows. The Commissar always calls for reinforcements first, so we advise eliminating them first and then the other troopers so no one comes to help them.

How to Beat Automaton Marauder in Helldivers 2

You can immediately recognize these rascals by the wings on their shoulders. Marauders run with a rapid-fire gun and deal quite a lot of damage compared to Troopers or Brawlers. You can quickly eliminate them by shooting anywhere, including their wings, which are their weak spot.

How to Beat Automaton Devastator in Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 Automaton Devastator

The Automaton Devastator is the big bro that Troopers call when they need assistance. It’s the first enemies that you need to learn to have no problems with how to beat Helldivers 2 Automatons.

These Automatons have medium armor on most of their body, but their hands and waist are much less protected and can be easily shot through. Their head is the main weak spot because the Devastator immediately disables after destroying the head.

There are three types of Devastators:

Almost any weapon is effective against them, but if you want to eliminate Devastators fast, Explosive Stratagems, Anti-Material Rifle, or Railguns are always perfect choices.

How to Beat Automaton Berserker in Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 Automaton Berserker

Helldivers 2 Berserker is one of the most dangerous enemies for unprepared players. If Berserker faces the player headlong, they can knock them out in a couple of hits. Moreover, Berserkers often spawn in groups, causing difficult situations for you solo without a proper loadout.

The Automaton Berserker has two weak spots: its waist and head. Shooting at the waist repeatedly can break it in half, while shooting at the head can kill it right away, even with regular weapons. The most effective tactic when facing them is to shoot at their weak spots while quickly moving away from them. Additionally, they become completely vulnerable for 2-3 seconds after attacking, which provides an opportunity to catch them off guard.

Regarding weapons against these Helldivers 2 Automaton enemies, we recommend taking P-19 Redeemer and SG-225 Breaker, which destroys them in a few seconds. If you need an effective support gun, then Machine Gun and Anti-Materiel Sniper Rifle are your best friends after all the Nerfs.

How to Beat Automaton Hulk in Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 Automaton Hulk

The Hulk in Helldivers 2 is one of the most brutal enemies that you may encounter. They usually appear on medium difficulties, starting with the fifth.

Usually, Hulk has a Rocket Launcher or Flamethrower in one hand and in another a Machine Gun or Buzzsaw, but they cannot use both hands simultaneously. You may also encounter a version with two Machine Guns, from which they also shoot alternately, so you need to move from side to side.

Against Hulks, it’s best to take armor-piercing weapons, like Anti-Materiel Sniper Rifles. Railgun in unsafe mode also still eliminates them well, even after a major Nerf. Their central weak spot is the battery on their back, so you either need to ask someone to distract them or try to maneuver around them while avoiding attacks. You can also drop an Eagle 500KG Bomb on them that destroys them immediately. After taking it down, the Hulk may explode, damaging you, so always keep your distance.

Helldivers 2 Automaton Vehicles and Buildings: Overview and Ways to Destroy

In this segment of Helldivers 2 Automaton tips, we’ll consider all Automaton vehicles and buildings since the approach to them is a bit different due to their unique work and overall interaction difficulty.

How to Destroy Automaton Dropship in Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 Automaton Dropship

The first and most important vehicle to destroy, especially in rescue missions, is Helldivers 2 Dropships. The infantry enemies arrive from these Dropships, so destroying them is crucial. 

Although these vehicles seem indestructible, that’s not the case, and even an Automaton Dropship weak spot exists. You can easily defeat Dropships by using a powerful Rocket Launcher or mech and shooting at one of the four thrusters. Also, in open-location missions, you have a chance to encounter a side quest to repair a Seaf Sam-Site. Completing the quest will provide you with air support to destroy Dropships.

How to Destroy Automaton Scout Strider in Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 Automaton Scout Strider

Scout Striders are Automatons that pilot mechs resembling mini-versions of AT-ST from Star Wars. They shoot from an autocannon, which does not deal much damage. As you understand from past examples, they do not pose a significant threat alone, but the more there are, the more problems they will cause.

Helldivers 2 Scout Striders are fully armored except for one spot: the back part. The pilot’s place is not protected at all, giving you the opportunity to instantly destroy the Automaton controlling the Scout Strider due to low HP. In close combat, they will try to step on you, but usually, they fail due to their clumsiness.

If you are far from them and do not want to outrun them, a Grenade solves the problem well, as does a Grenade Launcher, instantly disabling them. Also, armor-piercing weapons can destroy them. We also recommend the Plas-1 Scorcher, an energy-based rifle that quickly eliminates Scout Strider pilots through armor. 

Of course, calling any explosive Eagle, Lasers, etc., can also promptly annihilate them. Still, we do not recommend utilizing Stratagems on them. It’s better to save them for other, more dangerous enemies or large groups.

How to Destroy Automaton Fabricator in Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 Automaton Fabricator

Automaton Fabricator is a factory that produces the robots Helldivers despise. They are encountered only in missions in large locations. When they are destroyed, they make a large explosion, which has a chance to take you down.

You can destroy Helldivers 2 Automaton Fabricator in many different ways:

In general, there are many ways, but these methods give you a chance to deal with Fabricators in any situation you may be in.

How to Destroy Automaton Detection Tower in Helldivers 2

Detector Towers appear starting from challenging difficulty and are encountered in open locations. Players have nicknamed them as the Eye of Sauron and they pose a massive threat as an alarm to trigger Dropships. You must carefully observe where the Tower Scans and try to stay as far away from it as possible.

If you want to rid yourself of trouble immediately, you can destroy the Detection Tower by dropping a 500KG Bomb on it. That’s that easy, we know. 

How to Destroy Automaton Tank in Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 Automaton Tank

Helldivers 2 Tank is regular real-life tanks with a heavy cannon that fires missiles. Tanks do not pose much of a threat when you are close to them, as you can easily bypass them. You can use them even as your cover by climbing on them!

In order to defeat Automaton Tanks, you must shoot their battery located on the back of the hatch. You can use an AMR again, but it’s more effective to use Grenades, Autocannon, or Grenade Launchers, which blow them up in a couple of shots. You can also use a 500KG Bomb or Orbital Railcannon Strike to almost one-shot it, an Exo-45 Patriot Exosuit, or an Orbital Rail Cannon with other rocket Stratagems.

How to Destroy Automaton HMG Tank in Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 Automaton HMG Tank

The HMG Tank is an improved version of the tank above, which appears much less frequently and can appear on difficulty seven and above. 

It does not shoot missiles but has heavy machine guns that shoot quickly and can instantly destroy you if you don’t have a Shield Generator Pack. It rotates much faster than the regular tank, so you need to act as fast as possible with it. The HMG Tank has the same weak spot, but it’s much harder to get to, so just shoot it with Rockets or throw Grenades at its turret.

How to Destroy Automaton Turret Tower in Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 Automaton Turrets

The last foe we will discuss in the “Helldivers 2 How to Fight Automatons” guide is Turret Towers. These towers are found in large locations near Фutomaton bases and mainly on difficulty seven and above. For many players, they are an incredibly irritating factor during mission execution, as they shoot powerful projectiles that knock players down and sometimes one-shot them.

We recommend using Stratagems from the “Loadout Recommendation” section, as they quickly eliminate them without any risk of being destroyed. Yes, the turrets have weak spots, but they are in the same place as the tanks, and since it is very difficult to get close to them, it is easier to use stratagems.

How to Destroy Automaton Gunships in Helldivers 2

Automaton Gunships

With the release of Patch 01.000.200, two new types of Automatons appeared in the game. The first are Gunships. These flying ships are similar to Dropships, but their goal is to destroy players as quickly as possible. If you see red lights in the sky, a Gunship is heading your way, and you need to eliminate it as soon as possible.

To do this, you will need a powerful Support weapon, specifically an Anti-Materiel Rifle or Laser Cannon. Your task is to blow up one of the Gunship’s engines so that it detonates and goes down. However, you must do this carefully, as the Gunship may fall right on you and immediately eliminate you.

However, the problems do not end there. Helldivers 2 Gunships have a separate Facility that needs to be found on the map and destroyed (just like a Shrieker Nest). We recommend doing this first after discovering the first ship.

How to Destroy Automaton Factory Strider in Helldivers 2

Automaton Factory Strider

The second new type of enemy from the 01.000.200 patch only appears on higher difficulties (8-9 difficulty) and is incredibly similar to the AT-AT Walker. They are as dangerous as they seem: they have turrets, missiles, and a powerful laser shot. Factory Striders are enormous and heavily armored but relatively slow, so it’s best to use Quasar Cannon, Expandable Anti-Tank, and other Rocket Launchers at long distances. Their main weak point is their head, so if you’re shooting rockets, aim for it.

If a Helldivers 2 Factory Strider is near you, look for any cover and try to run around it so it doesn’t have time to hit you. Also, you can land on it using a drop pod, and it will be a good place to fire at enemies, just like a tank.

Final Word on Weak Points for All Automatons in Helldivers 2

That’s everything you need to know about how to quickly and, most importantly, effectively eliminate Automatons in Helldivers 2. Once you’ve mastered these techniques, you can share your knowledge with other players and work together to spread democracy further!

If you have any questions or just want to thank us for the article, welcome to the comments! We are always happy to welcome new readers! You can also check out our other articles, like Helldivers 2 Beginner’s Guide, which offers useful tips and tricks for surviving and winning battles!

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