Rextroy: The Forbidden Reach is No Longer Exclusive to Dracthyrs

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When not looking for exploits and bugs, Rextroy enjoys his peaceful time exploring distant corners of the Warcraft world. The other day, he decided to go to the Forbidden Reach in an unorthodox way.

Being the Dracthyrs’ homeland, the area is designed to be impassable if players don’t belong to the draconic race. It’s possible to fly to the latest starting zone. But, the land is obstructed by a raging storm that causes a lot of damage to the character.

Rextroy has found a way around the furious storm. He realized tough tanks with self-healing could survive this damage. Also, lightning doesn’t strike in certain closed places like buildings and caves. Thus, using a Protection Paladin, he could explore the island without constraint.

Upon his arrival, he witnessed the location was identical to the Dracthyrs’ starting questline. Yet, there wasn’t a single NPC, neutral creature, or quest. The area was completely empty.

Blizzard once mentioned that in the future, they will make the Forbidden Reach into a playable zone at max level with various quests and activities. Still, so far, there is little information about the matter.

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