Rextroy: How To Defeat World Boss in 10 Seconds

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Taking on a World Boss by yourself is not a simple task. Not only do they have a lot of HP, but their damage can also cleave a big chunk of vitality off of you. Yet, Rextroy once again emerged and proved nothing was impossible. In only 10 seconds, he managed to down Strunraan, this week’s World Boss.

A day just like every other day, Strunraan was terrorizing his territory in the Plains of Ohn’ahran. And much to the dragon’s dismay, the legendary Warcraft-wrecker happened to come by with an Unstable Storm Totem buff. Thus, Strunraan was rendered into nothingness in a blink of an eye.

Rextroy took advantage of the Unstable Storm Totems near the Greytop Pines. Interacting with them granted him the ability to spawn thunderclouds of storms. They lasted half a minute while dealing 15-percent-based damage that scales with the targets’ max HP. The totems are located relatively close to Strunraan. So he had enough time to pick up one of them and fly to the dragon, dealing fatal damage to him.

The buff didn’t work if he entered a loading screen. So, he couldn’t test it with bosses elsewhere or in PvP arenas and battlegrounds.

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