Mastering Noblegarden: Easiest April Trading Post Challenges

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Here are the easiest April Trading Post challenges that can help you obtain extra points to finish the Traveler’s log and receive all the rewards!

Noblegarden: The Easiest April Trading Post Challenges

It is not a secret that the Noblegarden event has become a trove of numerous rewards. To make things easier for you, we have created a list of the quest points you will receive for each completed quest. After all the actions, you will receive Trading Post’s bonus loot: the Aura battle pet

Complete the Duck Storyline

Points: 50

To start the Duck Storyline quest chain, you must find either Zinnia Brooks in Elwynn Forest or Sylnaria Fireflame in Durotar. The NPCs will provide you with the What the Duck?! quest, after which your journey begins.

Defeat Daetan Swiftplume:

Mastering Noblegarden: Easiest April Trading Post Challenges

Points: 50

The second one is a quest that will lead you to a Large Duck Nest. The Alliance players can find this place in Elwynn Forest by typing the following coordinates into the chat: /way #37 30.2 91.4.

As for the Horde ones, the boss’s coordinates are  /way #1 44.5 35.1, which is in Durotar. To summon Daetan Swiftplume and defeat him, find a big golden egg lying nearby and drag it into the nest.

Place Eggs

Points: 50

The title speaks for itself. All you need is to place eggs outside of the egg-hunting areas. Before doing it, purchase 1 Magnificently-Painted Egg or 12 Intricately-Painted Eggs.

Complete a Dragonflight Dungeon Wearing Spring Reveler’s Collection

Mastering Noblegarden: Easiest April Trading Post Challenges

Points: 100

To make things easier for you and save your time, we have combined the following challenges into a big one. In this case, do not rush to go through a Follower dungeon. Instead of focusing on this task, there is another one to complete, which is mentioned in the title above.

To begin, go to the Trading Post and buy any Spring Reveler’s Collection item related to the Noblegarden event. Then, put it on your character and complete any Dragonflight dungeon, which also counts as a Follower one.

Use Spring Flowers in an Arena or Battleground

Mastering Noblegarden: Easiest April Trading Post Challenges

Points: 100

Spring Flowers can be looted from eggs and purchased via the Noblegarden vendors. To complete the task, you must use the flowers on your opponent in any arena or battleground

Collect Brightly Colored Eggs

Points: 100

The 30 Brightly Colored Eggs may be found scattered around the territories of the Noblegarden camps. You can either collect them manually or use an addon called HandyNotes.

Eat Noblegarden Chocolates in Iskaara

Points: 100

These chocolates can easily be found in Brightly Colored Eggs. To complete the task, fly to Iskaara, which is in the Dragon Isles, and eat 10 Noblegarden Chocolates. It sounds delicious, doesn’t it?

Defeat a Dragon Isles World Boss

Mastering Noblegarden: Easiest April Trading Post Challenges

Points: 100

It is one of the simplest challenges to complete. All you need to do is find a group of other players and defeat one of the Dragon Isles world bosses. Once you have accomplished the task, your points are in the bag!

Complete 2, 6, and 12 Daily Quests

Points: 150

Due to the Noblegarden event, there are a few daily quests available, so let us get started. Depending on the faction you are in, you should complete the following daily tasks. Here is a list of the challenges for Alliance players:

Similarly, if you are a Horde player, you must complete the next daily tasks as follows:

Complete 10 and 25 Quests

Points: 200

Altogether, these two are effortless to do, as all the quests can be combined with the daily ones. On top of that, you can do other tasks on your other characters, which will be much more profitable.

Mastering Noblegarden: Easiest April Trading Post Challenges

After completing all the challenges we have told you about, the wonderful Aura pet is yours. Congratulations!


In summary, the Noblegarden event offers a unique opportunity to earn extra points and complete the Traveler’s log efficiently. Each activity has its charm, and this is what makes the event enjoyable for everyone. What do you think? Tell us about your opinion in the comments section!

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