Race to World First 2022: Vault of the Incarnates

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Along with Dragonflight Season 1’s launch on December 14 in Europe, the Race to World First 2022 for the first raid: Vault of the Incarnates, will commence. With Method as one of the hosts, you can watch the race of the pros on their official Twitch channel.

This is a big occasion with the participation of many popular streamers in the role of casters:

Source: method.gg

The two well-known guilds, Echo and Liquid, also actively responded to this event. Inspired by the infamous scene from Lord of the Ring, Liquid announced their attendance in this year’s race with a humorous tone.

While that, Echo followed a more epic approach with gameplay footage, a heroic theme, and god-tier editing.

Raider.io also joins the fun by contributing on-screen raid tracking widgets. And during the race, TU:RUL’s music and two special gameshows will be broadcasted.

Various prizes from Method’s partners, HyperX and Kingston, are also participating in this occasion’s giveaway.

Source: method.gg

All raid difficulties will be unlocked all at once, opening up more possibilities for the guilds to form their tactics. Clearing the raid on easier difficulties or rushing in for the final boss, it’s up to them to decide.

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