How to Play World of Warcraft on Xbox

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How to Play World of Warcraft on Xbox

World of Warcraft seems like an ideal choice for an Xbox game. The console is a good fit for its often laid-back and gradual gameplay. While this title always had a rocky relationship with the consoles, there is promising news in regards to its Xbox compatibility. So the question right now is: “Can World of Warcraft be played on Xbox?” And if not, is there something similar to serve as an alternative?

Can you Play WoW on Xbox?

The game isn’t officially on any console at the moment, but there is good progress regarding the matter. Right now, the only gaming station that has it in any form is Steam Deck, even if it’s not official. Many players have asked, “Why is WoW only on PC?” And the answer is that negotiations for a PlayStation or Xbox adaptation were not deemed particularly viable in the past. Nevertheless, the winds of change may soon usher in a different era. 

Microsoft, the parent company of Xbox, is set to finalize its acquisition of Activision Blizzard, the owner of WoW, in October 2023.  There hasn’t been an official announcement, but it’s likely that some fusion of both companies’ products is in sight. It’s not illogical, and there aren’t many technological obstacles for this port. As such, it’s expected that you’ll be able to play World of Warcraft not just through, but also Game Pass.

The game already has official gamepad support. It was added to the game as part of the Dragonflight expansion. It was after the Microsoft deal was announced, which means that Blizzard is laying the groundwork for a smooth transition to consoles. The devs haven’t made any official statement yet, but there’s little doubt that console integration is underway. So, will Microsoft put WoW on the console? Eventually, yes.

Exploring the Alternatives for Playing WoW on Xbox

The focal point lies not so much on Xbox itself but rather on the prospect of experiencing World of Warcraft on gaming consoles. While the major ones do not currently support the game, there exist several alternatives for gamepad lovers:

The methods listed above don’t have the same comfort as an official port. But as the prospect of WoW officially coming to consoles hasn’t been discussed yet, you can only simulate the experience for now.


You can make World of Warcraft feel a lot like playing on a console with the right addons and a gamepad. The official port coming soon will let you play the game smoothly without needing to do anything extra. But, for now, you can already play WoW on a console if that’s what you’re aiming for.

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Play WoW Warcraft now on xbox.

Link Steam and GForceNow.

Launch Xbox Browser and GForceNow and launch WoW.


we have hadpise and keyboard support as far back as PS3 and Xbox 360 with FFXIV hell even PS2 had mouse and keyboard support and 2 mmo’s ffxiv and eqoa there is no reason world of Warcraft hasn’t been on console yet other then lazy people in the company


Now that Microsoft owns Blizzard, the possibility of WoW coming to consoles isn’t far off. I think in the latest interviews, CEOs and directors of both companies confirmed that. It would be cool to include WoW in Game Pass.


I hope this will be soon so I can continue playing wow … I find it Abit funny they didn’t do it before because the pc is Microsoft and also Xbox and also you can already plug a keyboard and mouse with some games hoping that you guys can manage to do this