Jason Schreier’s New Book: A Blizzard Deep Dive

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Jason Schreier’s new book promises to dive into the rise and fall of Blizzard, as well as what awaits said company in the future.

Jason Schreier's New Book: Uncover the Truth about Blizzard

Key Takeaways

  • Jason Schreier’s upcoming book, “Play Nice,” offers a deep dive into Blizzard Entertainment’s history, present, and future.
  • Based on over 350 interviews, it covers WoW’s birth, scandals, and Microsoft’s acquisition.
  • Expect insights into Overwatch’s challenges, Project Titan, and Chris Metzen’s departure.
  • The book also integrates recent events like layoffs and leadership changes.
  • “Play Nice” is scheduled for release on October 8, 2024.

Renowned gaming journalist Jason Schreier, known for his work at Bloomberg and as a NYT bestselling author, recently announced his latest project: “Play Nice.” The forthcoming book is based on Schreier’s extensive interviews with more than 350 individuals. They are all closely linked to Blizzard and its gaming universe:


What Is Jason Schreier’s New Book About?

The narrative of “Play Nice” will start with the birth of WoW. It will navigate through the tumultuous scandals plaguing the company, covering Microsoft’s $69 billion acquisition, and that’s not even everything.

Answering inquiries from eager fans, Schreier offered a glimpse into the contents of “Play Nice.” He hinted that there would be information about Overwatch and its missteps along the way:


Readers can also expect insights into Project Titan, the shelved survival game known as Project Odyssey, the impacts of Chris Metzen’s departure, a host of behind-the-scenes information, and more:


Scheduled for release on October 8, 2024, “Play Nice” is Schreier’s three years of meticulous research and writing. At the moment, he’s wrapping up the book with the most recent developments. Among them are last month’s layoffs, the departure of Mike Ybarra, the newly appointed Blizzard president, and other significant events.

You can pre-order the book here:

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