BlizzСon 2024 Canceled: Why and What Will Happen Next?

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BlizzCon 2024 canceled. Blizzard informed the community about this shocking news in a recent press release.

blizzcon 2024 canceled

BlizzCon used to be a wave of delight, as it injected a feeling of magic and camaraderie spirit into our gray days. This fact was why so many players around the globe looked forward to it year after year. The event was one of the main things Blizzard had held for such a long time, so it was a tough decision to cancel it.

BlizzCon 2024 Canceled: Possible Reasons

Although the company does not directly share its thoughts on why it has been canceled, we can deduce something from it. The cancellation is closely related to Microsoft’s acquisition of Blizzard last year. A mass wave of its 1,900 employees’ layoffs is also significant, as it took its toll on the company. Therefore, Blizzard needs some time to recover, so it makes sense why such a marvelous and money-consuming exhibition as BlizzCon has been canceled.

Another reason is that Blizzard does not have enough projects to showcase. Indeed, the company will release WoW: The War Within in the summer or autumn of this year. The new Diablo expansion called Vessel of Hatred is also not far off. Nonetheless, these two will be released earlier before BlizzCon 2024 gets underway. Still, Blizzard has Overwatch and Hearthstone left, but they are not worth organizing such a superb event. It would be logical to wait until there is enough content to show.

What Happens Next

Anyway, the company has announced that they plan to share all the essential news with players via other communication channels. These include Gamescom or the Xbox Showcase, which is scheduled for June 2024. As an alternative, in-game events are also a great way to spread information. So, there will be enough content to behold despite all the inconveniences.


As a player of Blizzard‘s games, how do you feel about this situation? Are you upset or, on the reverse, indifferent to it? We would love to hear your opinion, so feel free to share it in the comments below!

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