Dragonflight Reputation System Overview

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The reputation system has undergone significant changes. The Renown feature has been a major part of improving relations with the Covenants of Shadowlands, and it has actually replaced reputation in the new expansion. This short overview will cover the main changes in the reputation system in Dragonflight.

Renown System

The experiments with reputation have been carried out in earlier expansions too. For example, Shadowlands updates were foreshadowed by Bodyguards from Warlords of Draenor or the Tiller Friends from Mists of Pandaria. In Shadowlands, players could’ve farmed reputation and renown with certain factions. For example, regardless of your chosen Covenant, you could still strive to become Exalted with factions such as The Undying Army or The Wild Hunt.

But all the Covenant progress was connected with Renown — a specific type of reputation with 80 levels. As in the case of reputation, progress in Renown has also opened new quests and extra features. It had a restricted number of levels you could gain in a certain period — similar to a limited amount of reputation you may farm in a day and week. And Renown is not just a pleasant addition to the reputation system in Dragonflight. Replacement is also not a perfect term to describe it. It would be more correct to speak about a merging of two systems in the context of a major update.

The main factions of the new expansion are the Dragonscale Expedition, Maruuk Centaur, Iskaara Tuskarr, and Valdrakken Accord. The Renown with them can be upgraded simultaneously — you don’t have to choose only one. Each new rank is gained by earning 2500 reputation. Your progress can be checked anytime by pressing a big button to the left of the mini-map. (The same place where you had the Covenant button.) For now, the maximum level of progress with Centaur and Tuskarr is 30, and 25 in the case of the Accord and the Expedition. There are hints that in future patches, the number of ranks will be increased.

How to Farm Renown?

There are a few ways to farm reputation to increase your Renown in Dragonflight. The first of them is very simple and familiar: completing World Quests. They are unlocked once you finish the main plotline of all four Dragon Isles locations and gain the Just Don’t Ask Me to Spell It achievement. As in previous expansions, each World Quest gives rep with a certain faction of Dragon Isles. The alternate characters can start doing them upon their very arrival on the continent since they have access to Adventure mode. Talking about alts: it would be important to remember that if a main has reached rank 10 of Renown with one faction, the alt will progress 100% faster in farming it. And 200% faster if the level is 20.

Other ways are opened as you strengthen your relations with new allies. For instance, when you reach rank 2 with the Expedition, you will start discovering Expedition Scout Packs. Inside this kind of treasure chest, you may find various potions, reagents and the Dragon Isles Artifact. This Dragonflight Renown token is given to the representatives of the Dragonscale Expedition in exchange for 15 Reputation with this faction.

Every faction has its own token. Here’s a table with the essential information on them:

Dragon Isles Artifact Dragonscale Expedition 15 Expedition Scout’s Pack and other chests
Centaur Hunter Trophy Maruuk Centaur 25 Treasures, rare beasts
Titan Relics Valdrakken Accord 15 Treasures
Sacred Tuskarr Totem Iskaara Tuskarr 15 Treasures

Further progress will also speed up your farm. For example, the 6th level of rep with the Expedition will enrich your usual World Quests pool with Climbing ones. And the Accord — with Dragonriding ones at rank 7. The 5th rank of Centaur Renown grants access to a special Grand Hunt event. At rank 11, the Tuskarr will trust you enough to start a new story questline. These new activities and features will not only give additional rep but also provide you with new places where Tokens can be farmed.

Finally, there’s a crucial part of the reputation farm that no Dragonflight renown guide may miss. That’s a regular completion of the Aiding the Accord quest taken in Valdrakken. It’s weekly, and its aim is to gain 4000 rep in total. Apart from such rewards as the Primal Chaos, Dragon Isles Supplies and gear contained in the Valdrakken Treasures, you’ll gain 500 rep with each of these four factions. And remember that there are two more — the Cobalt Assembly and Wrathion and Sabellian. Their rep farm is not based on the Renown system. But also it’s far from the classic one. They’re worthy of a separate discussion.


Although a few more activities can be listed — like completing weekly PVP, dungeon, or profession quests — now it’s time to talk about Dragonflight’s Renown rewards. It would be hard to list everything with which only one faction may reward a player. Especially considering the fact that among valuable items, pets, toys, recipes and mounts, many other features can be counted as rewards. For example, access to new activities. But an attempt to define the most useful can be made.

Dragonscale Expedition

In addition to the Climbing World Quests, the Expedition will unlock Ancient Waygates at levels 7, 8, 10, 14, 17, 20 and 23. They are used for fast travel between different points of Dragon Isles. The Black Skitterbug and Gray Marmoni pets may be purchased on the 11th. Don’t forget about the abilities to find additional chests called Magical Treasure Chests on the 16th and additional loot by digging the Disturbed Dirt with the Small Expedition Shovels on the 5th. And, of course, about the Azure Skitterfly and Tamed Skitterfly mounts that can be bought on the 25th.

Maruuk Centaur

The Centaur doesn’t give a player additional plot questlines, but at rank 9, it starts a questline, at the end of which you’ll receive the Lizi’s Reins mount. At rank 8, you can buy the Hoofhelper pet. Besides, there’s no need to forget about the Windborne Velocidrake: Long Snout and Windborne Velocidrake: Spiked Tail, that’ll give your dragon new customization options.

Valdrakken Accord

One of Valdrakken Dragonflight’s renown rewards has already been mentioned: access to the Aerial Challenges World Quests. They’re unlocked at level 7. But at level 5, you’ll also gain an opportunity to participate in the Siege on Dragonbane Keep weekly event. In fact, it’s not literally weekly — you can complete it a few times, but each time the reward will be smaller and smaller. Smaller than the Magic Nibbler and Crimson Proto-Whelp pets that can be bought at level 18.

Iskaara Tuskarr

The Tuskarr will gradually open access to the most original ways of fishing. Fishing in the holes on the 4th rank and fishing with nets on the 5th. Fishing in the highlands on the 6th and fishing with the harpoon on the 7th. Ice and Lava fishing at ranks 10 and 15. In addition to this fun and useful experience, there are Backswimmer Timbertooth and Whiskuk pets purchased since rank 9. And finally, Scouting Ottuk mounts at rank 25 and War Ottuks at rank 30.


Sabellian and Wrathion may make someone happy with new titles — Paragon of the Obsidian Blood and Agent of the Black Prince, and with the Obsidian Egg Clutch toy or the Obsidian Proto-Whelp pet. The Cobalt Assembly minor faction will provide you with many customization options for various drake mounts and an exciting series of bonuses called Wild Arcana Powers. Fortunately, the latest changes in WoW reputation system have only increased the number of rewards you can get. And if you’ll ever need any help in getting all of them, you know where you can always buy Dragonflight reputation boost.

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