Changing Professions in WoW: What Changes in Dragonflight?

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Dragonflight is the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion scheduled for later this year. Among the many curious changes the content add-on introduces, Blizzard makes a giant effort to rework a lot of character-related aspects. For instance, changing the profession system is the main effort in line.

Crafting will inevitably be affected by it, as gear-making is what professions are all about. Many profession-related activities are getting a new vision. Crafting specializations, actual skill-based quality of items, and other changes are going to turn professions into a deeper, more interesting system.

Crafting Specializations

The most discussed change would be the reintroduction of crafting specializations Dragonflight is making. These were a thing long ago in Vanilla, removed a decade back. They were essentially subclasses of the main professions you could learn.

For instance, weaponsmithing was a specialization of blacksmithing. Becoming a weaponsmith meant being able to create swords or maces of better quality with better effects. Now, these specialties will once again be available. You’ll be able to develop these skills and make better gear as a result.

The devs also made a point to add various additional sources of skill points for these specializations. You could find a scroll about it somewhere, visit a trainer or otherwise hone your competencies. Specializing your character means other players in your guild may count on better-made equipment of one sort or another.

Item Quality

As mentioned, Dragonflight is expected to add profession item quality to players’ gear. It’s directly related to the new specializing action. Focusing on some sub-profession lets you create stuff related to that job with a lot more skill. Developing some specialization means gear in that field is going to be gradually better.

Again, it means guilds can benefit from the excellent quality of gear created by their members. They’ll still have access to items, but getting them from specialists would mean they are going to be much more valuable and effective. Better-made weapons deal more damage, and so forth.

There will be 5 tiers. A higher tier means better effects, possible new effects, higher ilvl, and some other gimmicks. Quality ranks are directly tied to another upcoming feature – the crafting orders Dragonflight expansion is adding.

Creating a higher-class consumable also means it will last longer or have more charges. So, be sure to pay professional alchemist a visit before charging some dungeon. Drinking quality potions means you’ll be alive much longer.

Professional Items

Professional equipment is a small part of the Dragonflight new profession systems — they are objects that relate directly to your in-game job in practical terms. For instance, miners may equip shovels, pickaxes, and helmets. Smiths might use thongs, hammers, and so forth. There is various gear for each profession, and they are visibly equipped.

Not only is it more immersive in terms of roleplay, but using such gear during some professional activity is bound to have positive consequences. For instance, miners may equip gear while digging the ore, which might improve the quality of said ore. But their exact effects aren’t yet revealed.

Crafting Orders

You can now task others with creating stuff for you. As mentioned, there are once again specialties, which allow people to create the stuff of higher quality ranks in Dragonflight by committing to some skill or other. You can only pick a limited number of them. So, to create a high-class object you need to find a person who specializes in creating these.

That’s what orders are — a way to ask others for equipment. There is a whole new menu that lets you offer others to make specific gear of specific quality for you. In exchange, you are forced to pay a commission. The commission is a payment in gold and silver.

The main resources needed for the process are up to the crafter to gather, but you could also help them by providing secondary reagents that augment the power of your future gear. Duration, fee size, and even special notes may be given to crafters. You can order new WoW services to collect materials when they get available.

Placing Orders

You can see what crafting orders WoW currently has in your HUD. There you’ll be able to see all the different items, the creation of which can be delegated to other people. That will include the new dragon-themed gear from the upcoming Dragonflight expansion. Ilvl & average commission taken for a particular creation are listed beside it.

If a person is nearby, you can offer them to create that item on your behalf. Note that the quality of the final make can be different depending on who makes the thing. If you require a better-made item, you might not be able to propose an order to a person on account of them not having enough specialization.

Furthermore, orders aren’t necessarily just personal. You can place an order on behalf of your guild. It’s unclear how such orders will function as of yet, but it’s likely going to be tied somehow to the guild bank of your guild. The item may simply be placed in it after the order is done, but how it’ll play out is yet to be seen.


Item recrafting Dragonflight will add is a brand new activity that involves taking an item, augmenting it with some reagents, and essentially improving the quality of the initial object. That, as you might’ve guessed, is also tied directly to one’s specialty. To improve the quality of your gear, you need sufficient competence in the related field.

So, if you made a piece of armor early in your armorsmithing career, it’ll stay at low quality. If you want to increase its quality level, you’ll need to spend some skill points on armorsmithing. Upon reaching a higher skill rank, you can recraft the item you made previously and improve its quality in such a way.

To do it, you need special reagents. To make the new crafted gear in Dragonflight, you’ll need even more resources. To do it, you’ll need a special Artisan’s Mettle item they’re adding in the new expansion. And they are supposed to be pretty rare.

Crafting Tables

The crafting tables Dragonflight teasers revealed will be a special item-making location in the center of the Dragon Isles. It’s going to be a specific area filled with everything crafting-related. It’s mostly going to be a place for players to gather and exchange orders face-to-face.

Besides that, there are likely going to be vendors who sell resources and other materials needed for crafting. In light of the coming Dragonflight professions revamping, visiting the place once in a while will be very wise. You won’t really know from the player’s look that they have the right job. Here, it’s much easier.

Dragonflight Crafting Stats

Blizzard also plan to introduce a few unique crafting effects, applicable only to the new profession gear Dragonflight will add. They are bound to make this activity a bit more fascinating to people who cash up on this coming expansion. They can improve your gear, but they are also chance-based.

That being said, you can intentionally develop them. There are 4 new effects that will be absolutely crucial early in the expansion. For each stat, there is a percentage-based chance. The new crafting stats Dragonflight will introduce include:

You’re said to be able to specialize in them, but it’s not yet clear how the system is supposed to work. The details might be revealed at a later date. If you plan on buying this content bundle, you might want to stay updated on this subject. Although small, the stats are going to be very important for the new profession gear WoW will have.

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