WoW Pre-Patch for Dragonflight: New Content and Features

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Before the main release on Nov 28th, Dragonflight is getting a prepatch that will gradually drop within a month before the main content patch. It’s divided into two parts: one scheduled for Oct 25th, the other — for Nov 15th. Dragonflight will have a lot of new content, but this year’s WoW pre-patch is also curious.

Most features revolve around a unique world event that starts and ends during the pre-patch. Some gear, loot, and an FoS achievement will be available for a limited time until the actual expansion releases. In addition, many core changes from DF will drop early with these updates.

Stage One

The first stage of the Dragonflight pre-patch already dropped on Oct 25th. Some long-teased pieces of content were added that day. That includes, most notably, the updated talent system, the new user interface, new race/class combos, and a nowrated Solo Shuffle.


A fresh talent system is probably one of the most exciting changes of the whole expansion. The game ditches the old progression system in favor of two unique trees for class and specialization development. At each level, you’ll be able to pick a new effect or ability and thus customize your character to a much deeper degree.

What’s more, players will now be able to change their build whenever. It was possible before if you visited a skill trainer. Obviously, it wasn’t too convenient or player-friendly. As such, allowing people to just click on an ability to unlearn it is a long overdue addition. It might be one of the best small changes to come from the Dragonflight patch notes.


The user interface is going to be modernized, and you’ll be able to customize it now. Much of what was done with add-ons before will now be in the base game. You’ll be able to move every part of the HUD and change its parameters, including what is and isn’t shown on the screen.


Some minor changes are dropping on the initial Dragonflight pre-patch date. One of them includes new class/race combos — an Orc priest or a Mountain Tauren mage will now be a thing. Both Tauren and Draenei varieties can be rogues from now on. These additions might be a controversial topic lore-wise, but they definitely create new opportunities.

Other quality-of-life changes are also anticipated. This includes some comfort changes regarding interaction with objects and combat. If for nothing else, you can visit to retrain your characters. Obviously, they were reset when the pre-patch came out, but you will have all your skill points proportional to your level.

Stage Two

The second phase of the Dragonflight prepatch is due on Nov 15th. The main addition everyone’s looking forward to is the Primalists Invasion event. Besides that, there’s a reworked dungeon over at Uldaman and the ability to play as Evokers for people who pre-ordered the expansion.

Primal Storms

Primal Storms are an invasion of several groups of elemental sorcerers. The invasion will take place in four regions of Azeroth — one element per region, including fire, storm, ice, and earth. Defeating each regional boss gives you an FoS achievement called “Against the Elements”.

It’s a basic WoW invasion event. In exchange for defeating low-level mobs and elemental bosses, you get the essence currency. It can be turned in for armor, mainly. The other notable addition is the trinket that strengthens your main attribute and makes you explode with primeval energy occasionally (the achievement reward).

If you complete this entire invasion event, you’ll also get uniquely colored transmogrification sets of the usual DF questing gear. It’s a limited offer, and these blue outfits won’t be available after DF itself comes out.


The new class/race is arriving early, meaning that you can order a pre-patch Dragonflight boost for Drachtyrs. It’s essentially 2-week early access for those who pre-ordered the game. The starting Drachtyr zone also comes in the package, although the rest of the new locations have to wait until the full release.

New Dungeon

Following the second Dragonflight pre-patch update, Uldaman will get a Legacy of Tyr update. It’s a 60–70 level dungeon located in the old vaults of the titans. It’s supposed to be a teaser of the Dragonflight story. The rewards are currently unknown, but any willing character will be able to enter.

The dungeon is supposed to have the same roster of enemies as the base Uldaman. Not much is known about the end boss, Chrono-Lord Deios. From the description, you can expect a lot of time manipulation. You’ll just have to follow Dragonflight news to know more in time.

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