Dragonflight Dungeons Overview

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Continuing to share details of the upcoming Dragonflight expansion with the WoW community, the developers talked about the new dungeons waiting for players. Blizzard has prepared eight new dungeons. Of these, four are intended for the middle-game stage and designed for the character to level up in. The other four are end-game content for max-level characters. In this article, we prepared the Dragonflight dungeons overview. With its help, you’ll know what to expect from the new dungeons and what they will be like.

Dragonflight Level up dungeons

Firstly, let’s check out the new Level-up dungeons that the developers plan to add to Dragonflight. There’ll be 4 in total.

Ruby Life Pools

Ruby Life Pools is a small linear dungeon. According to the lore, the champions need to clear the sanctuary from the hordes of Primalists. They plan to imbue the eggs from the clutches of the red dragons with elemental power and turn the hatchlings into their minions.

The player will face Melidrussa Chillworn, capable of commanding the elements of frost. Also in the players’ way will be Kokia Blazehoof and Erkhart Stormvein. Of course, it will not do without the dragon boss — Kyrakka, in this case.

Brackenhide Hollow

The Brackengide Hollow story takes place in a gnoll territory affected by the Decay. First, the players will face the guards of the Hollow gates — Hackclaw’s War-Band. They then have to fight the decaying Treemouth and the nimble gnoll Gutshot. The final fight will be with Wratheye — the self-proclaimed Decatriarch, responsible for the disaster. Grasping the art of Decay, she’s no intention of stopping its spread to just one gnoll settlement.

The Nokhud Offensive

Another one of the dungeons from the 1 pool of Dragonflight dungeons is The Nokhud Offensive. It is located in the Ohn’ahran Plains zone and contains four bosses. To access the main boss, the player must first deal with the other three in any order. Unlike the main boss, the three primary bosses are reachable only via dragonriding.

According to the plot, these lands were engulfed in an inter-clan war provoked by Nokhud. They caught the spirit of the eagle, which was the goddess for the original inhabitants of these lands — members of the Maruuk clan. In honor of Ohn’ahra, this spirit, these lands were named. The terrible act of the Nokhud clan, and the warriors of the Uktel and Shikaar clans, who suddenly started to press from all sides, forced the Maruuk clan to enter the last battle.

Players will have to sequentially destroy Granyth, The Raging Tempest, Teera, and Maruuk. And eventually, they will come face to face with the last boss — Balakar Khan, responsible for the kidnapping of Ohn’ahra.

This dungeon promises to be tough. The duration of the passage and the need to fulfill specific requirements can cause many problems. However, you can always buy WoW boost to save time or quickly learn all the intricacies of passing this and other dungeons.

Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr

All Dragonflight dungeons are located on Dragon Isles except for Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr. Players will be able to visit it in Eastern Kingdoms. The dungeon itself is a reworked version of the one from Wow Classic. Partially redesigned and partway retaining its original appearance, but with updated graphics, it is again waiting for the heroes.

Uldaman is an archaic titan structure that also houses the Discs of Norgannon. One of them, related to the knowledge of Keeper Tyr, interested Queen Alexstrasza. She hopes that with the help of the secrets stored in it, it will be possible to revive the Aspects. Hoping to find and use the disc for the good of the dragonkin, she asks for help from her friends. Potentially, this dungeon will become one of the Mythic plus dungeons in the first season of Dragonflight, but we will talk about this below.

The player will have to go through an adventure tied to 5 key opponents. The first will be the 3 bros Eric, Olaf, and Baelog, who have ceased to distinguish between friends and enemies due to confused consciousness. Bromach of the Stonevault Troggs and the once-titan-created Sentinel Talondras are next. The former considers Uldaman’s treasures the property of his clan, while the latter guards Tyr’s knowledge. Emberon is another giant defensive unit created by the hands of titans. His main goal is to guard the vaults’ secrets.

The final fifth boss will be Chrono-Lord Deios. Despite his involvement with the dragon species, his plans for the Aspects are very different from those of Alexstrasza.

Dragonflight Maximum level dungeons

At the maximum level, the following 4 Dragonflight dungeons will become available to the player.


Neltharus, located near the Obsidian Citadel, was once the residence of the black dragonflights. However, after a while, this place became abandoned. The awakened djaradin became interested in the area, deciding to claim Neltharus and the entire stronghold with all its secrets and artifacts.

The players will have to fight elemental half-giants, uninvited guests of the citadel. Among them will be Chargath, Bane of Scales — the legendary dragon hunter and commander of the Qalashi. Also among the bosses will be Forgemaster Gorek and Magmatusk. The former is renowned for its blacksmithing prowess, while the latter is the result of the djaradin’s failed experiment with the knowledge of the black dragonflights. The final boss will be Warlord Sargha.

The Azure Vault

One of the new WoW dungeons is The Azure Vault. Located in Azure Span, the dungeon is a treasure trove of ancient magical relics. Once created by Malygos, over time it was abandoned and fell into neglect.

The player will have to face Telash Greywing, who decides to uncover the secrets of Sindragosa hidden in the Azure Vault and use them against the blue dragonflight. In addition to him, some inhabitants of the vault will also stand in the players’ way. For example, one of them is Leymor. It is a sprout once grown by Malygos, which after hundreds of years of loneliness, has turned into a defiled weed. Azureblade — the defender of the shelter, who decided to fulfill her duty to the last, remained sealed inside and, as a result, went crazy. The final boss will be Umbrelskul — a victim of crystalline growths. They hoped to heal him but did not have time, leaving him in stasis, sealed inside. Currently, the Umbrelskul has awakened.

In addition to two dungeons in Azure Span, you will also have access to the 1’st raid instance in this expansion — Vault of the Incarnates, which is in the same place. And as before, you can use the Wow raid boost to quickly and comfortably pass this instance and other incoming Dragonflight mythic dungeons with the help of experienced players.

Halls of Infusion

The plot component of Halls of Infusion is currently unknown. However, there is information on the bosses that the player will face. The first will be Watcher Irideus, protecting the Halls of Infusion from intruders. The players will also meet Gulping Goliath, whose name speaks for itself. Then he will need to fight Khajin the Unyielding and the final boss — Primal Tsunami.

Algeth’ar Academy

Algeth’ar Academy is one of the dungeons, which is largely unknown except that it was called Taz’algeth Academy in the alpha version. However, we know that gamers will encounter Vexamus, Accidental Amalgamation, Crawth, and Echo of Headteacher Doragosa during the walkthrough. Presumably, the dungeon will be located in Thaldraszus and related to the Blue Dragons.

All these max-level dungeons are quite difficult to master and pass. However, with our Wow dungeon boost, you won’t have any problems in runs, being able to quickly close this content with the maximum benefit for you.

Dragonflight M+ Dungeons

Many people are wondering what will happen to M+ dungeons in Dragonflight. For them, the system of seasonal M+ rotations will be preserved. And this rotation will only work for the Mythic+ mode, not extending to other types of difficulty. In the first season, 8 dungeons will be involved in the rotation, 4 of which are from old patches and 4 are new ones.

For those unfamiliar with the rotation system, it has already been used before. For each season will be a specific stack of new and old dungeons. Dragonflight mythic+ dungeons will change to others after the start of the new season but in the same new-old ratio.

Unfortunately, no one knows which of the new dungeons will receive M+ treatment at launch. But we can say that, over time, each of them will be available for a walkthrough on Mythic+.

New Dragonflight dungeons overall review

To conclude, Blizzard has prepared 8 dungeons that’ll be available in the new Dragonflight expansion. Even though some of them are still in active development, it is already possible to form an opinion about each. All of them offer a variety of both plots and content.

Seven of them are located on the Dragon Isles and use the innovations of Dragonflight. Passing through these dungeons, the player will be able to get to know the race of ancient dracthyr, as well as master the skills of flying on dragons. The storylines of the dungeons are dragon-based for the most part. However, they promise to be quite interesting.

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