World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Final Boss Speculation

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World of Warcraft players have settled into Dragonflight. They enjoy tending to their drakes, exploring, and enjoying alluring sceneries. However, as time goes by, their thoughts inevitably turn to the game’s ultimate challenge: the final boss. After all, what makes a truly great game is not only the heroes, but also a great and memorable antagonist, since they serve as the grand culmination of every story. So, the burning question is, who will claim the honor of being Dragonflight’s grand finale?

Before we move on with the speculations, keep in mind what you’re reading is not an official news from the developers. The article also contains Dragonflight spoilers. With that being said, let’s dive in.


Most eyes are turning toward Galakrond. Once thought to be the progenitor of all dragons so mighty that even the Lich King attempted to bring him back. Now, it was revealed that Galakrond was never a dragon. He was a proto-drake born from the elements, far more primal and less intelligent.

Galakrond was the largest among his kin. The reason for his abnormal growth was his insatiable hunger. He consumed his own kind and later vomited them as zombies or re-ate them. Soon, the proto-dragon rose to an enormous size, mutated with additional body parts, and became the sky’s dominant creature.

Understanding the dire situation, five brave proto-drakes: Alexstraza, Ysera, Neltharion, Malygos, and Nozdormu, joined forces with the help of Keeper Tyr to take him down. After defeating the monster that spawned monsters, the five proto-drakes were made into Aspects, guarding Azeroth for what seemed like an eternity.

Yet, ten thousand years passed. Galakrond is now a fossil laying dormant in the Boneyard. But knowing video games, ten thousand is just a number, as there are many ways to bring back an antagonist if they serve the plot well. Especially when time travel and alternative timelines are all over the place. So we may go back in time to defeat him, or another Galakrond from another timeline will threaten Azeroth. We have yet to find out. But nothing is impossible.

Besides, if you still remember, the first chapter in Dragonflight Legacies is “Dawn of the Aspects.” While it tells well the story of Nozdormu and Emberthal’s first meeting, as well as how the Aspects came to be, one-fifth of the cinematic was dedicated to Galakrond. If you speak to Emberthal in the game, there will be the option to re-watch all three cinematics, including the one with Galakrond. Bringing up the cinematics again in the game is a possible hint that it has something to do with the main plot rather than just an advertising campaign.

Throughout the first season of Dragonflight, we have also been battling against the Primalists. Being a faction of proto-dragons who embrace their elemental powers, just like Galakrond, they stand to oppose the Aspects and their ideals. It won’t be a surprise if they seek to bolster their ranks with the power of the ancient leviathan.


The second possible ultimate boss is Murozond. Being Nozdormu’s counterpart in a future where the Aspect of Time is corrupted, he was the creator of the Infinite dragonflight. This fact is also mentioned in the latest expansion during the Thaldraszus campaign. Nozdormu himself is worried he will become his darkest self. And maybe he will. After all, most old Aspects, aside from him and Alexstraza, have been replaced by new ones.

Besides, the future of turning into Murozond is not something Nozdormu can escape. And as the live chat with WoW narrative designers mentioned, one of Dragonflight’s main themes is legacies. With Nozdormu stepping down from his post, Chromie may take on his legacy and become the next Bronze Aspect. Especially when Chromie placed a flag on his head by saying: “I will search every timeline, every moment until I find a solution to save you.”

Perhaps in the future, we may see Nozdormu corrupted into Murozond. We will see Chromie succeeding him. And we may even have the chance to embark on an adventure to rescue the Time Aspect from his inevitable fate.

Or maybe, Chromie’s words will serve as their eternal regret of being unable to save Nozdormu.

Murozond will be a mighty foe with the power of controlling time itself. Asides from that, if he is made into the ultimate challenge of the expansion, Blizzard will have a lot of room to keep World of Warcraft going by opening up the possibility of the multiverse and multi-timelines.

In case the Lord of the Infinite won’t be the final boss, he will still definitely have a significant role to fulfill in Dragonflight. Who knows, he may be the missing link to bring back Galakrond.


Ever since the unexpected arrival of Sabellian at the beginning of Dragonflight, the WoW community has been torn into two sides.

Sabellian’s story of cleansing himself and many others of the Black dragonflight from the Old God’s corruption is quite suspicious. He has provided little detail on the method used or evidence to support his claims. There is nothing to confirm his words are true. Thus, leading players to question his authenticity. Many even speculate that he might be an agent of the Old Gods. And that would be quite a fascinating turn of events.

On the other hand, Wrathion, who has made it his mission to protect Azeroth, has also raised suspicions. Wrathion has been proving himself to be our ally in Dragonflight. But it’s impossible to know for sure if he has ulterior motives, as he was the mastermind behind the Warlords of Draenor and has a history of betraying and scheming against the champions of Azeroth. We should keep in mind that at the beginning of the expansion, he and Alexstraza had quite an argument when he asked for her help reclaiming the Obsidian Citadel.

As the expansion progresses, it remains to be seen if conflicts will arise and drive Neltharion’s sons down the same path as their father. It is important to keep an open mind and be aware of the potential for unexpected developments in the game’s story.


Though they have been cleansed off Azeroth, the Old Gods may return in Dragonflight. As stated above, time is at play here. With infinite timelines and the ability to travel back and forth from past to future, nothing is impossible.

If you remember, in the Thaldraszus campaign, when we were on our way to save Chromie, we actually traveled back when N’zoth was still alive, whispering his twisted ideas into our ears.

What about you? Who do you think will be Dragonflight’s final boss?

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