Dragonflight: Disappointing Aberrus Raid Finale Cinematic

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Dragonflight: Disappointing Aberrus Raid Finale Cinematic

As the guilds brave their way through the Race to World First for Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible, other players have also ventured into its depths. Some have even finished the raid. And while there are many things to talk about, it seems the most controversial aspect of the raid is its disappointing finale cinematic.

Rounded in merely 50 seconds, the cinematic fails to address the burning questions circulating across the Internet. For example:

WoW Dragonflight Aberrus Old God

Instead of shedding light on these intriguing elements, the end of Sarkareth merely elicits a resounding “That’s it?” from the WoW community. Many find it more like an in-game cutscene following the completion of a questline rather than a grand finale befitting an end-raid cinematic.

However, optimistic players have managed to find a glimmer of hope. They pointed out the pair of red eyes that briefly emerged at the 00:32 mark from beneath the crystalline ground. But skeptics dismiss it as a mere reflection. 

Dragonflight: Aberrus Raid Finale Cinematic the Void

Despite the mixed reactions, the cinematic’s central message does manage to come across. Sabellian and Wrathion needed to witness firsthand the dire consequences of remaining loyal to Neltharion’s legacy. Nevertheless, it still can’t be denied that the entire WoW community is in a grand down mood. They are now placing their anticipation on what lies beyond the raid. They hope that the upcoming developments will provide answers to their questions and somehow ease their disappointment.

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