Dragonflight: David Harbour Stream Highlights

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Celebrities have been talking more openly about their gaming experience nowadays. And David Harbour is one of them. He admitted to being addicted to World of Warcraft once. And now, he even participated in clearing dungeons with well-known content creators. Maximum, AnnieFuchsia, Naguura, and Larsfest were his teammates this time.

It was a pleasant occasion for everyone who took part in the event. They journeyed through the Dragon Isles and defeated many bosses. All the while chatting about gaming and acting. David surprised both streamers and watchers as the game progressed with his gaming skills and knowledge. The Hellboy actor even called out Asmongold by referencing his infamous Transmog Competition.

The star of Stranger Things sometimes broadcasts on Twitch. But as of now, Harbour's channel is empty as the recordings aren’t saved there. But you can always glance at his teammates’ channels to see the entire broadcast.

Many are expecting Henry Cavill to join the fun. And who knows, it may become a reality sooner than we think.

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