WoW Northrend Cup Event: New Set, Manuscripts, and More!

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The Northrend Cup Event is currently underway, which means we are traveling to the coldest continent in Azeroth! 

Northrend Cup

Here, you will find detailed information about the event, including the rewards and currency available. So, get ready to brave the cold, and let’s explore Northrend!

What Is WoW Northrend Cup Event

Northrend Cup is a WoW event during which you will be able to participate in 12 challenging Dragonriding races on Normal, Advanced, and Reverse difficulty throughout many zones in Northrend. Completing all the challenges guarantees a new currency called Riders of Azeroth Badges

You can use Riders of Azeroth Badges to exchange for multiple rewards with Maztha, who dwells in Valdrakken, and Dathendrash in Stormwind and Orgrimmar. They sell Drakewatcher Manuscripts, elements of the Icy Drake Racer set, and more! If you have some badges left from the previous Dragonriding Cup events, you can utilize them as well.

When Is WoW Northrend Cup Event

Northrend Cup event runs from April 30 to May 13. To start the questline, you must head to Valdrakken, Stormwind, or Orgrimmar. Once there, find Lord Andestrasz and pick up the quest called The Northrend Cup Circuit. From here, your journey begins!

WoW Northrend Cup Event Badges

You can earn the Riders of Azeroth Badges by partaking in Dragonriding races during the Northrend Cup event. The amount of badges earned depends on the medal received upon completing a race. In total, you can get up to three medals: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The Bronze medal gives 1 badge, the Silver one gives 2, and the Gold medal gives 3

Additionally, every race has three difficulty types: Normal, Reverse, and Advanced. Once you complete each of them, you will receive additional badges, which means that you can acquire a total of 9x Riders of Azeroth Badges for only one race. It sounds nice, as you can walk your alts and earn extra badges quickly to buy the rewards you still need to get.

WoW Northrend Cup Event Rewards

Let’s talk about the rewards you can acquire during the Northrend Cup event. Some of them are available for purchase from Maztha and Dathendrash, but some you can obtain only by completing the event-specific achievements. Anyway, let’s take a look:

Icy Drake Racer’s Set

WoW Northrend Cup Event: Icy Drake Racer's Set

Perhaps this transmogrification set is a beautiful pearl of the Northrend Cup event. Each element of the set can be purchased for 15x Riders of Azeroth Badges, and the complete set would require a total of 135 badges to obtain:

Drakewatcher Manuscripts

Another interesting type of the Northrend Cup rewards available is Drakewatcher Manuscripts. Each manuscript is dedicated to a different type of dragon, such as the Windborne Velocidrake, Highland Drake, Cliffside Wylderdrake, Renewed Proto-Drake, Winding Slitherdrake, and Grotto Netherwing Drake.

WoW Northrend Cup Event: Drakewatcher Manuscripts

You can purchase each manuscript for 25x Riders of Azeroth Badges, which means that all six manuscripts will cost you a total of 150 badges.

In addition, there is a fun toy that Maztha and Dathendrash sell for 40x Riders of Azeroth Badges. Its name is Vial of Endless Draconic Scales, and it can change your dragon’s appearance each time you summon it. This toy involuntarily reminds us of the Druid Chameleon glyphs, randomizing your appearance every time you shapeshift.

Achievement Rewards

WoW Northrend Cup Event: Frosted Riders of Azeroth Tabard

As for other cool rewards, you can obtain the Northrend Racer title and the Frosted Riders of Azeroth Tabard for completing the Northrend Racing Completionist: Gold achievement. To earn this achievement, you need to obtain Gold in all 12 races on Normal, Reverse, and Advanced difficulty levels throughout Northrend.

Miscellaneous Rewards

WoW Northrend Cup Event: Checkered Pennant

As for other rewards, you also have cosmetic items available to you, like this Checkered Pennant. You can buy it for 25x Riders of Azeroth Badges from Maztha and Dathendrash. As an element of transmogrification, this item looks quite strange, but we are sure it will also find its connoisseur!

Reputation Rewards

WoW Northrend Cup Event: Valdrakken Accord Insignia

If you have already bought all the awards we have listed, or if you don’t like anything, you can buy this Valdrakken Accord Insignia. This item increases your reputation by 2,500 from the Valdrakken Accord faction. Plus, you can use it repeatedly, which is also great. Unfortunately, the source of this item is unknown. But when it becomes known, we will update this article immediately!


Northrend Cup is another exciting event that gives you the opportunity not only to get unique rewards but also to compete with other players. We hope that this article helped you find your bearings and get the information you have been seeking. 

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