WoW Dragonflight 2023: Groups and Raids Auto-Disband

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Since Dragonflight’s release, many bugs and problems have been bothering the WoW community. 2023 came, and the new year has brought something even more annoying. Users from both European and American are complaining about an unusual situation. According to them, groups and raids disband automatically without anyone initiating the movement.
In the open world, this doesn’t pose a big concern. After all, players can quickly regroup with a few clicks. But such an incident also happens during a fight with raid bosses. Even running through a Mythic+ dungeon can also suffer from the same issue. In the video below, the group disbanded right on the last boss.

The condition has been going on for at least a week. On some servers, it has become an often incident. Most of the complaints came from gamers of the European Tarren Mill and the American Area 52.

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