WoW Developers Address Players’ Concerns on Crafting Order System

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The Crafting Order is an excellent addition to Dragonflight in theory. It allows crafters to create useful gear for players. The system also provides a new social way for crafters and customers to interact. However, as of late, the World of Warcraft community has been vocal about their dissatisfaction with the Crafting Order. Users have found it riddled with issues.

Many artisans have complained of a lack of available requests. Be it the demands are unrelated to their professions, or they have yet to reach the level needed to make the required products. At the same time, customers are reluctant to use the feature. They have noted that obtaining items of a specific quality is difficult. The requesters often have to rely on luck or the word of the crafter as they cannot set the item quality they want beforehand.

In a recent blue post, the game’s developers addressed these concerns. They have admitted that the feature isn’t perfect. There is still much room for improvement. They are working on solving these problems as well as making the system smoother and easier to use.

You can read the full post here.

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