All 3 Chapters of WoW: Dragonflight Legacies Have Been Released

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At long last, all 3 chapters of WoW: Dragonflight Legacies have been released. The final one reached its audiences on November 9 and fully disclosed the intro leading to the next expansion. In this article, the animated shorts are presented chronologically. A brief summary of what happened in each part is included to help you comfortably dive into the memories of the past, understand what is going on in the present, as well as have a peek at what’s waiting for you in the future.

The first animated short started with the Bronze Aspect, Nozdormu, entering a timeworn ruin. There, he met with a stranger in the dark, to whom he told his stories of a time long gone.

The stranger revealed herself as an important commander of Neltharion’s battalion named Emberthal. She then was given a chance to glance into the past, where she saw the Dracthyr’s general, Neltharion. From then, she learned of the fate of the Dragon Aspects and her beloved general.

At the end of the second part, Nozdormu admitted that there was a crucial moment that he needed Emberthal’s help to unveil. They witnessed how Neltharion fell from grace. Then, it was time to face the bitterness of what had truly happened to her and her race.

Dragonflight’s Pre-patch Phase 2 is now live. You can learn more about their tale as Dracthyr Evoker is available to play. Read more news about World of Warcraft’s latest expansion here.

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