9.2 Torghast Changes and Additions Overview

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Jailer is off to Zereth Mortis, but the Tower of Damned lives on!

Patch 9.2 «Eternity’s End» adds interesting features to the crucial part of Shadowlands’ content − Torghast. Although Jailer has recently left his beloved tower for a small mission of changing the universe, Tower of the Damned still awaits heroes of Azeroth. Let’s get them prepared for it!


We’d better start with brief overview of Jailer’s Gauntlet. It is a challenge mode that consists of 8 layers with 8 floors in each. This type of challenge is usually called «Boss Rush», because here players have to only fight bosses alone. No big crowds of mobs, no traps, no timer, but also no Box of Many Things. However, such helpful items like Vessel of Unfortunate Spirits and Possibility Matrix still work.

The mode serves mostly entertaining purpose, so its rewards won’t gradually affect the gameplay. Those who are not fond of farming Torghast can just skip this new content, although exactly this part of Tower of the Damned is going to be most fast-paced and fun. Blizzard are also considering it as catch-up mechanic for newer characters, which is arguable but plausible.

The Jailer’s Gauntlet rewards

The rewards for overcoming Gauntlet’ trials are cosmetic, but unique:

• Lightless Tormentor: battle pet.

• Dominated Hearthstone: toy.

• Gauntlet Runner: title.

• Colossal Ebonclaw Mawrat: mount.

These rewards are given according to the layers of Gauntlet. Battle pet for the first layer, a toy for the second and so on.

As for the currencies, their numbers are attractive:

• Soul Ash: 1300 (layer 1), 1700 (layer 2), 1800 (layer 3), 2000 (layer 4).

• Soul Cinder: — (layer 1), 350 (layer 2), 460 (layer 3), 620 (layer 4).

• Cosmic Flux: 50 (layer 1), 75 (layer 2), 100 (layer 3), 125 (layer 4), 200 (layer 5), 300 (layer 6), 400 (layer 7), 500 (layer 8).

Remember: Cosmic Flux in Jailer’s Gauntlet is given only once for each layer!

Last but not the least – achievements for every completed layer of the new Torghast wing. Keep in mind that achievement for the 8 layer serves as a requirement for Tower Ranger meta-achievement.


More layers are added to the main wings of the Torghast. Number of each is increased to 16, layers from 13 to 16 serve as a place for farming new currency – Cosmic Flux. It is required for crafting Legendary gear and creation of class set pieces in Zereth Mortis, using Creation Catalyst.

Terrifying hordes of the Tower of the Damned have received reinforcements. Some Automas – inhabitants of Zereth Mortis – were enslaved by Jailer. Heroes of Azeroth must deal with Dominated Automas: Dominated Attendants, Sentries and Guardians, dangerous creatures with specific spells and cosmic damage.

Even more threatening enemies are their rare brethren: Oracle of Torment and Remnant of Creation. Although fight with them is going to be harsh, their remains may provide you with great power to move further through the darkness of Torghast.

New enemies are followed by strengthened Torments. Number of torments grows, and effects like Raging or Tricks and Traps received Empowered versions.

9.2 Torghast rewards

Cosmic Flux is a reward that many will seek despite all the difficulties. Other currencies serve as a pleasant bonus:

• Cosmic Flux: 70 (layer 13), 80 (layer 14), 90 (layer 15), 100 (layer 16).

• Soul Ash: 1060 (layer 13), 1090 (layer 14), 1120 (layer 15), 1150 (layer 16).

• Soul Cinders: 380 (layer 13), 410 (layer 14), 440 (layer 15), 470 (layer 16).

Then – mounts:

• Colossal Umbrahide Mawrat (drop from bosses of new layers).

• Colossal Soulshredder Mawrat (reward for achievement).

Transmogrification! How about making your character brighter… or darker?

• Ashen Mawsworn Halberd, Argent Mawsworn Greatsword – and other Mawsworn arsenal sold for Phantasma.

• Burnished Eye Crescent, Burnished Skull Crescent, Burnished Soul Restraint – new cloak replacements.

Finally, new layers of Torghast are going to make happy those who have chosen Night Fae Covenant, providing them with more options of Soulshape:

• Elekk Soul

• Dragonhawk Soul

• Pig Soul

• Bat Soul

• Tallstrider soul

And don’t forget about achievements! The Shadowlands ending draws near, and there is no better way to flawlessly end it than accomplishing your Flawless: Mort’regar (Layer 16) in time.

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