Get 25% Flight Path Travel Speed Increase in The War Within

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Exciting news, heroes of Azeroth! You can get a 25% Flight Path travel speed increase in The War Within. According to Wowhead, a new achievement has been datamined.

25% Flight Path Travel Speed Increase

Do you remember the days when the community relied on the Flight Master’s service to traverse the vast expanses of Azeroth locations? Well, it was a tedious and time-consuming experience, especially for experienced players who had managed to explore every nook and cranny. However, there were flying mounts and Mage players who could cast a teleport spell to help you out.

Two years back, Blizzard released the Dragonflight expansion, letting the community harness mighty drakes. Still, everyone is excited about the current Dragonriding system, as it is a real time-saver. You can still explore the Dragon Isles locations quickly and conveniently. Besides, your breath is taken away whenever the dragon takes off into the sky, and you begin maneuvering. Truly amazing!

Even though there will be a similar system in The War Within called Skyriding, Wowhead recently datamined the Khaz Algar Flight Master achievement. It is account-wide, and the requirements for attaining it are straightforward. You must visit each Khaz Algarian Flight Master located in the following places:

Once you meet all the requirements and get the achievement, you will get a 25% Flight Path travel speed increase while in Khaz Algar. All your Warbands members will also be entitled to this benefit, which sounds handy. 

At the start of The War Within, everyone will be eager to fully explore all the locations and complete all the quests available. Although the 25% Flight Path travel speed increase may seem insignificant, it is a valuable feature that will satisfy your curiosity and help you along the way.

What are your thoughts about this novelty? Do you think that Flight Masters are still essential in The War Within? We would love to hear your opinion in the comments below, so feel free to share it with us!

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